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The Hat, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Welcome all you superheroes and ghost whisperers. You citizens of the great beyond. You’ve found Lisa Burton Radio, and I have a real treat for you today. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and my guest today is Lizzie St. Laurent. She’s a twenty-one year old college dropout working multiple jobs to keep her head above water. “Welcome to the show, Lizzie”

“Hi Lisa. Hi everyone.”

“Lizzie, it looks like your parents are fairly well off. They were able to buy you a car, and pitched in for your education. How did you get to this point in your life?”

“College was always in the plan. To pull it off, I was going to live with my grandmother, and did up until she died. Then a college friend talked me into moving in with her, and that was okay until she bailed and went home to her parents. I was stuck with the apartment, and all the bills. I had to drop out and take on an extra job to make ends meet.”

“It wasn’t possible to keep living in your grandmother’s house? Did she have a mortgage or something?”

“No. She owned it free and clear, but it was part of the estate and my uncle couldn’t wait to get his hands on the money. He wound up with the lions share, because my mom, his sister, is out on the west coast.

“I didn’t care, but I loved her and wanted a memento of some kind. He refused and tried to pass off a casino ashtray as something of hers. Maybe it was, but I wanted a house plant or something.”

“I hate it when people are like that. This brings us to a pivotal point in your life though. Tell us what you did next.”

“I, um. I stole a box of stuff from the back of the truck. Partially because I’m an heir too, and partially because I wanted something of hers. It turned out to be this crappy old hat.

“Turned out it wasn’t a hat at all. He is a creature from another dimension, and he’s trapped in the form of a hat. He’s been here for thousands of years, and his last owner was my grandfather who I barely knew.”

“I know my fashion, and it changes even for men. I can’t imagine a style stuck around for thousands of years.”

“Oh, he can change, but always as headwear. It all started out when this soldier wanted eyes in the back of his head. He paid a witch to cast a spell like that on his helmet. The spell kind of worked, but it trapped him here and bound him to the soldiers bloodline. Turns out, I’m part of that bloodline.”

“That’s pretty cool. You could always have the latest fashion just by having him change, plus you could watch for muggers behind you at night.”

“Yeah, but there’s more to it than that. He’s a complete person himself. He has a mission, and my family’s been tangled up in it for years and years. He is some kind of paranormal avenger.”

“You mean like a superhero?”

“Yeah, if you want to put it that way, only he doesn’t arrest people or beat up the bad guys, he sh – um shoots them.”

“Wait a minute. How can a hat shoot anyone?”

“He um… He uses me for that.”

“You mean he takes over your body and makes you shoot people? Like some kind of Jekyll and Hyde thing?”

“Not exactly. Most of the time it’s monsters, but sometimes it’s people. Bad people though. I went along with it to save some babies.

“It’s more like I’m there, but he’s there too. I can do things I could never do before because he can.”

“I’m not understanding that, sorry.”

“He taught me how to shoot. I can shoot a pistol with my right hand, but at the same time, he can shoot one with my left hand. I can see what he sees, and I can even sleep while he drives my car.

“You make it all sound bad, but he’s an incredible musician. He plays the upright bass. I can sing a little, so we formed a band. It brings in enough money to pay the bills. It also takes us out nights where we can protect people from bad things.”

“What do your band mates think of him?”

“They don’t know. They just see me, wearing a hat, while I play the bass and cover the vocals. It makes me nervous not having a regular paycheck, but it’s worked out so far.

“Look, there’s a lot more to it, Lisa. There is a cabin in the woods, and the hat has some other skills, like being able to find people if he’s ever met them before. I don’t know if we have time for it all today.”

“Not for nothing, Lizzie, but I’m a robot girl who also appeared in a story. As such, I have some special skills myself. I can tell those earbuds you’re wearing aren’t giving off a signal of any kind. That’s him isn’t it?”

“Um, they’re just not turned on.”

“They aren’t turned on, because they’re fake. They aren’t even giving off an electrical imprint. Why don’t you come out and talk to us? Are you shy?”

“Oh, god no. He isn’t shy at all. He wants to maintain his cover. Thinks if people hear the broadcast they’ll just think I’m some crazy girl.”

“Lizzie, I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface here. I mean your grandfather was some kind of paranormal assassin, now you are too. We just don’t have time to dive into all of it.”

“It’s okay, Lisa. Your listeners can read all about it in the book The Hat, by our mutual author C.S. Boyack. It’s been a pleasure working with you today, and I hope we can do it again soon.”

“Maybe sooner than you think. The Hat is available on Amazon and I’ll go ahead and include a purchase link. I’m also going to add one of the posters I made to promote this book, since Craig wrote it. For Lisa Burton Radio, I’m Lisa Burton.”


Lizzie St. Laurent is dealing with many of the struggles of young life. She lost her grandmother, and her living arrangements. Her new roommate abandoned her, and she’s working multiple jobs just to keep her head above water.

She inherits an old hat from her grandmother’s estate, but it belonged to her grandfather. This is no ordinary hat, but a being from an alternate dimension. One with special powers.

Lizzie and the hat don’t exactly hit it off right away, but when her best friend’s newborn is kidnapped by a ring of baby traffickers, Lizzie turns to the hat for help. This leads her deep into her family history and a world she’s never known.

