Look, Free Stuff

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. Sadly, I don’t have any of those available. In the spirit of ‘everything old is new again,’ I bring you paper dolls.

Lisa Burton is the concept robot from my first published novel. She’s the first really good character I ever came up with. When I started this blog, I brought her back to work as my personal assistant. She’s been there to help with every novel, story, and post about writing.

Edit: An additional reminder. To get the dolls, you have to print from the links down below. The pictures are here to illustrate what you get.

She’s been so helpful that I promoted her to ‘Official Spokesmodel’ for Entertaining Stories. Here is Lisa representing all five stories.


Representing Wild Concept, we have Lisa in a classic James Bond pose.


Lisa wore these outfits to help me write Arson, and The Cock of the South.


These are the outfits Lisa wore to help me write Panama, and Will O’ the Wisp.

to get them you will need to click on the printable PDF links below:




Thanks go out to my original cover artist, Sean Harrington, for making this project possible. Stand Lisa up beside your computer and try reading your story out loud to her. You’ll be amazed how helpful she is.

This post has photos of the actual doll assembled in outfits.

20 responses to “Look, Free Stuff

  1. I’m going to print these out for my granddaughter on thick photo quality paper. I’ve always wanted to introduce her to paper dolls like I had as a kid.

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  4. Thank you for following my blog. I would like to follow yours as well, but I can’t seem to locate the follow button on this site. Yes, I am totally computer stupid. Lol Can you please tell me how to proceed? šŸ˜ƒ

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    • Mine is a WordPress site, and they’ve made a lot of changes. You can follow from a like, because it gives you an option there. If you look at the bottom of any WordPress post there is a funky cluster of symbols that includes a +. If you click on the + it will follow the blog. Note the symbols disappear to my computer while scrolling down, and I have to scroll up slightly to get them back. WordPress does some things well, but this isn’t one of them.

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  5. S M Spencer

    Wacky!! But I love it šŸ™‚

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  6. I checked the new post notify box. Is that it?

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    • Yes, I even got a notification that you started following my blog. Hope you have a good time here, and thank you. WordPress “improved” things a few weeks ago, and it’s hasn’t been very helpful. Thanks for taking the extra effort.

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  7. Lisa is a great assistant. Being a robot, she doesn’t contribute any dramas and bitchiness that plague many otherwise good writings. I have read two of your books so far and there was not a single thing that would annoy me or make me feel bored. Perfection of your assistant and wisdom of yours sure create magic šŸ™‚

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  9. Im definitely a woman who would absolutely love to have Lisa as my household assistant. She would be great to have around anytime I need 2 things done at the same time. Actually I really think Lisa is a brilliant idea to have around in both the real & fantasy world. Who wouldn’t want someone so ready to please.

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  11. Adriana Lucas


    I am having issues checking out your site. I cannot find any information pertaining to your book. I hope you can offer me some help. Sorry to bother you.

    Adriana Lucas
    lsarkard AT gmail.com

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