Too many windows

I generally only have one or two windows open at a time. Recently, it’s gotten kind of crazy. I’m working on two manuscripts at once, so when I find something interesting or informative, I currently leave that window open. Beats adding a bunch of bookmarks when I only need them temporarily.

Let’s take a look at them, just for a laugh.

Entertaining Stories – you are here.

Facts about Potassium Iodide – used for radiation poisoning

Google window -for saltwater taffy

Recipe – for saltwater taffy – vehicle for Potassium Iodide

Google translate – for English to Spanish

Biography site – about a lady named Madeleine Mellinger. I was looking for a cool name, but I like the history, too. Probably just call mine Mad Mellinger. She could be a little mad.

Google Window – how to make kombucha

Site – what is a SCOBY

Google window – culturing beer yeast

Biology site – toad trilling sounds

Site – yeast ranching

Google window – mother of vinegar

Site – Eastern diamondback rattlesnake

As I use data from these sites, I will close the windows. At that point, I usually add notes to my cast of characters, that way I will have a smaller, more pertinent, line or two about the subject.

It’s too many windows, but I intend to close a few of them over the upcoming holiday weekend.

It might surprise some of you to find that speculative authors also do a ton of research. I reserve the right to change some of it up, but want to know the basics before I do.

How many windows do you currently have open?


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51 responses to “Too many windows

  1. Only one at the moment Craig, but I haven’t been awake long…

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  2. Hi I only have six open at the moment but I am working on my mobile.
    Looking at some of those windows does your wife let you do he cooking? Be safe and happy 💜

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  3. I have (gasp!) 35. Yeah, I know, lol. Some are to books I intend to buy, some to websites, some for research.

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  4. I have five open, but it’s early in my day yet, lols. 💕🙂

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  5. It’s embarrassing to even say. And I don’t even want to talk about what I’ve bookmarked for later.

    Should we also discuss search histories and how the authorities might be concerned by them? 🤔

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  6. That’s a lot. I usually only have 5. Email, WordPress, Facebook, music, and a research tab.

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  7. Ha! Ha! I only have five windows open right now, but often there are ten or more. And yes, I can definitely believe a speculative fiction writer has to do research. You still have to know the nuts and bolts of things. 🙂 Great post!

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  8. A great post, Craig. I cannot imagine having all that going on. I’m one of those bookmark people. I only have two windows open right now.

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  9. Not including this one, I have five tabs open in my browser. One is to submission criteria for an anthology. One is an online game. One is my e-mail. One is to donate to a cause I’m considering. One is to my blog, wyrmflight.

    I try not to have a browser open while I’m actually writing. Tempting as it is to stop and check details, but it breaks the flow. You know?

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  10. I’m a bookmark, or even worse, a “print out” person, so I never have more than 4 or 5. That’s all I want to juggle most of the time. But I LOVE what you have open right now. I’m a taffy lover, but I never want to get any as a surprise from you!

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  11. D.L. Finn, Author

    I had more than ten yesterday, for a blog I was writing. I finally closed them but I do the same thing and hang on to them until I move on.

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  12. Victoria Zigler

    I hate having a lot of windows open. Navigating between them isn’t fun with my screen reader. So I make bookmarks instead. Don’t have any exciting ones right now though.

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  13. I could do without the rattlesnake window – can’t even look at pics of snakes. I currently have twelve windows open, but I’m trying to catch up on some blogs before we go out of town tomorrow.

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  14. Gwen M. Plano

    You are a busy man, Craig. I can claim two — one that I’m working on and the one that taunts in my thoughts. 😊

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  15. I have many windows open. I always do. I often wonder if they slow down other things. And as for search history… That’s a whole different ball of wax.

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  16. Hi Craig, I usually have four to five windows open when I write and often a few research non-fiction books too. I don’t leave them open though as I shut down my computers every evening. I also benchmark sites and then I delete them when I’m finished.

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  17. Ha. That’s a lot of windows, Craig. I tend to copy info to docs that I can save. One for characters, one for world-building, etc. I’m always afraid that something will close on me. Have fun closing windows over the weekend.

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  18. And then–my worst nightmare–the computer hard reboots and I loose all those tabs. You have an interesting collection.

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  19. That is indeed too many windows! Ohh I hope it lessen down soon

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  21. I must confess to only having one open. 🙂 … as I read your first sentence I thought you meant ‘window’ windows. It seemed an odd way to start a post but I read on and all became clear. 😀

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  22. I always have about 8-10 Windows open at a time, then I get on a mission to close them and get it down to 3 or so, but they always seem to get back up there to 8-10. What’s wrong with me? Ha ha! Nothing. I just like being involved and have this wondrous, curious mind. Love this post! Too fin!

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  23. Whoops! I meant too fun*!


  24. How do you live with only ~two windows open at a time? I just finished a manuscript and even after culling those hoards, I have thirteen still open! Thanks for the quick read

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