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A little of this, a little of that

I’m just doing another flyby because I’m loaning my blog space out a bit in the next few weeks. I decided to rant and joke around for five minutes.

I kind of hate bicycle and helmet lights today. Some of those things are so bright that if I put them on my truck I’d get a ticket. Someone had one so bright this morning that I couldn’t see the road ahead of me.

I’m kind of tired of baseball players showboating too. You’ve probably seen what I’m talking about. Someone gets a hit, and immediately has to kiss a medallion, or cross himself, before pointing at the sky. One guy, yeah I get it. That would be similar to Tebow. Every guy is just grandstanding. They almost look at the camera before pointing upward to make sure the crew caught the image. Kind of doubt God played any role at all in your base hit. If he’s responsible, let’s get him under contract instead.

I’ll probably piss someone off, but I’m down on all the NFL antics regarding the National Anthem too. When you’re in uniform you represent your employer. I have to attend meetings at my paycheck job where the Pledge of Allegiance is recited. I have a hunch if I took a knee it wouldn’t go over too well. Players can feel however they want, but be aware of your responsibilities too. My readers can feel however you want too, but this is how I feel. Note: You’re not going to change my mind.

I’m also sick of the football players who jump in front of the camera and make the call for the officials. They’re wrong almost every time, and their calls always favor their own team. These days they call field goals, fumbles, recoveries, incomplete passes and everything else. Just do your job guys and let the officials do theirs.

Once upon a time, there was an old character actor whose name escapes me. He had a side gig as the Maytag Repairman. Time marched on, and he got replaced, again-and-again. Ronald McDonald was portrayed by multiple actors. Colonel Sanders died, and we have several new Colonel Sanderses Sandersees, whatever. Recently the most interesting man in the world got usurped by a new more interesting guy. I think you get my point here.

I am officially volunteering to be the new Hugh Hefner. I could live in that mansion and hang out with those girls, all for some kind of stipend that keeps me in smoking jackets and pajamas. I’ll also need an expense account to buy gifts for all the girls and that provides enough for legendary party expenses. Those lingere things and fancy shoes aren’t cheap.

How’s it going with all of you?



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Chipping Away

Mom and Dad had date night, and we got pumpkin hats.

I chipped away at my task list. I have a couple of Lisa interviews ready to go, but I’m holding off on which one to post. I’m waiting for purchase data for a book. I don’t have to decide until tomorrow, so I’ve gone as far as I can.

I successfully ignored The Hat. Stepping away is always better for the editing process.

All of my critique work is finished. I printed everything today and put them in my truck for our meeting Tuesday. I got down to the last few pieces of paper yesterday, printed the submissions out, and then learned my print heads needed cleaning. I had to throw them away and shop for paper. We swung by Fred Meyer after date night and all is well.

We ran a few errands, and even picked up some dog toys. We’re still picking up things like those undermats that keep the rugs from sliding around. After we finished my son and I logged a few hours of Borderlands. My character got a cool new sniper rifle that lights its victims on fire, and she got a new head too. Seriously, I don’t write this stuff. You get heads and bodies from a vending machine as a kind of upgrade.

In a way, it’s too bad the real world doesn’t work this way. I could insert my credit card and grow a foot taller. Then I wouldn’t be overweight.

When we re-upped with Direct TV, we were given a year of the NFL League Pass for free. We watched the game last week, but this week it’s not on. We probably need to call them, but were denied the ability to watch. My internet indicates the Steelers won, so there’s that. I might get to check out some baseball later today.

I say might, because Old What’s Her Face is binge watching The Outlander. While Outlander is on, I retreated to another room and started reading A Desolate Hour. It seems to take me forever to read a book these days, but I’m committed. Great story so far.

I also wrote a couple of future blog posts. When the Muse visits, it’s best to give in to her. Not kidding here, she gets violent.

I still haven’t gotten back to the edits on Yak Guy. Tomorrow is my best chance, but it’s dependent upon whether my daughter decides to talk my ear off.

So I chipped away at the task list. Some projects are complete, some on hold, and others yet to come. Maybe tomorrow will let me scratch them all off.


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A 3/4 good weekend

Heck, I’ll take it. I made a task list friday night, and worked through 3/4 of it on Saturday. We got in a decent date night too.

After dinner at Old Chicago, my son and I stayed up late playing Borderlands. He also talked me into buying a solo game called Skyrim, and we set that all up. These are probably ancient news to you gamers, but I’ve never owned a game system until this year. They’re all new to me.

Sports wise, Boise State lost in OT, the Diamondbacks lost. Today the Steelers won, and the Diamondbacks also won. Can’t gripe about that result. This time of year is strange for me, because both sports overlap for a month or two. I’m not as big a football fan as I used to be, but I enjoy it. Baseball is my sport of choice. I was able to watch the Steelers game, and one Diamondbacks game. The others were sporadic iPhone score checks.