Lizzie gives up everything to rescue the babies. She loses her jobs, and may wind up in jail before it’s over. Along the way, she and the hat may have a new way of making ends meet.

Humorous and fun, The Hat is novella length. Wonderful escapism for an afternoon.

Pick up your copy right here.

One of the posters Lisa posed for to promote this novella.

Lisa Burton



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The Bright Side of Darkness, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Lisa Burton

Don’t touch that dial! This is Lisa Burton Radio. Coming at you with one point twenty-one jigawatts of power. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and my special guest today is Rick Meyers. “Welcome to the show, Rick.”

“Hey, Lisa. What’s up?”

“I’m great, thanks. Now Rick, my bio says you are an emancipated seventeen year old. That’s kind of unusual, how did that come to pass?”

“My folks … my dad took my mom to some fancy restaurant in Amarillo last Valentine’s Day. He’d been saving up for months so they could go. I guess he should’ve put new brakes on the car instead. They skidded off the road on their way home in the pouring rain. They were both dead in a ditch before they knew what hit ‘em. The social workers talked about foster care after that, but it ain’t easy to find a spot for a guy my age. Besides, Ed and Sharon, the twins’ folks, promised to look out for me. They’re okay, really. They sort of keep an eye on all of us—me and Mark and Tim—since we don’t have two parents like the twins do.”

“I’m so sorry, Rick. That has to be tough. How are you getting along?”

“I got the crew. Tim and Mark and the twins. We’ve grown up as tight as brothers. Bunked in the same apartment building pretty much forever. Still, there’s rent every month, and food, and the lights to keep on. And cigarettes. At least I don’t have to pay for beer. Tim’s stepdad is a professional boozer, so he gets stuff for the rest of us whenever we want it.

“I was bussing tables at this greasy little diner even before Mom and Dad died. It’s all right. I like the manager, she’s this chubby, middle-aged woman with a booming laugh and a bit of a mustache she’s always trying to get rid of with one home remedy or another. She lets me snag leftovers whenever I feel like it. But after Mom and Dad were gone, I had to get another job at a candy store. The manager there is a pain in the butt. He walks around with this pinched-up look on his face like he smells garbage, and he never takes his eyes off me, like he thinks I’m going to steal him blind. That ain’t my style.”

“Sounds like a tough life, all those odd jobs, and unpaid bills.”

“Yeah, but me and the crew, we have each other. You know, things are never that bad when somebody’s got your back.

“Not that everybody gets along all the time. Me and Tim, we have our moments. Tim likes to call the shots, all of them. But I’ve gotten to be a fairly good size in the past year, and no slouch of a fighter, and lately he hasn’t been too sure he’s ready to take me on. Mark’s kind of laid back, and Bryan’s more interested in tennis than fist fights. But Stace, he’s all mouth. It gets him in a lot of trouble.”

“Why so many fights you guys?”

“Money’s always tight. That tenses everybody up. And it’s hot enough to piss the devil off. That don’t help, either. Still, we may scrap among ourselves a little, but that all goes out the window if somebody else jacks with one of us.

“There’s this girl, Daisy. I met her at a baseball game. Our local high school team was playing the rich kids from the classy private academy across town. We kicked the crap out of ‘em, too. Anyway, Daisy was sitting on the bleachers with a big black and tan German shepherd. It turned out she’s blind. Sharp as a tack, though, there ain’t much she can’t do. And the most knockout smile you ever saw … Tim started messing with her, but I told him to lay off. Still, if someone made a move on her, Tim’d deck the loser as soon as look at him. Any of us would.

“I worry about Daisy, though. The night I met her at the baseball game, there was this fat man watching her. He didn’t get too close. At first I thought he was just a moron who’d never seen a blind chick before and couldn’t get a grip on his curiosity. But he kept eyeballing her. It made me real uneasy. Then another day, when me and Daisy were walking in a park, I saw the same fat man scoping her out as he sat on the fender of a dented green jeep. He drove off before I could ask him what the hell he was gawking at.”

“I think a blind girl would be a sitting duck for a stalker like that, unless her dog can help somehow. I hope she’s being careful.”

“That dog, Captain, watches her real close. But she has a good reason to be careful. She ran away from her foster mother in Amarillo. Her dad was in jail for breaking her leg in two places, and he just had a parole hearing. He’s got a court order to stay away from her, but he might be out on the streets now. She wasn’t about to stay in Amarillo and find out.”

“Oh, Rick, you have to tell her. She has a right to know if someone is following her.”

“Yeah, but I hate to derail our first date. I asked her to this school dance … I know, school dances aren’t usually my thing, but she’s real pretty. I never felt that way about a girl. Sharon—that’s the twins’ mom—and Mark’s grandma, they’re getting her all dressed up. I think they’re as excited about the whole show as Daisy is.”

“Soon though, right?”

“Yeah, soon. Maybe after the dance. I hate to freak her out till I know for sure if her dad is on the prowl … she might decide to leave town … but I care more about her safety than I care about myself … I just wish I had all the facts.”

“Okay, but she still has a right to know.”

“We’ll have a good time tonight. I’ll figure this all out in the morning.”

“I’m sure all of us wish you the best of luck, and that you can rise above your current circumstances. Anything else to leave with our listeners today?”

“Take care of your buddies. They’ll have your back when it counts. Knowing how to patch each other up comes in handy lots of times, not just after fights.”

