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A 3/4 good weekend

Heck, I’ll take it. I made a task list friday night, and worked through 3/4 of it on Saturday. We got in a decent date night too.

After dinner at Old Chicago, my son and I stayed up late playing Borderlands. He also talked me into buying a solo game called Skyrim, and we set that all up. These are probably ancient news to you gamers, but I’ve never owned a game system until this year. They’re all new to me.

Sports wise, Boise State lost in OT, the Diamondbacks lost. Today the Steelers won, and the Diamondbacks also won. Can’t gripe about that result. This time of year is strange for me, because both sports overlap for a month or two. I’m not as big a football fan as I used to be, but I enjoy it. Baseball is my sport of choice. I was able to watch the Steelers game, and one Diamondbacks game. The others were sporadic iPhone score checks.

I got up relatively early this morning, and my parents are still in Alaska. That means no Sunday morning telephone call. I kind of thought I could add new words to my WIP, but that wasn’t to be. My wife got up about twenty minutes after I did, and that doesn’t allow me to write. It’s probably a personality quirk, but I need quiet solitude when I write.

I wound up working ahead a bit on promos and blog projects. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was productive. I now have some promotional posts for Quantum Wanderlust when it releases. All I need for my posts is a purchase link. Honestly, it feels good to be prepared.

I exchanged some texts with my daughter for something I want to add to The Hat. A dress size can be a reasonable part of description. This is coming late in the story, but I also used it to show a bit of character. Lizzie went up a couple of dress sizes, but only admits to one. Let’s face it, she isn’t seventeen anymore.

I have to make a field trip with my paycheck job this week. I’ll be around, and check in when I can. I’m sure I won’t be scarce, but I may be more sporadic than normal. Hope you all enjoyed your weekends.

In other news, the USA always has one active volcano in Hawaii, today we have a devastating hurricane going on, and Idaho had a small earthquake on the eastern side of the state. Add that to all the ongoing wild fires, and the US is a mess. Honestly, it’s a big country. It’s hot and beautiful in Boise this evening. Keep your eyes open if you’re at the northern edge of the USA, you might see the Northern Lights tonight.


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Saturday fumbling

I started off today reading blogs and responding to comments. I wound up starting another Amazon campaign for Will O’ the Wisp, this time using the genres. I tried to pick fields that don’t overlap with Experimental Notebook. I may not know what I’m doing, but I try lots of stuff.

My wife and I headed for town. We did some minor damage at Costco. She wanted a large white pumpkin for some sort of decoupage project she saw. I knew of a fruit stand that has huge white pumpkins right now. We wound up buying a pair of them. It took both of us to lift them, but I managed fine after I was on my feet.

She told me on the way home that she might not do the project, but they’ll look good on our porch anyway. I’ll leave you to imagine the look on my face.

We were close to The Tilted Kilt around lunchtime. Speaking of gigantic white pumpkins… Nevermind. Our waitress was very nice. I even indulged in a couple of Old Chub Scottish ales, one of my favorites. I had a strange sort of hamburger/patty melt that wound up being awesome.

I looked for the Boise State football game with no luck, so I watched the end of the Cubs/Cardinals game. Then Dr. Who taught me about the Bootstrap Paradox.

I spent the rest of my evening finishing up Sue Coletta’s wonderful book Marred. This is a fabulous book, and I’m really excited for her. If you grab it while it’s on pre-order it really helps. (Hint)

This post is just about the end of my evening. Tomorrow the tour for Will O’ the Wisp starts, so I’ll be checking comments at my host’s site throughout the day. Drop by and say hi.


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