A day of pots.

Yesterday I called in sick to work. Today is my rotating day off. I can say with certainty, I have not been very creative or productive.

Something about being sick limited me to one sentence bursts of creativity. There isn't enough spark to chunk out several thousand words. I actually feel worse today than I did yesterday.

I tried. I wound up with a transition scene on the retro science fiction short story. I did something similar with Yak Guy. Books need transition scenes, but they usually don't bring a lot of tension. Both stories involve a character who is pissed off right now, and I wove some of that into the transitions. I'll go back with a clear head and check on them later.

My word count in each place is hundreds of words, not thousands like I need. Even then, I broke it up with obsessively checking on social media, now including Facebook. Somebody do something on Facebook, just to convince me it was all worthwhile.

I managed to print off everything for my critique group, but haven't marked anything up yet. I even made a grilled cheese sandwich using sourdough bread. My focus is crap today.

Maybe a promised ARC from a friend will arrive and I can get some reading in. If not, I suppose I can read my critique submissions. I'd start something else, but I've earmarked time for this project.

For me, colds always start in my sinus. Then they work their way south. Earlier this week it turned into a sore throat. Today there is a cough to accompany all the other fun stuff. I'm a guy who tries to get stuff done, but I've been pretty unsuccessful this week.

So it's a day of pots for me. There is the coffee pot, soon to be replaced by the teapot. There is the Neti pot for my sinus. Then I pulled out the crab pot we used on the coast. I added a bit of vinegar, because that's what mom does, filled it with water and am boiling it off. I'm slowly raising the humidity in here, and it seems to be helping too.

I had a couple of great short story ideas, and added them to my list. I always check the list before writing one now. One is science fiction, so that's kind of cool. The other one is just a murder story, with no speculative element in it. I really like it, but it doesn't fit with my “brand” if I have one of those. I suppose I could enter it in a contest, or save it for Macabre Macaroni next October. It's on the list, and it may stay there forever, but it's pretty creepy and has a lot of potential.

I suppose it's better to be unproductive than to write crap. Then I'd just wind up deleting it, or spending more time than it's worth on repairs. I'm thrilled to update my blog, and am counting that as productivity.

Research, maybe I can do some research. I need to know something about lead crystal.

I get it that men are babies when we're sick. I'm being a baby and admit it. I'll probably bounce from project to project and add small touches until I can charge forward again.

I hope nobody else is in this situation, and you're making the virtual ink fly.


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30 responses to “A day of pots.

  1. Hope you feel better. Sometimes the world is against us in our writing endeavors. At least bacteria and germs. I assume it’s because they’re jealous of our ability to read and write. As far as Facebook goes, it’s an odd place of likes.

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  2. So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. One reason you finding it challenging to write the pissed off characters scenes may be that you’re just such a nice guy. When I wrote a sentence by my antagonists where she says,”She was just a lowly cook”. I felt so bad putting down cooks because I don’t like looking down my nose at people who work hard, regardless. My husband said…this is not you…it’s your vile antagonist. I eventually rephrased it so she put down the woman for other reasons, because I felt so strongly about the insult.

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  3. Sorry to hear you’re sick. That’s never fun. Sounds like a good time to do the small tasks that don’t take much effort but we never seem to get to.

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  4. Ahh, the man flu. Nothing worse. Hope you get better soon. The ARC is in the mail. I would suggest not writing while you feel icky. A little nervous about you reading as well. Get well soon.:-)

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  5. I hope you feel better. You need to give FB time. Like anything else, it takes time to build a following of people who buy your books. But it is worth it. For instance, today I co-hosted a FB party for a friend’s release, where each author hosted for an hour (goes till 11 pm). During that time you post all kinds of stuff…depends on the party. I’m involved with a bunch of crime and horror authors, so we get pretty dark during the party. The darker the better. lol Anyway, I went 2nd and my hour hit 2K views. FB has such a HUGE pool of readers, and most can be found in the groups or by placing ads. I’ve sold hundreds of books on FB. It just takes time, that’s all.

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  6. Sorry you’re feeling poorly. Hopefully the weekend will find you on the mend. It’s much more fun to be well on days off, writing productively and all that.

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  7. I can relate to the sick stuff. I had two rounds of what you’re going through…first in December and then earlier this month. I finally had to do antibiotics to get rid of it….acute sinusitis. Ugh!

    It’s hard to be creative and/or productive when you’re sick. Feel better!

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  8. I hope you get to feeling better soon. That sucks.

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  9. Hope you feel better!! My daughter has this too, the cough keeps her from sleeping very well. I’ve never heard that about a pot of vinegar. I will have to try. Thanks!!

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  10. Ali Isaac

    I am in the exact same boat this week. The kids were off school but bounced back after three days at home. I’m still suffering. No creative stuff going on here. But the lack of patience has made me quite ruthless when it came to editing Swanskin, and I got loads done in that department. I actually don’t know what I’m going to work on next so it’s giving me time to think, I guess.Hope you’re feeling better soon. Oh and about fb, it’s fun to do but slow to pick up followers as unless you are willing to pay to boost your posts. Fb rigidly controls how many people it shows your posts to, unless you want to pay to ‘boost’ your posts reach.

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