“You can learn all about Rick, Daisy, and the crew in the book “The Bright Side of Darkness,” by J. E. Pinto. I’ll post all the pertinents on the website after I log off the air today.

“Make sure to use those sharing buttons out today. It would really help Jo Elizabeth, and Rick, out today. They’d do it for you, when your character appears on the next Lisa burton Radio.”


What is a family?  For Rick Myers, a despondent seventeen-year-old who has just lost his parents in a car wreck, it’s the four teenage buddies he’s grown up with in a run-down apartment building.  Fast with their fists, flip with their mouths, and loyal to a fault, the “crew” is all he has.

At least, he thinks so until he meets Daisy, an intelligent, independent, self-assured blind girl.  Her guts in a world where she’s often painfully vulnerable intrigue Rick, and her hopeful outlook inspires him to begin believing in himself.

But when the dark side of Daisy’s past catches up with her, tragedy scatters the crew and severely tests Rick’s resolve to build his promising future.  Fortunately, his life is touched by a couple with a pay-it-forward attitude, forged out of their personal struggle with grief and loss. Their support makes all the difference to Rick and eventually, through him, to the ones he holds most dear as they face their own challenges.  “The Bright Side of Darkness” is a story of redemption and the ultimate victory that comes from the determination of the human spirit.

Pick up your copy right here.

[J. E. Pinto is a magnet for underdogs! Early in her married life, her home became a hangout for troubled neighborhood kids. This experience lit the flame for her first novel, The Bright Side of Darkness.

Pinto’s Spanish-American roots grow deep in the Rocky Mountains, dating back six generations. J. E. Pinto lives with her family in Colorado where she works as a writer and also proofreads textbooks and audio books. One of her favorite pastimes is taking a nature walk with her service dog.

The Bright Side of Darkness won a first place Indie Book Award for “First Novel over Eighty Thousand Words,” as well as First Place for “Inspirational Fiction.” The novel also won several awards from the Colorado Independent Publishers Association: First Place for “Inspirational Fiction,” Second Place for “Audio Book,” and First Place for “Literary and Contemporary Fiction.

You can catch up with Jo Elizabeth Pinto on her Facebook account.


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The Yak Guy Project, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Lisa Burton

Welcome all you lost wanderers, and those without purpose. You’ve found Lisa Burton Radio, the only show that brings you the characters from the books you love. Except for this week, that is.

This week you get me, talking about Craig’s book, The Yak Guy Project. I’ve run out of guests right now, and want to keep the slot open for everyone.

It’s okay though, I was there through the writing of this whole story. I can wing it enough to pull this off. As an example, see this poster.

It’s about this rotten kid, who leeches off his friends, and brings nothing to the table. At the beginning of the book he wakes up having been dumped in the desert. Guess people grew tired of his crap.

He gets rescued by a talking yak, but the whole thing is a setup. He’s been relocated to an alternate reality, and given a chance to start over. This means he has to learn some of the things he failed to learn the first time.

These lessons are pretty simple at their heart, but they aren’t easy. Many of them are a matter of life and death. More important are the lessons about understanding others.

Yak Guy has to learn all of this before he can be considered complete. He isn’t the center of the universe, and other people aren’t there to serve him.

Some of you might find it interesting that this story is based loosely around the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Understanding of this isn’t important to the story, but if you know something about the Tarot, you might enjoy spotting the characters and situations involved. As your first clue, Yak Guy is The Fool.

This book has been on kind of a slow burn, it sells, but slowly. Reviews are coming in, but slowly. Some books seem to do this, and there is no rhyme or reason to which one it will be. Maybe Craig released it too close to summer.

I have two issues for all of you today. First is to consider checking out The Yak Guy Project, because this is what we do on Lisa Burton Radio. I’m not going to add fancy links and cover art, because this broadcast will post to Craig’s blog after I go off the air. All you have to do is visit the sidebar and click on the cover art there.

My second pitch is for more guests. These interviews seem to be a feast or famine kind of deal. We either have too many guests to cover them all in a reasonable time, or not enough to keep the line moving. Some authors get tired of waiting and drop out. Usually this is after we’ve done all the work to get their interview ready.

This spot is for you to promote your wares. It’s been productive, because some of you dropped me lines and told me you moved copies on the day of the post. Some authors are sharing their interview on social media a year after we conducted it. You get out of it, what you put into it.

Drop me a line. Would one of your characters like to have an interview by the most awesome robot girl with her own radio show? Could your book use a bit of free promotion?


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Quest of the Brokenhearted, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Lisa Burton

Welcome all you disillusioned, disenfranchised, and faithless warriors. If you’ve ever suffered loss, you may be able to relate to my special guest, Kira Grasdon. “Welcome to the show, Kira.”

“Thank you for having me. It’s kind of surreal being here after hearing so much about the experience.”

“My bio says you were a successful business woman. What can you tell us about the Grasdon Merchant House?”

“To be fair, I wasn’t as successful as people think. My father built up the family business and made it an international trading power. We dealt in goods from every continent, which not many merchants could claim. My brothers and I were the successors, but I was the only one left after we were targeted by my fiancée’s enemies. That left me in charge and I didn’t do half bad considering everything else. Being trained as a warrior and more traveled than most of the prissy nobles, I was able to be more hands-on. I enjoyed going on the shipping voyages a lot because it meant less time traversing the desert. Be nice to get back to that life, but I don’t think I’d fit in there anymore.”

