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Mourning? Not exactly

My Arizona Diamondbacks lost last night. They did so without their frontline staff, but that’s the hand that was dealt after the wildcard game. Gave me a good excuse to polish off a growler of Elysian Nightowl pumpkin beer. One of my favorite ones.

There was a time when I would be upset about something like this, but I just can’t be this year. This isn’t quite a worst to first transformation, but it’s pretty darned close. I remember what they were like last year, and am proud of what they’ve accomplished. I don’t want it to end, but if it does I’m still going to be happy about it.

It was one game. We have more of an ace pitcher tonight and maybe we can leave a mark in this series. It’s best of five, but they really need to win one before the series moves to Phoenix. Arizona can’t win without winning one game in LA. Might as well claim that one tonight.

I spent some minimal time this morning getting one of the interview posts hacked out and mailed off. I also posted a review for a friend. Beyond that, I nailed down some details for a visit Lisa Burton will be making this week, and scheduled Macabre Macaroni. That was it on the productivity front.

We ran our errands today, and I stocked up on four different pints of pumpkin beer. Most of these are from Elysian brewing too and I’ve had them before.

I also fell for a trend today. My daughter told me the hot new thing is coconut oil, and said I need some for my beard. We were at Whole Foods and I picked some up. I’m such a sucker sometimes. Daughters to that to fathers.

I’m checking on the Cubs and Nationals game then I might play a video game for a while. These West Coast games start late so I’ll probably be up all night, you know, unless I drink four big old bombers of beer.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.



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A good day, if a long one

I stayed up late again gaming with my son. He wanted to game again today, but I told him I had some work to do. I started out at six AM, and didn’t stop editing until one PM. It’s a real joy to have talented friends who can mark things up for me. It looks like I still have the Apple problem that capitalizes any attribution after a question mark. Those were still peppered throughout the manuscript.

Yak Guy is looking pretty darned good though.

I hurried up and cruised through social media after I finished, because it’s a necessary evil. Then I wrote and/or scheduled three blog posts. I did all of that with a bulldog in my lap too. It’s like being a handicap golfer. Frankie is my writing handicap.

Good news; all of my task lists is completely checked off.

Bad news; after my marathon day, I return to the paycheck job tomorrow after having been out for a week. I expect to be swamped until October.

Got some good news about the anthology I’m participating in, so I have to work up some things for it this week in the evenings. Probably not tomorrow though, because I have critique group right after work.

Here is a picture of a fun beer I tried at date night this weekend:

Sadly, I did not see a pink elephant. I kind of wish I had another one right now. I’m tired enough that the elephant might actually show up tonight.


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From my phone

This is the part of date night where I drink beer, and Old What’s Her Face goes shopping in the mall. This only happens at Old Chicago Pizza.

They have a promo going on now where if I drink 12 unique beers I get a cool football sweatshirt. They will only allow me to have four at each visit, so I have to come back twice more. 

This is a great sports bar, but neither the Diamondback, nor Boise State have started yet. Right now I’m watching Irma move toward Florida.

The task list projects went well, and I accomplished about as much as I could. Some blog items still need links that don’t exist yet, but I’m ready. One of the posts I needed to write is getting too long. I’ll look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. Maybe I can say more with less words. Maybe I’ll split it up into two posts.

Other than that, it was pretty mundane. I got work done, but it wasn’t fun work. Maybe tomorrow I can squeeze some of that in.

It isn’t ideal writing this on my phone. It works though, and it’s what I have right now. 


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Lazy Day

Today was all about playing catchup. The guest toilet is all reinstalled and functional. Some of the furniture is in place, and even the dogs are settling in well. Changes freak Otto out, but Frankie was fine from the first moments.

Last night, we went back to the fair. My brother-in-law and his wife were here, and the attraction was the Trace Adkins concert. This time we left in time to actually eat.

Pizza in a cone, what a great idea. It was fair quality, but with some effort, I have a hunch this could be great. I’m tempted to revisit this when I wake up Tituba this winter to use a sourdough crust. Just have to figure out how to bake it vertically somehow.

I also had an elephant ear. These are similar to what we used to call scones in my family. I skipped the honey and whatnot, because – beard.

My brother-in-law and I had multiple opportunities to sample the various beers on tap. The best one I had was Sam Adams’ Octoberfest.

