I couldn’t stop myself

Today was one of those rare writing days that only seems to come along once per year. I even goofed off before I got started. Old What’s Her Face bought me some New Orleans style coffee with chicory, and I took my time to enjoy it. Made a trip around the yard to water plants, and checked in on my Story Empire friends for a while.

I knew either story could lunge forward today. They were both at that point where I could really accomplish something. I was feeling kind of upbeat and went for Goodbye Old Paint. Lizzie and the hat it was.

Mari’s story is a little more grim, so I’m saving that for a different day.

I still believe in torturing my main characters, so Lizzie didn’t get completely off the hook. I’ve done a lot to her over the volumes, so today I gave her a curse.

This volume is intended to be a little more light hearted than before, but it’s still dark humor. Basically, she started turning into a toad. I peppered this with moments of normalcy that eventually faded into madness. Many bugs were eaten.

The hat freaked out, and couldn’t find his go-to guy, Dash Goodman. In desperation he called Joyeux DuPont. I already set some of this up in a previous session, so the phone number was easily available.

A bit of research at Good Liniment, then Joyeux picked up Lizzie and the hat and whisked them away to visit with a new character. In her classic fastback Barracuda, no less.

Mad Mellinger is my kitchen witch, and between her and Joyeux, they conjured up a cure for Lizzie. It’s pure madness, I promise. I was inspired by those videos where someone is returning home after wisdom tooth extraction. The ones where they say all kinds of stupid crap. Lizzie has a lot to live down now.

It’s important to view my witches as an outsider, because Lizzie isn’t one of them. On the rare occasion I need them to flesh something out, I used the hat in kind of a Dr. Watson role to ask a question.

I’m super excited about all the goofy crap I included in today’s session. From Lizzie trying to make a burrow while under the spadefoot curse, to a couple of Deez-Nuts jokes, it was a great day.

Since Joyeux has plant based magic, and is basically an herbalist, it was easy enough to have her provide the magical ingredients for Mad to cook up. That worked out quite well.

I always try to keep my witches to a certain plan. Their houses are kind of unusual and isolated from everyone else. I’d already written Joyeux’s converted water tower about a month ago. I decided Mad lives in a converted barn. It’s a pretty cool repurposing of an old building.

They have wands, and they aren’t like other writers use. Dash has an old pipe wrench. I noted once before that Joyeux uses a garden dibble. It might seem pretty simple, but Mad’s wooden spoon just seems to fit her magical style. I also peppered her location with some fat hens, and a few beehives, but they weren’t more than scenery.

There’s an egg scrying scene, and I’m going to have something similar before Mad’s section ends, but this vision is for Lizzie.

I even added a section that reveals Joyeux is from Detroit. It’s a long shot, but if I ever write my Detroit story, it could now tie into the hat universe with a bit of magic involved in that plot.

Right now, I have two loose plans that could support the hat series. One is the Detroit story, and another involves Dash Goodman going solo in his own story. Don’t know if I’ll ever get to them, but they’re ideas, anyway.

I want to get this one to the point that Lizzie is aimed back at what caused her curse, with a vengeance. That means spending the night at Mad’s place, driving back, then dealing with some real world problems. After that, I’m going to pick up Mari’s swamp story once more.

I never noted my stopping place last time, but by the miracle of WordPress, I did note it here last weekend. Today’s word count is – not joking – over eight-thousand words. It’s bound to be full of typos, and too many words, but I’ll deal with all that tomorrow morning.

Right now, I think I need to find something to watch on one of the streaming services and veg out.



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24 responses to “I couldn’t stop myself

  1. Congrats on the awesome progress. Always nice to have a day like that.

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  2. I love that kind of coffee:)

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  3. Whoa! What a day! The words didn’t just flow, they gushed! Happy for you. The story sounds awesome. I love the idea of a wooden spoon for a wand:) Poor Lizzie. Hope bugs don’t leave an aftertaste!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. 8.000 words… happy day!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Fantastic progress, Craig! Woohoo 🎉💕🙂

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  6. Great fun to be alongside you on this great writing day, Craig, buzzing along inside your head. Way to go, my friend.

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  7. Hi Craig, it sounds like a magnificent writing day for you. I thought I’d done well with 1,500 new words but 8,000, that’s amazing. Hat’s off to you.

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  8. Wow, Craig! That is absolutely amazing! 8,000 words had to be some kind of a record. Congrats!!

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  9. D.L. Finn, Author

    Wow, congrats on thr impressive word count! Sounds ilkea hugely productive session, Craig. Happy 4th!

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  10. 8000 words in a day is awesome. There are times when the writing just flows and this must be one of them. The humor and oddities sound great, Craig. What a hoot. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Over 8K words – woohoo! Is that a personal record for you? Poor Lizzie – I definitely wouldn’t want to be turned into a frog.

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  12. Victoria Zigler

    Sounds like an awesome writing day, and like the story is coming along really well.

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