“Sounds like a pretty cush deal to me, but at some point you got to feeling adventurous. Where did that lead you?”

“All of that came from Luke Callindor who is one of the great heroes of Windemere. He was a foolish forest tracker that lied his way into an adventure at Hamilton Military Academy when I met him. I never had much ambition beyond taking over the family business, but he had this drive and wanderlust that . . . Well . . . You tend to adopt some of the traits of the person you love. I trained to be a better warrior, so I could join him in his adventures even though he was following a destiny. Last thing I wanted was to become dead weight and I would like to think I succeeded. I didn’t get to do a lot with Luke and our friends, but I did enough. Even got myself involved in the big battle against Baron Kernaghan, which is not a place you would expect to find the spoiled daughter of a famous merchant.”

“So hanging out with that crowd, you probably picked up some skills along the way.”

“Most of my training was done on my own while the champions continued following their destiny. I made sure to be stronger and better than the last time we met. I did learn a few things from Luke like remaining fluid in battle. People might say I was only staring at him because he practices without a shirt, but I was studying his moves. I mean, we were engaged, so I’ve seen him in less. Anyway, I use a kusari-gama, which is a chain and sickle commonly found in Bor’daruk. Being about to almost dance while fighting works amazingly well for this weapon.

“Another skill I picked up is planning ahead, which is something I already knew for business deals. This might be more of a transference if you think about it. I’d like to thank Luke for this, but it was really Sari. We were rivals for Luke and I may have gotten a little too aggressive at some points. I purchased gear and some heat elemental blood to counter her ice and water powers. If things went differently then it would have been a really nasty fight and one of us could have been killed. Thankfully, I caught up to her at a time where she wasn’t exactly at her best and I had to waste everything to help her. Come to think of it, I don’t seem to do much planning ahead these days. Just barrel right in and whatever happens is the hand I’ve been dealt.”

“Sounds kind of reckless to me. There’s something to be said about planning.”

“By the time the champions challenged Baron Kernaghan, Luke was the only family I had left. We weren’t married, but we had started making plans. I dreamed of the day we were husband and wife even on the morning of that battle. Then . . . he disappeared in the aftermath. He made one last mistake and got taken from me. All of Windemere thinks Luke Callindor died of his injuries, which were severe. I know he’s out there somewhere and his supposed friends know it too. He may have been badly hurt, but he’s come back from worse. Yet, all those who called themselves his friends believe he died and wouldn’t support the only loved one he left behind.”

“But you think Luke’s alive somewhere. Have you looked for him?”

“I tried to find him, but nothing worked. I bought every scrying tool that I could find and hired every seer that came by. I don’t know why it didn’t work. He’s out there somewhere. Maybe he’s protected by a relic or a spell that shields him from scrying. It would have to be very powerful like made by a god or . . . It doesn’t matter.

“My business partners got fed up pretty quickly because I developed a negative reputation. It was said that I went mad with grief, which isn’t entirely true. I was hurt and grieving, but I wasn’t insane. Still, I wasted enough money and ignored the business enough for my partners to push me out. Everything my family created was gone, including the manor and wealth that was claimed as company property. I had nobody left and ended up on the streets of Gaia, which meant my search for Luke had to stop.”

“So without your business obligations, what have you been doing?”

“Not what one would expect from a former member of the noble class. I was starving and sick, with nowhere to live. Lady Dawnlove found me and took me in. She’s the Madam of a brothel, which is a legal and regulated business in Gaia. I’ve lived and worked there for the last year.”

“No, really? I mean that red stripe is probably attractive to a lot of guys, but you can do better than that.”

“What? No, I could never do that. I really don’t like being touched that way since it reminds me of Luke. Nobody wants to sleep with a woman who cries from a hug. I run errands during the day like picking up food and clothes for the others. At night, I tend the bar and take orders for the kitchen. If there’s any trouble, I handle it. My warrior training comes in handy when someone becomes trouble. They never expect someone built like me to be a threat, which is why I’ve never lost a brawl. Well, the kusari-gama and its strength enhancer helps.”

“Whew. So when payday rolled around, did you keep looking for Luke?”

“I don’t know where I would start with that. I would never be able to afford anything that could pierce whatever is hiding him. So, I just found something else to do. I was told that Lacarsis is on the move and Lady Dawnlove was saying that I need to move on because I’m meant to be more than a brothel girl. Going into a city full of monsters that nobody has ever come out of alive doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Either I’ll find a new purpose in life or I’ll die. Both scenarios work for me.”

“Do you have a team?”

“I went in alone because I don’t know anybody worth taking. I made some friends inside Lacarsis though. Sort of. There’s Roland Gauntlier who attended Hamilton Military Academy with me. Seems he got scared and begged for his life, so the demon in charge kept him as a handyman. He can’t do much for me because he has to stay neutral, but it’s nice to talk to another human. Roland introduced me to Hyde the crafter gremlin. That’s not really a friendship though. He makes magical gear for me while I fight the monster champions. I don’t really understand why he’s sided with an adventurer, but I get the feeling that he doesn’t like the Shadow Earl.

