Wreck of the Lanternfish by C.S. Boyack #bookreview #pirates #fantasy

Teri has some wonderful things to say about Wreck of the Lanternfish. Please visit her site to check it out, and consider following this incredible author and supporter.

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James Cuttler created a peaceful spot for he and his wife to settle down. Far from the war that ravages their homeland, far from the reputation he earned as the notorious Captain Bloodwater, and far from responsibility.

A royal Prelonian houseguest is a constant reminder of what’s at stake half a world away, of the friends he put ashore to fight the war. He lives in a dream world that’s temporary, at best. It’s only a matter of time before his guest is identified and the black assassins come for her.

He mortgages his precious vineyard to pay for repairs to his ship. If nothing else, Lanternfish will be one of the most powerful ships in the war. He’ll need to avoid those on his own side who would hang him for piracy.

Serang is half a world away, leading her army of mercenary swordsmen toward the Fulminites. Mistrusted by…

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  2. Congratulations, Craig. Great review.

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  3. Fantastic review! Congrats, Craig 💕🙂

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  4. Congratulations, Craig! I enjoyed Teri’s review!


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