An odd day

It was kind of an odd day today, no productivity at all. I accomplished another 1000 words yesterday by setting an alarm. This bought me some time before my daughter awoke, and I had to call my parents.

The first technology complaint was the ten minute power outage during Game of Thrones last night. But wait, there’s more! It took another fifteen minutes for the entire television system to reboot. We got to see the Mormont girl with the giant, but prior to that is a loss. Probably didn’t miss much, because it was a black screen for most of the episode anyway.

One of my daughter’s tasks yesterday was to get her own telephone account. This kind of started the ball rolling on today’s topic. She was at the Verizon store for hours. This stuff is becoming as bad as buying a car. It just seems absurd to me that someone can’t just walk in and do business in a reasonable time.

To finish her project, after her number was fully transferred we had to remove her from our account. My wife had to call ATT three times today. The call kept getting dropped, then one person put her on hold for 30 minutes so she could look up our account.

It shouldn’t take half an hour to look up an account. This is what they are paid to do, and they have a computer at their desk. I think it’s kind of telling that our ATT service to the ATT billing desk kept dropping too. Great product and service there.

After that was sorted out, my wife started surfing for television providers. DirecTV is getting too damned expensive.

We opened a HULU account for the free month. They advertised one month free. Within a week they charged our card for the full amount. Idaho’s Attorney General takes bait and switch advertising very seriously, but my wife doesn’t want to to bring it to their attention. We cancelled immediately. Two weeks later we got an email about an update to our account, so she called them again. Everything went smoothly, but can you trust what they said?

Dish Network is a service we’ve had before. They were always fine, so she surfed their site. HBO isn’t listed as one of their options, so she called them. The question was a simple “yes or no” question.

She was on the phone with them for over an hour. They transferred her to different departments a couple of times. Jesus Christ, do you have HBO or not??? Even the janitor at Dish ought to know that off the top of his head.

They eventually confessed they do not offer HBO, but told her about an app she could download that would provide this service. They spent twenty minutes telling her how it was actually better. Yeah, right.

It seems like everyone out there today is a sleazy salesman. Never let them go without a purchase of some kind is an old sales tactic. I hate all of them, and it’s a miracle anyone does business with any of them. How about a simple answer to a simple question???

When my daughter wants to know what the bottom line is, why can’t they just tell her? They know their inventory, specials, and pricing. Why so God Damned cryptic? Why make her drive back to Sun Valley in the dark? She wants to give you her money!!!

I had my own issues today. My number one goal was to mark up a few chapters for a partner. My apps kept crashing. This is likely a CableOne issue. I marked up three chapters only to have it delete everything I’d done… twice. I finally gave it a few hours, and it worked just fine. Who knew Monday morning was a high traffic time for CableOne?

My issues were the minor ones. The bigger one is pervasive in our whole society. A customer wants to do business with a company, so the company treats them like dirt to try extracting every possible cent from their account. They’re only happy if you have to skip meals to pay their bill every month.

It seems sales staff doesn’t celebrate new accounts, they mourn the possibility those new accounts could have been bigger.

It’s a shame someone can’t form a think-tank of upper executives from the fast food industry to tackle this issue. Ask me if I want fries with that, no problem. They get me down the road in a matter of minutes, and they post menus with their prices so I don’t even have to ask a salesman. They even bundle things into popular meals.

Think about it, a menu at the cell phone store. Phone + cover + internet = $$$. Push the button and walk to the counter. Sign the contract and out the door.

Television service should be the same way. Open the website, add on your premium stuff with a running balance in clear view. Take stuff off it goes down, add it on the price goes up. Enter your account number and make the change instantly. New account, proceed to the next page to enter your data and schedule your service appointment.

I don’t get it. I’m almost looking forward to going to work tomorrow.


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59 responses to “An odd day

  1. Whoa! When you vent, you do it right:) You’re expressing all of the pent-up frustrations I feel but rarely have to deal with. I will soon. Our Comcast contract runs out next month, and then–no matter what packages I might think I want–I’ll have to work hard to even find them and their prices. I hate dealing with them, too.

    And hate to tell you, but you missed great and spectacular scenes when the White Walkers fight first started. Someone thought of an awesome way for every good guy’s sword to light up for battle. The visual was stunning if you can find it to watch.

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    • Nope, the red witch did her thing before the failure. It was one of the few things that was visible. I’ll watch this episode prior to next weeks to see what I missed. I just shouldn’t have to. It isn’t hot enough to cause everyone to air condition, or cold enough to place a heating demand on the power. No idea what happened, but it was irritating.

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      • We missed the very first episode because someone had thrown a wrong switch and all of our HBO stations were in Spanish, even though the blurbs were written in English. It took two calls before we finally got them in English the NEXT DAY. And even then, when my husband went to watch his favorite team on the NBA, on TNT, THAT was in Spanish:) Frustrating.

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  2. Sorry for your rough day.
    The first month of basic hulu is probably free — adding specials like HBO is probably why it’s not free that first month. *subscribes to/uses hulu off and on*
    GOT ❤
    I hope your week goes smoothly!