“Then there’s Rayne. Where to even start with her? Apparently, the Shadow Earl’s game involves giving each adventurer who survives the first test an attendant. I was given this elf who can’t be older than sixteen and apparently grew up in Lacarsis. Her parents abandoned her or something, so she’s been raised by monsters. Rayne is sweet and helpful at times, but she’s so quick to accept punishment even if I’m not angry. The Gooie Pig that follows her around is a pain too. It’s this slimy pig that eats everything and makes a mess of the sheets. Still, having her as an attendant beats being stuck with a savage beast that will probably attack me in my sleep. I thought Rayne might be that at first, but you really can’t fake the level of . . . I don’t know how to explain her. Kind of creeps me out at times with the way she suggests punishments and apologizes without reason.”

“So is this like sneaking around and looking for Walkers?”

“Not sure what a Walker is, but I did think it would be sneaking and fighting throughout a monster-infested city. Turns out the Shadow Earl gets bored and uses all adventurers who enter his city as competitors in this tournament. I haven’t figured out the rules, but we’re randomly called to fight these champions. These would be monsters instead of the human ones that fought Baron Kernaghan, which confused me at first. Anyway, we get summoned to an area to fight and it’s shown to the populace. That or we’re jumped in public, but that might just be me because I’ve gained the Shadow Earl’s attention. He thinks I’ll be the first to earn a right to face him in combat, which is something that hasn’t happened in centuries. Like I said before, if it happens then I’ll do it.”

“So the prize for winning all those fights is to get into another fight? Maybe you should have entered a drinking contest or something.”

“Not much into drinking these days since it makes me moody. I don’t really mind the fighting because I lose myself in the violence. Just pushing to survive and seeing if the next move will be the one that gets me killed. Since I don’t care if I live or die, I dive right in and follow my instincts. Do I care if I face the Shadow Earl? Not really, but I won’t back down. Luke never did and I refuse to be weak. Maybe winning this thing will make me strong enough to travel the world in search of him or there could be a monster that’s run into him. I mean, it’s more likely that I’ll die since lifelong adventurers have been killed here and I’m only a former merchant playing hero. At least, the pain would go away if I die.”

“Should I put twenty bucks on you? Do you have any closing remarks for our listeners?”

“Best not to bet on someone whose apathetic to their own fate. I mean, it does seem to give me a suicidal edge as a few people have pointed out. The monsters aren’t used to someone being this aggressive, so I might get further than I expected. People should check this out and see how things turn out. I’ve been told my fighting style is very entertaining due to the high amount of action and destruction. Somebody once said they’re like what you see in movies, but I don’t know what those are.”

“You can read all about Kira and the City of Lacarsis in the book Quest of the Brokenhearted, by Charles E. Yallowitz. I’ll post all the purchase links and stuff after I go off the air today.

“Charles is a super supporter of this show, and may have reblogged every show I’ve ever broadcast. Today is your turn to give him a little of that support back. Pick up the book, leave a review, use those sharing buttons. Charles has done it for you, and you’d want people to do the same when your character appears on the next, Lisa Burton Radio.”


From the pages of ‘Legends of Windemere’

As Windemere moves forward, a broken spirit falls into the shadows.

Two years have passed since Luke Callindor was lost during the champions’ battle against Baron Kernaghan. Many mourn the loss, but none have been hurt more than the fiancée he left behind, Kira Grasdon. Plagued by grief and determined to prove he is alive, she has sacrificed her business, her reputation, and her hope. Surviving on the streets of Gaia, she has become an emotional husk of her former self. It is only by chance that Kira crosses paths with an old friend and learns of a path, which will either end her suffering or revive her shattered soul. As the rumors state, hundreds of adventurers have flocked to Lacarsis and none have returned.

Will Kira meet her death in the City of Evil or will she thrive among the monsters?


Quest of the Brokenhearted link-

Social Media Links-

Twitter: @cyallowitz
Facebook: Charles Yallowitz



Charles Yallowitz was born and raised on Long Island, NY, but he has spent most of his life wandering his own imagination in a blissful haze. Occasionally, he would return from this world for the necessities such as food, showers, and Saturday morning cartoons. One day he returned from his imagination and decided he would share his stories with the world. After his wife decided that she was tired of hearing the same stories repeatedly, she convinced him that it would make more sense to follow his dream of being a fantasy author. So, locked within the house under orders to shut up and get to work, Charles brings you Legends of Windemere. He looks forward to sharing all of his stories with you, and his wife is happy he finally has someone else to play with.


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Converging Paths, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Lisa Burton

Don’t touch that dial. You’ve landed on Lisa Burton Radio. The only show that brings you the characters from the stories you love. The world is balancing on the head of a pin today, and my special guest has some insight into the problem and a possible solution. “Welcome The Old Lady of Alexandria to the show today.”

“Thank you. I am very tired from having my home restored after a fire. It is good to rest a while and do what I like best.”

“Well, I suppose you can smoke in here. You know it’s bad for you, right?”

“At my stage in life, what does it matter? Would you like one?”

“I’m sure they’re fine cigars, but I don’t even have lungs. Sorry. My little bio says you own a bookstore in Alexandria. I assume something you read brought some insight into the problem we’re facing today.”

“As you know, the great library at Alexandria was destroyed by nonbelievers. A group of scientists were able to salvage many manuscripts that predicted if humankind continued in the direction it was heading, the world would be destroyed. Further texts provided solutions, unfortunately we could save only partial copies.”