I got up relatively early this morning, and my parents are still in Alaska. That means no Sunday morning telephone call. I kind of thought I could add new words to my WIP, but that wasn’t to be. My wife got up about twenty minutes after I did, and that doesn’t allow me to write. It’s probably a personality quirk, but I need quiet solitude when I write.

I wound up working ahead a bit on promos and blog projects. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was productive. I now have some promotional posts for Quantum Wanderlust when it releases. All I need for my posts is a purchase link. Honestly, it feels good to be prepared.

I exchanged some texts with my daughter for something I want to add to The Hat. A dress size can be a reasonable part of description. This is coming late in the story, but I also used it to show a bit of character. Lizzie went up a couple of dress sizes, but only admits to one. Let’s face it, she isn’t seventeen anymore.

I have to make a field trip with my paycheck job this week. I’ll be around, and check in when I can. I’m sure I won’t be scarce, but I may be more sporadic than normal. Hope you all enjoyed your weekends.

In other news, the USA always has one active volcano in Hawaii, today we have a devastating hurricane going on, and Idaho had a small earthquake on the eastern side of the state. Add that to all the ongoing wild fires, and the US is a mess. Honestly, it’s a big country. It’s hot and beautiful in Boise this evening. Keep your eyes open if you’re at the northern edge of the USA, you might see the Northern Lights tonight.


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Running on Empty

I’m a bachelor again this weekend. Old What’s Her Face*had to take her new car to show family in Nevada.

Did I do anything super fun? No. I spent time paying bills, blogging and preparing for the next round of blogging. I have stuff planned through the month of October.

I’m wearing a bit thin, to tell the truth. Those Lisa posts didn’t write themselves. The whole thing sews up Monday with a big party, so let’s talk about that.

Monday is my day for the Rave Reviews Book Club Back to School Book & Blog Block Party. This should mean higher than normal blog traffic and some cool new people to meet.

Every stop along this pub crawl has prizes, and all you have to do to win is leave a comment. There are also grand prizes, so it pays to follow along. Everyone is welcome to participate and is eligible to win. This isn’t exclusive to club members. I’ve already won a free book, and I think the prize I’m giving is pretty awesome.

Check out the grand prizes, and the tour lineup at this link. Lisa and I are cleaning up the writing cabin, and hope you can all join us. (That means, I’m blogging and she’s cleaning.)

Don’t forget The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack is available for pre-order right now. It’s only 99¢ and there ought to be a story inside for every taste. Take a 99¢ gamble. Amazon delivers the books on Tuesday. The cool kids will all be saying, “I got mine on pre-order.”

I think I’ll stay up late and watch BSU vs BYU football tonight. There just happens to be a pumpkin beer in the refrigerator.

While I wait for kickoff, maybe I’ll start writing an October post I was invited to send.

*Not my lovely wife’s real name


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Meanwhile, back in the real world

I went to a pee-wee flag football game today. These little kids don't get it at all. They mostly run around in a cluster trying to grab everyone else's flags. My grandson even pulled the flag off his own teammate at one point. At least it was sunny and mild. We could have been out in a thunderstorm. Even I get lucky sometimes.

I got some reading done, for the first time in a long time. Sometimes there isn't enough time in the day, but I'm not writing currently. This is pleasure reading, and I haven't moved into research yet.

I started adding cards to my new outlines. The first problem I noticed is one of genre. My planned story of the guy with the talking yak will probably follow the major arcana of the tarot deck. I'll have to skip and combine some characters, and have no problem with that. This is some kind of alternate reality story, maybe even purgatory. So if I write this one, what kind of genre is it? No, seriously, what would you call it?

Slow down, buddy

My sequence of posts about how I outline didn't exactly croak. It's been on kind of a slow burn instead. My regulars stuck with me, others found one somehow and seemed to read the rest. Some of the comments were encouraging, some said they gathered an idea or two. That sounds successful to me.

I lost a follower during this sequence. I guess he/she is a confirmed seat of the pants writer.

We looked at some camp trailers today. It would be cool, but the down payments is hard to come by. It may happen, but I'm still pondering the financial part.

We decided to hunt for morels tomorrow. I'm usually good with a thermos of coffee and a sandwich. My wife wants to bring my son's family, and all the grandkids. My daughter and one of her friends are tagging along too. Now we're loading barbecue grills, making potato salad, and loading the cooler with hot dogs and chorizos. It will be fun, but the goal is kind of different now. (This is where a camp trailer would be nice.)

It's a few weeks early for morels, but so are the 2015 weather patterns. We may find some, but I'll bet our picnik is fun either way. I'll keep you posted.

I also managed to send off my critique sample to my group. We meet on the first, so I have to work up their samples before then. I took a couple of steps toward some new promotional stuff. It takes weeks to put some of this together, but hopefully something will break the logjam.

Right now, I'm kicking back with the movie, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. What a fun film, and it has some pretty creative spins in it too.

I hope all of you are having a great weekend.


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Super Bowl

Someone isn't enjoying the big game. In fact he thinks he's being neglected.





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