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  3. Geez. My head is spinning just reading about that. I know what you mean about the phone thing though. When I got my new one, it took about an hour because they had to do a transfer. Then they try to sell you on all the new gadgets even though you only want a case. Insurance, minutes, texts, data, apps, and the world just goes full on vertigo. Really disappointed in the Hulu issue. I’m thinking of getting it because I’m running out of things that interest me on Netflix. Not sure right now.

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    • Make sure your internet service is good, and expect to pay full price from day one. What was available was decent, but we want a replacement not an auxiliary service.


      • Most of the streaming services feel like auxiliary. You don’t really get the big shows from what I can tell. Maybe late. I’d be using Netflix, Prime, and Hulu, which I guess covers a lot of ground. I’m waiting until I finish up the Marvel Netflix series before I jump though. Internet here is good.

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  4. Nothing is simple anymore and I’ve come to believe that almost everyone in the retail industry is sleazy. Even fast food joints try to upsale. Anyway… Your Game of Thrones issue has me concerned about an upcoming NCIS LA episode. Of note, I’ve never watched NCIS or it’s two spinoffs, but was a big fan of its predecessor, JAG. The two main characters of JAG are making a guest appearance (after 14 years) beginning May 12. It would be my luck to have a power outage, or our local CBS affiliate will have contract issues with Dish and stop broadcasting. And I didn’t know Dish didn’t offer HBO. Obviously, I don’t have premium movie channels.

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  5. I hear you and totally agree. When we moved I called Spectrum and asked how to get the advertised service for $89.00 a month. No one could tell me. I hung up.

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  6. Well, the good news is that your post made me feel better about living in South Africa. The grass is not always greener and all that…

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  7. Your solutions sound great to me! I even feel the way you do with clothes shopping: why can’t I find what I need without all the extra, useless noise?

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  8. The phone services are terrible. Sorry to hear you needed them. All they want to do is get you to use them as your carrier and hope everything goes autopilot. They never expect to give you any services and answer questions after that.

    I switched my personal ATT account to a business account. I went to a store to make the change. The rep. who set it up for me did everything wrong. It took me two months to make the correction. When I login, I couldn’t find my business account. It took me to the personal account but indicated that it was closed. Then the mailing address was wrong… it went on and on…

    Hope you got all the problem solved by now and can watch your favorite shows.

    Have a good day tomorrow!

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  9. D.L Finn, Author

    I hate dealing with companies on the phone now. I have to allow at least an hour for sonething simple. I wasn’t happy when Dish lost HBO, but you are they are so vague about it. I went through Amazon prime to finally get it. I try to do everything on the internet now. At least when it works. Someday I’ll sit on the phone with ATT, but that requires patience snd time. I would love customer service to make a return, but that seems to be a thing of the past. Good idea with the choose what you want idea.

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  10. I quite agree. There shouldn’t be so much time and fuss involved in such simple things. Sounds like it’s even worse for you than it is for us over here.

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  11. Life don’t get any better, does it? And about GOT, the end was the best bit!

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  12. I’ve recently been through Comcast hell. Three hours of phone calls, holding and being switched from department to department to switch out a modem. Then they had the audacity to screw up my HD service the next day (another 20 minute phone call) and then kill my landline the day after that (an 1.5 hour service visit). I could vent to the nth degree about what I’ve been thru with them recently. Cell phone carriers are just as bad. Some times I long for the days of Ma Bell and one cable provider.

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  13. I’m so sorry. What a crappy day. And you’re right; it’s a problem that’s growing, not getting better.

    If you can figure out how to make everything like fast food, I’ll lobby for that with you. It’s a fabulous idea. And really shouldn’t be that difficult.

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  14. Right there with you, Craig. We’re getting ready to go through the phone account ordeal with my son, and I dread it. I spent 40 minutes on the phone yesterday (all automated, never spoke to a person) trying to change an appliance delivery date, and was hung up on once. Shouldn’t have taken longer than 5 minutes.

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  15. Sometimes a cabin in the woods with no technology and only the sounds of wildlife seems so appealing!

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  16. Phyllis Boyack

    Wow! And to think I have been going to call Dish Network to see if I can do away with some of the channels I don’t watch (like those in Mexican) I could save a lot if they would let me pick the ones I want and not have to get all the rest to see the one channel in the package that I watch. The same goes for the phone, I have AT&T too. Mom

    On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 4:58 PM Entertaining Stories wrote:

    > coldhandboyack posted: “It was kind of an odd day today, no productivity > at all. I accomplished another 1000 words yesterday by setting an alarm. > This bought me some time before my daughter awoke, and I had to call my > parents. The first technology complaint was the ten minute p” >

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  17. It’s like they inhabit a completely different universe from the rest of humanity.

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  18. We always have our worst wireless reception when it’s windy, for some reason. Hope it will stay fixed for a while.

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  19. You make a great point, Craig! Customer Service has gone the way of 8 track tapes. It doesn’t exist anymore. I have Roku and love it. I can get everything I want and/or need through it. Check it out.

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