“Okay, so the crisis is global warming, but the solution might be in China. Is that correct?”

“Ahem… we refer to it as Global Climate Change… It’s more accurate. China is rising. Its government is leaning more to the left and its population is demanding a westernized lifestyle. However, there are a number of old party members in the government who are fighting this evolution and want to keep China under a dictator’s thumb. China is under the world’s microscope and what decisions are made will affect the world.”

“My bio also notes that you’ve manipulated your own granddaughter to become part of this solution. Can you explain some of that to our listeners today? I mean that’s a pretty high stake.”

“Rebecca is a brilliant young woman who does not recognize her own potential. I have many friends around the world who strive for the same goals as me, but I was old and needed someone to continue my portion of the quest. I have left her my bookstore in an attempt to manipulate her into following in my footsteps. I have many allies who will help her. She is too entrenched in her job and needs a change. She needs to meet Alexander, who is in Japan, and learn of her importance as a quantum physicist in saving the world. And if she can find love along the way, it would make this ancient woman very happy.”

“Japan? I thought China was the lynchpin here?”

“It is, but Alexander is following a key player in our plan, The Seeker, who is currently vacationing in Japan. He is a prominent member of the Chinese government who is also surreptitiously studying the Japanese Buddhists and their reaction to the impending death of the Dalai Lama. As you know, because you are obviously a very intelligent individual, there is an interesting link between quantum physics and Buddhism which is elucidated in this story.”

“Okay, so snag Alexander, jet off to China, then what?”

“Oh, it’s not as simple as all that. Remember we are dealing with real flesh and blood characters here, not robots, they don’t think in a straight line and analyze in ones and zeros like you. They are far more, is it rude of me to say, emotionally complex. There are many moving pieces, just like the game of Go. We need to allow The Seeker to play out his game. Now that the Dalai Lama has been murdered, China’s global presence is teetering. How will the occupier of Tibet react to the scrutiny of the world? Will it step up onto the world stage and become a super power or will the old guard win and return China to isolationism?”

“Wait, now we’re in Tibet?”

“Now you see the importance of GO, and how territories fit in. The oldest game, and dare I say the most pleasing to the eye, teaches us to think in non-linear patterns, in circles and in wild patterns. You see in Go, borders do not matter, but controlling the board does, much like the geo-political battle that rages. It is all about control of the playing area. However, we also have a pivotal character who has been sequestered in Bhutan and now will assemble Buddhists from around the world in Tibet. Norea, or The Blue Rose will fall in love with the Seeker and accompany him through the final stages of this geo-political game that is so reminiscent of Go. The Second-in-Command of China, his nemesis will fight to regain territory on the world’s Go board while the Seeker and Norea counsel The Chairman of China in his final decision.”

“It all sounds very important and intriguing. Perhaps everyone should read this, so we can keep our politicians updated too. Any final thoughts for our listeners today?”

“Today, more than ever before, we need to remember compassion is so important to help save our planet, specifically humankind. If China can become a super power on the world’s stage and maintain compassion through its treatment of Tibet, maybe humankind deserves to survive. It is too late for me… I am long dead. My memory lives on through my granddaughter and the rich characters who help her in this quest.

“Thank you Lisa, you have been a joy to talk to. By the way, I admire your outfit…you’d make a beautiful whirling dervish.”

“Listeners can learn more by reading the novel, Converging Paths, by Lorraine Dimond & Roy Dimond. I’ll post all the important stuff on the website after I go off the air.

“Keep your friends updated too, by using those sharing buttons. I’m sure the Dimonds would do it for you, when your character appears on the next Lisa Burton Radio.”


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Extra Innings, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Lisa Burton

Welcome all you time travelers and baseball fanatics. You’ve landed on Lisa Burton Radio, the only show that brings you interviews with the characters you love. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and today my very special guest is Joe McLean. Joe has a bit of a problem, and is hoping that talking about it will give him some clarity. “Welcome to the show, Joe.”

“Hello Lisa. I’m glad to be here, although these days, I’m not sure exactly where here is.”

“Tell us a little about yourself.”

“Well, I’m from Langerton, Pennsylvania. I am currently an accountant at a family business, just not my family. I’m divorced and a bit out of sorts these days. Thank goodness for baseball. Without it, I’m not sure what I would do.”

“Lot of baseball fans around here, Joe. You’re certainly among friends.”

“That’s great to hear. It’s a sad day in my town for baseball. They’ve torn down Maxwell Stadium. It’s been around since the 1940s. Generation of McLeans have had season tickets for every Langerton Chiefs game. It just won’t be the same in the new stadium.”

“That’s sad. There is so much history in those old stadiums. It isn’t just the events on the field, it’s the marriage proposals, the first dates, the last time with parents.”

“I couldn’t agree with you more, Lisa. That’s why I decided I wanted to buy some piece of memorabilia from the old place before it was demolished. I spent way too much money on an old stadium seat. My older brother gave me a hard time about it, but, deep down, I think he understands. My brother Mike helped me mount it on a carpeted platform right in front of my TV in my apartment. Now I can watch games from a treasured piece of furniture from my childhood. Of course, I found out that the seat was much more than a place to sit..”

“How’s that, Joe?”

“Well…I mean…I can go places. If I want to go back to a game, I just grab a program book and I’m there.”