We also went to see a gigantic pumpkin at seven-hundred and some-odd pounds. Hobbits could live in this thing, I swear. They also had some watermelons that could host quite a party if given the chance.

I always walk through the poultry barn, which also includes bunnies. The sampling wasn’t quite as impressive this year. None of the huge bunnies were there, but a couple of gigantic black roosters were pretty incredible.

The main attraction was this:

We had better seats than last night. If the truth be told, Adkins put on a better show than Joan Jett. She included a lot of music that nobody ever heard before. Adkins only included hit after hit. To give Joan credit, she got rained out and returned after they spent an hour squeegeeing the stage dry. It’s hard for me to admit, but that’s how I’m calling it.

Today, my wife and the in-laws decided to go shopping. Surprisingly, this was more for them than my wife. (When does that ever happen?) Being the lazy bum I am, I decided to stay home.

This allowed me to work the radio interviews forward a bit. I have a bunch of data floating around in cyberspace about these, but nothing lined up for Thursday. I got thirty applicants when I asked for guests. I sent all of them a questionnaire. I tried to send out the initial shticks four at a time, because I just couldn’t do thirty all at once. Some of them went silent when they got the questionnaire. Some went silent after getting the shtick (When I’d already invested some effort in them.) I have more to get to, and some of this situation is of my own creation. There are some who returned the questionnaire, but I haven’t done the next phase. I will, I just couldn’t do them all at once.

Right now, it is what it is. There may, or may not, be a guest post on Thursday. I will probably work up a couple of more tomorrow, but I like them to feel fresh and not like a chore.

I used some of my time to add about 1800 words to The Hat too. Today was all about planting data that would payoff disaster later. At this rate, I should hit the midpoint disaster somewhere around 20K words. If you extend out, that brings this in at about 40K. I think that qualifies as a novella. We’ll see how it all goes. I know I have some white page syndrome going on and can address some of that in edits.

Tomorrow is going to be kind of a bust on new fiction. I have some other things to do, so spare moments are better dedicated to more interviews. I’m off Monday and have high hopes.


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We didn't take anything too seriously this weekend. We started off with gift cards from Christmas. We did the standard thing, by each spending more than was on the card. Mine went to Men's Wearhouse, and my wife's went to the Apple Store. I wound up with some nice dress shirts and ties, plus a couple of pairs of pants. It was a buy one get one free deal, so not too bad. My wife got some wireless Beats headphones. Her 'phones are awesome too.

After dumping our cards (Plus about that much more of our own money) we stopped at Old Chicago for beer and pizza. All in all, it was a nice day together.

Today, we decided not to go out at all. There are a couple of movies that look interesting, but we both weren't feeling it.

I sequestered myself away and added 1500 words to The Yak Guy Project. It's not great, but it's progress. I'm off tomorrow and have the house to myself. (Myself and Otto, who has his own demands some mornings.)

I spent several hours doing research into one of my future projects. I may start outlining both of the future projects, but won't begin writing until I get my current projects finished.

My intention was to work on The Enhanced League for a while tonight, but I never got that far. Something about a Steelers game that got a late start.

I hope you all had great weekends. I'm very content with mine. We managed a fun date – day, as opposed to date night. I made small progress on projects today, and being content seems to cover it.


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Dabbling without a plan

I'm about three-quarters of the way through this wonderful gigantic bottle of beer. It's a Grand Teton Brewing, Double Vision Doppelbock. One of my favorite beer styles.

I spent most of my evenings dabbling with my new social media. Most but not all. Thursday was critique group. The gang is pretty happy with The Yak Guy Project thus far.

I'm ready to get the first draft finished. I have four more events that have to happen, and the story is finished. I'm loving the character arc here, and so is my critique group.

Yak Guy Ted, has to travel a bunch between these four points. This poses a problem of balancing. He's a little over 57K words, and I want it over 80K when I finish. So roughly 20K words to get to the end. Travel is an odd thing in fiction, so let's discuss it for a minute.

It takes time to ride a yak as far as Ted has to go. Too many authors have horses running full speed for days on end without food or water. This isn't realistic, and yaks are slower than horses. This means some dedication to the time involved in the process.

