A 3/4 good weekend

Heck, I’ll take it. I made a task list friday night, and worked through 3/4 of it on Saturday. We got in a decent date night too.

After dinner at Old Chicago, my son and I stayed up late playing Borderlands. He also talked me into buying a solo game called Skyrim, and we set that all up. These are probably ancient news to you gamers, but I’ve never owned a game system until this year. They’re all new to me.

Sports wise, Boise State lost in OT, the Diamondbacks lost. Today the Steelers won, and the Diamondbacks also won. Can’t gripe about that result. This time of year is strange for me, because both sports overlap for a month or two. I’m not as big a football fan as I used to be, but I enjoy it. Baseball is my sport of choice. I was able to watch the Steelers game, and one Diamondbacks game. The others were sporadic iPhone score checks.

I got up relatively early this morning, and my parents are still in Alaska. That means no Sunday morning telephone call. I kind of thought I could add new words to my WIP, but that wasn’t to be. My wife got up about twenty minutes after I did, and that doesn’t allow me to write. It’s probably a personality quirk, but I need quiet solitude when I write.

I wound up working ahead a bit on promos and blog projects. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was productive. I now have some promotional posts for Quantum Wanderlust when it releases. All I need for my posts is a purchase link. Honestly, it feels good to be prepared.

I exchanged some texts with my daughter for something I want to add to The Hat. A dress size can be a reasonable part of description. This is coming late in the story, but I also used it to show a bit of character. Lizzie went up a couple of dress sizes, but only admits to one. Let’s face it, she isn’t seventeen anymore.

I have to make a field trip with my paycheck job this week. I’ll be around, and check in when I can. I’m sure I won’t be scarce, but I may be more sporadic than normal. Hope you all enjoyed your weekends.

In other news, the USA always has one active volcano in Hawaii, today we have a devastating hurricane going on, and Idaho had a small earthquake on the eastern side of the state. Add that to all the ongoing wild fires, and the US is a mess. Honestly, it’s a big country. It’s hot and beautiful in Boise this evening. Keep your eyes open if you’re at the northern edge of the USA, you might see the Northern Lights tonight.


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45 responses to “A 3/4 good weekend

  1. Skyrim? Well, I guess we’ll hear from you again around Christmas. 😛 I never had the right system to play that one, but a friend had it and we kept losing contact with him until he stopped.

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  2. My son has Skyrim. It is easy to get lost in it. I prefer the Final Fantasy games but I’m getting too old to work the controller right, lol. I was hooked on FF7 when it came out and got every game after that. My son’s picked up that obsession as well.

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  3. Would love to see the Northern Lights. No chance from here.

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  4. I’m coming up for air. Currently at 66K and need to make 80K by Friday. Word count is no longer an issue for me. I’ll probably go over it. It’s just finding the time to write. Yesterday was a family reunion, so no writing. Today I did 4K. I think I’ll be taking another day off this week to focus on the ending.

    The Northern Lights are on my bucket list. Alaska is too. I’m the reverse of you, enjoying football more than baseball though that didn’t used to be the case. And–OMG!–now I have to start thinking about Quantum Wanderlust too! It’s great just coming up for air to comment. You’re a regular stop, so I had to hit you first. Happy Sunday!

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    • Do you find those deadlines sucking some of the joy out of the process? I’m just curious.

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      • Not really. I find that I do well when I have deadlines. I kind of feel rudderless without direction when I don’t. This one has been harder because we’re undertaking a major remodeling project at the same time.

        I’ve come to the inclusion that this is an author’s life. If I want to be part of a publishing company, this is how it works. Even the big guns write to deadline. The joy is every bit as prevalent, maybe more so because I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to do.

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      • I would enjoy the deadlines in all honesty, with the exception of the requirements of a paycheck and real life. As a retired fellow, I would thrive on that.

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      • I hear you. Toss in the paycheck job and that part makes it hard.
        Like you, I’m counting the years to retirement when I can have all those extra hours in the day!

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  5. I, too, need solitude and silence to be able to write to my satisfaction. I haven’t had much of that in this house of late. Gaming is something I try to avoid. It sucks my essence, to borrow a term from The Dark Crystal. Some people can approach it in a healthy way. I’m not one of those.

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  6. There is definitely lots going on in the US at the moment. It sounds like you got a fair bit done. I also never got through my [rather unrealistic] to do list for this weekend [Sigh!]. Still working out notice and have agreed to contract on a reduced hours basis. Enjoy the field trip.

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  7. I have had to cut back on the game playing in order to write, but still manage to squeeze in the odd online jigsaw puzzle. Not sure how any of you Americans can concentrate on anything, what with all that is happening over there! You and your family stay safe, Craig!

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  8. Glad you had a 3/4 good weekend, and that you aren’t where the bad weather is.

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  9. I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska. My brother went last year and said it was a trip of a lifetime. You’re so right. What a mess this country is in. Still searching for a friend who hopefully made it through Irma. Her area got nailed. Glad you had a productive day. We had a Baptism to go to yesterday.

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  10. It is a mess, a big ol mess at the present.
    I STILL haven’t seen the northern lights. I don’t know why they elude me. Even when I was so way far north, on several different occasions, they just won’t appear for me.
    Skyrim is a game I’ve heard of because I have friends who are/were addicted to it. Caution! lol
    Hope your field trip offers pleasantries 🙂

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  11. Seventy-five percent isn’t too shabby. Good for you!

    Here’s to the Steelers having a good year. It was a rocky start, but we pulled out the win. My overlap is football and hockey, which will be starting soon. (Not much before baseball is over.) The Pens have back-to-back Stanley Cups. Rooting for a third!

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  12. My youngest son was heavily into Skyrim for a while – think you’ll enjoy it.

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  13. D.L Finn, Author

    Yes a lot going on weather wise in US for sure. We keep a watchful eye out for fires here–with a bag packed and plans in place. Seeing the Northern lights is on my list of things to do. I recognized the games you are playing from my son and grandson playing them after I buy them 🙂 Have a productive week!

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  14. You’ll have fun with Skyrim, all right!

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