“I mean we talk to all kinds of people on this show, but are you sure?”

“I know it sounds crazy, but I’m sure. I tested it out by going back to save a boy that was hit by a foul ball in a game about ten years ago. It worked, I was able to save him. In the original timeline, he ended up having disabilities from a skull fracture. All I did was buy him a helmet as a souvenir and he came out unscathed…mostly.”

“You helped that young man live a different life. A better life. That has to be an awesome feeling.”

“You would think so. I’ve found, however, that you can’t change the past without unforeseen changes in the present. The boy grew up to be a successful, sought after, high school athlete. As it turned out, one coach was interested in more than his talents. He also had an affair with the boy’s mother and broke up the family.”

“Okay, but you couldn’t foresee that. You still helped him.”

“I know. It’s just made me cautious before I try anything further. There are things about my own life. I just…I just don’t know..”

“This is kind of like the lottery game. You know, if you won the lottery what would you do? In this case, if you could go back and change something, what would it be?”

“There are three things, Lisa. First, my job. I work in a family business and do the lion’s share of the complicated work for no credit and no advancement. Second, my marriage failed. My wife and I were both obsessed with our careers. I think, if I had put in more effort, it might have turned out differently. Then, there’s my family. My mom and dad both died from easily avoidable situations. They were taken from us too young..”

“So, have you tried it yet?”

“Well, I have. I’ve tried a few times, but the best I could do was fixing one or two things. I actually tried going back to a game that took place before I was born. I looked in the mirror and I was my own grandfather. You haven’t experienced strange until a younger version of your grandmother tries getting frisky with you..”

“It’s great that you get that kind of chance. It would be wonderful if you could work it all out.”

“Well, so far. It’s just not working. I’ve been successful, rich, homeless, happy, unhappy. As I said, I can’t get all of the pieces to come together correctly. I’ll just have to keep trying.”

“Maybe it’s kind of like Tetris. You have to twist them all together to fill all the holes.”

“That’s a good comparison. Although, sometimes it feels more like Whack a Mole.”

“Joe, you have to know that we’re all cheering for you. We want you to figure it out and find your ultimate happiness. Any last thoughts for our listeners today?”

“I appreciate it, Lisa. For any of you out there that think your life is hopeless, when you have an opportunity to make a positive change, go for it. I plan on continuing to go for it for as long as it takes.

“You can learn all about Joe in the new book, Extra Innings, by Don Massenzio. I’ll post all the stats after I go off the air today. Baseball… stats… get it. Whatever.

“Don’t forget to help me pay the bills around here. Use those sharing buttons and help Don and Joe spread the word. Don has always been a strong supporter of this show, and has reblogged many of these interviews on his own site. Today would be a good time to say thanks by returning the favor.


Extra Innings – Joe McLean hates his life. A lonely, divorced, middle-aged man, stuck in a cramped apartment, the only bright spot in Joe’s life is cheering on his hometown baseball team. Now, the local stadium, the place of many childhood and adult memories is being replaced. Joe desperately wants a piece of this iconic venue to preserve his memories and have some memorabilia from his happier past. That’s when unusual things begin to happen, and Joe begins to rethink the direction his life has taken. Can Joe take a different path in life? Can he use the special ability that he has acquired to change the course of his life? Will he realize the truth about old adage, you can never go home again? Follow the twists and turns in this supernatural story, Extra Innings, to find out.


Don Massenzio was born in Syracuse, New York to first generation Italian American parents. He is an avid reader. Some of his favorite authors are Harlan Coben, David Morrell, Stephen King, Jonathan Kellerman, John Grisham, Hugh Howey, and C.S. Boyack. His favorite book of all time is To Kill a Mockingbird.

He started writing as a way to combat the long hours of travel and numerous hotel stays that are part of the ‘glamorous’ world of corporate life. He uses writing as a therapeutic outlet to combat my homesickness.

His first published book, Frankly Speaking, was the first in a series of books focused on the character, Frank Rozzani, a Florida private detective. The series is a throwback to the days of pulp detective novels with a tip of the hat to Jim Rockford from the 70’s television show, The Rockford Files.

He moved to Jacksonville, Florida 23 years ago where he currently lives with his wife, daughter, and three dogs.

Link for Extra Innings:

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Saga for Pirantina, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Lisa Burton

Welcome all you space jockeys and dragon riders. You telepaths from the twilight zone. You’ve landed on Lisa Burton Radio, the only show that brings you the characters from the books you love. I’m your host today, Lisa the robot girl, and my very special guest is Battle Prince Yaitolan Rintenide, of Pirantina. “Welcome to the show Prince Yaitolan.”


“Um, yeah. Honey we talked about this already. Your telepathic communication doesn’t work on me, because I’m a robot girl. It also doesn’t make for good radio. You’re going to have to use your words here.”

“My apologies, I haven’t interacted with any beings from this dimension, yet. Please, just call me Yaitolan, if you would be so kind. I am far too casual for my full Battle Prince title.”

“Battle Prince sounds like an important job. Is there down time where you aren’t actually a prince?”

“I can’t say that there is. I do occasionally pause for meditation to calm my soul magic and mind, but other than that, I have too many responsibilities, even for sleep. It’s worth it in the end, though. The resistance needs me, as does the planet.”