I can't make it completely realistic, or readers will be looking at mountains and grass for several chapters. I need to get the idea of time into the story without boring my readers. It would be a mistake to just skip to the key points without paying homage to the travel time.

I will use dialog with the yak to fill some of this in. The yak is a mentor, so there is some decent opportunity here. I will have to skip ahead, but I don't want to dwell on too many campfires and what's for dinner every night. I can probably get away with “Five days later, we rode into XXX,” about twice. After that, The events need to unfold.

My normal method is to simply write it. I'll spend more time on the events, because they are important. There will be some more action, and possibly a lesson or two along the way.

I've been known to crank out ten-thousand words in a writing session. (Once. Damn this is good beer, and I'm probably kidding myself.) In theory, I could finish in two good writing days. In reality it's going to take a couple-three weekends.

My short story project is in the same shape. I'm nearly done. The Enhanced League has passed the mid-season break, and we're headed toward the playoffs. There are several more stories to write before I get there. I have a great twist for my semi-main character planned after the season ends too. The struggle here will be to handle the playoffs without giving an inning by inning account. That would bore readers. I've already walked readers through one game, and managed to make it pretty interesting. Doing it again would be a crime. I'll probably use my sportscasters to update the playoffs, and move right into the championship. Even then, a seven game series will get old for readers. I'll have to skip ahead to the last innings of the final game. Those will be exciting. I'm happy to be this close, but probably won't get it released on MLB opening day.

Thinking about The Enhanced League, MLB opening day is April 2nd. I need to finish, beg for beta readers, order cover art, and Lisa Burton art, and it's already mid-January. I'm not rushing it. It will get done when it gets done, and so will Yak Guy.

Meanwhile, back at the social media ranch, I'm not overly impressed with Google+. It seems harder to use than Pinterest, and I don't yet see the value. I'm out there giving a +1 to posts, but only one of mine has seen the same benefit. I'm sure it takes time, but I'd love to see Lisa Burton in the top row when I search for images of her. She makes it into the fourth row right now. Tim Burton's ex wife, Lisa, is tough competition. (She didn't even take the Burton name, and I still have to compete with her.)

Pinterest is a lot more fun, and seems easier to get into. I've made multiple boards, and people seem to be finding them. I created two boards for future projects, and it's pretty handy for that. I hope these two stories will turn out to be novellas, but they'll be as long as they need to be. One of them is shaping up to be wonderfully character driven, and it's going to be a buddy story. I've even made some musical pins to go with it. After finishing Yak Guy and Enhanced League, I'll probably outline it, and the imagery makes a great reference. My Pinterest guru says more boards is important, so I'll probably start a few more.

There you have it. It's Friday night, and I don't have a weekend plan. I'll use any available writing time to add to The Yak Guy Project. My more disruptive time will probably get dedicated to Google+ and Pinterest. We'll weave in date night and some family time too. I won't deal with my critiques until later, but Monday is a holiday, and I might make a few edits.


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Camping with Internet service

We're in Arco tonight. The campground is closed in Craters of the Moon, or we'd be there instead. Most campgrounds have wifi these days, and this one is no exception. Campground wifi is always spotty, and again this fills the bill. I'm actually posting this by pig-tailing my iPad into my cell phone instead.

Today was all about getting here, so that's why I'm writing. Tomorrow we'll go through the park and get some photos. I'll try to give you a tiny bit of history, then invite you all to speculate with me.

The pre-sale for The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack II is going okay, but it's not blowing my doors off. I drifted into the top 100 short story/anthology collections about three times, but it never lasts. This has to do with the way Amazon's algorithm works. Sell six books in one day and the meter won't budge. Sell those same six books, and only those six books in the same hour, the meter spikes.

This book is only 99¢ and early sales really help me out. One of the fun side effects is my other titles started moving. Particularly the first Experimental Notebook. Some of the novels have sold copies too though, and that's a good thing.

Question of the day: Is this because Summer is winding down, or because I'm actually promoting again?

I wrote two guest posts tonight, based upon the requests I received. I have ten more to go, and should have them done in plenty of time for the September blog tour.

This campground has the most amazing barbecue, ribs and a smoked baked potato. We love cooking, but today was a travel day, and we were tired. Now we're going to clean up a bit and walk to the office. They also have craft beer on tap, and who am I not to sample the local favorites?

More tomorrow.


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