“How horrible! Who are you fighting against? Is there any hope of bringing them on the show for some kind of negotiations?”

“Well… the conflict began as a simple political disagreement several recollections ago… the Notoros took it too far, though. I don’t assume you know who they are, so allow me to elaborate; dragons were created before my species, the majji, but like all species, some are more potent than others. The Notoros started humbly, but gained technology and wished to rise to power. Unfortunately, they are a relatively new species and haven’t figured out how kindness, morality, and civility works… it became worse when the Azalyds overtook their kingdom by assassinating the other prominent royal family.

“Only several thousand years ago, Lidoz Azalyd attempted genocide against the elven women because they mocked his technique of leadership, if that says anything about their temperament. Things have gotten increasingly worse, since then… after the last Hybrid was slain, the war slowly degraded to enormous, unmoving trench-fare. The only thing that gives the resistance an advantage is good leadership and superior soul magic. And no… I don’t believe Prince Noctor would be willing to negotiate, he has been driven to exterminate the majji for thousands of years, as well as anyone who defies him.”

“So do you have an end game in mind?”

“Yes, I do. Defeat the Azalyds and bring tranquility back to my planet… I fear it will take a while, though, and there seem to be an increasing amount of distractions seeping into my life and muddling things up. Take this girl, for example. At first I thought her an elf, but then noticed her anatomy was slightly different, and she had hardly any soul power. I’m doing my best to take care of her, since she has no memory of her origins, or even her name… strange little thing. She manages to always get under my feet, I’m afraid of stepping on her. Mischievous and recalcitrant, too. At least she’s willing to train. I believe her species is human, and she comes from a quaint planet in another galaxy called Earth. I went on a mission there for private reasons, can’t say I approve of their government structures.”

“Step on her? So just how big are you?”

“Twenty-one lengths tall. Or to you, twenty-one feet tall.”

“Wow! So these Notoros are pretty big too then?”

“Huge to you, perhaps. The average Notoros dragon is about seven to ten feet tall when standing on its hind legs, but they can shift to a quadruped form… not without magic, though. The magic comes naturally with their species, as it does for most other creatures on Pirantina. I suppose that’s one reason the Notoros hate us so much, since majji typically have high soul power.”

“Do you have any advisors? Maybe one of them can offer some advice. At minimum, maybe they can watch the human for a few days while you take care of business.”

“I have several generals including Hectar, but when I need advice outside of the warzone, I typically turn to my parents- er, creators. I wouldn’t know which one to single out, though… there are 277 of them. In this dimension, you might refer to them as gods.”

“Again, wow. You really aren’t in Kansas are you? Don’t answer that. If the war ended today, what would you do? Would you go to Disneyland?”

“I’d return to the maggain capital and continue my original quest bequeathed to me by my creators… though if the war did end, it would no longer be necessary. Perhaps I’d help my brother figure out how to forge light magic… he’s been experimenting with different wavelengths for a very long time, but even with his brilliant mind, hasn’t solved the puzzle. It’s rather perturbing, since he was able to decipher the gravity vortex in the middle of our planet by the time he was three… he’s incredible, really. Pirantina is shaped like a discus, so the gravity fields fight with the rest of the galaxy. It makes landing a spaceship… entertaining.”

“Okay, that sounds kind of boring, but maybe it’s a reprieve from all that warfare.”

“And child-sitting, too… I really don’t mind her too much, she seems to be taking care of herself and getting in plenty of trouble on her own without my influence. She enjoys drawing, too… we don’t have too many artists in the camps. It’s nice having one right in my tent. She doesn’t know it, but I spy on her to watch her sketch things. I hope she doesn’t manage to listen to this interview, she’d find out.”

“Any closing remarks for our listeners today?”

“Nothing of note… except for a warning, based on experience. Don’t ever reverse a gravity-based engine when near a black hole. I figure this dimension has achieved that technology, right? Nevermind, I shouldn’t interfere with the development of other species.”

“Yaitolan, I wish you all the best in ending this war. I also hope you don’t squish your wards by mistake.

“If you want to learn more about Prince Yaitolan, pick up the book Saga for Pirantina Fall of the Human, by J.P. Greyheart. I’ll post all the deets on the website after I go off the air.

“One of the fun extras in this book involves unique artwork to go along with each chapter. I’ll post a collage of those too.

“Don’t forget to use those sharing buttons today. J.P. Greyheart would do it for you, when your character appears on the next Lisa Burton Radio.”


A young, struggling artist falls through a portal while escaping from a dragon that inexplicably appears in her neighborhood. She awakens on the hostile, beautiful planet of Pirantina, a disc world home to elves, dragons, and gods.

Her new companions range from a 21-foot tall mouthless blue humanoid Yaitolan, to a recalcitrant, teenage dragon prince named Jacabo. She lands in the middle of a war zone, and if the rebellion loses, it could mean the end of the Universe as we know it.

J. P. Greyheart is a young woman who dreamt of building spaceships and flying cars since she was a little girl romping through the woods. A free and determined spirit, she got into a lot of trouble and charmed/annoyed many teachers in elementary school. Once in highschool, she did not cease her mischief, instead restraining it to sketchpads and the margins of textbooks. She has a fiery affinity for dragons and wishes she could either ride one or turn into one- either would do.

Links/ social media (art) (public page) (really neat merch)

Art from the book


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