My new normal

I started kind of late today. I wanted to write and had a fun scene in mind. It required me to have Mari do something nice for a kid, then make it dark and dismal right after.

I’ve probably been under a rock somewhere, but recently saw the term PTSD dreams. These sound kind of like what Mari is going through, but I won’t use that term in the story. If I don’t have it absolutely right, I could inadvertently offend someone going through this issue.

Mari will continue to have her dreams, but I’m not putting a name on them. This time it got weirder than they have previously, and her dead son made an appearance.

I’ve put her in a strange position of discovering some good in the world, but getting sucked down by her own past at the same time.

Her life now involves one gigantic ox, who she doesn’t exactly love, but has grown to respect. There’s also a coonhound pup at that gangly stage where she’s all legs and enthusiasm, and Mari loves her dearly.

I need to milk this for some emotion between her own suicidal quest and concern for her animals after she’s gone. Must remember to do that.

As far as the word metrics go, it came to 2000 words today. That sounds wonderful until you realize it’s also 2000 words for the week.

I no longer have a flex day I can dedicate to writing, so this is my new normal. Things will slow down, but I can still push out something every year.

My Pinterest boards have been getting some wonderful comments, so I’m going to keep sharing them. Today, I’m going to share one that is a subset of locations. I call it “Decay.”


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34 responses to “My new normal

  1. I spotted that truck with a huge log on it. What a story that must have.

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  2. You’re doing a great job, Craig, and accomplishing a lot. 🙂

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  3. That term sounds familiar. Think a friend talked about having those.

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  4. This new story seems dramatically different, and very interesting!

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  5. A gigantic ox and coonhound pup…sounds like another grand adventure, Craig. Best of luck to you in the new schedule. It always takes time to get a new writing schedule established.

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  6. You might not have a flex day any longer, but you’re still finding the time to write which is a sign you love doing it. Rally on!

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  7. Still a nice word count, Craig. Some of those pics are kind of sad, but the truck and motorcycle under water fascinate me the most. Have no idea why.

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  8. 2000 Words is pretty good for the new normal, Craig. I don’t think I’ve written that much in the last 3 months. Must do something about that soon. 🙂 Happy Writing!

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  9. Your Pinterest “decay” board looks like a post-apocalyptic world. I’m starting to worry about Mari. I’m a fan of happy endings, but her mission doesn’t bode well.

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  10. Your decay board is cool, lots of sad but beautiful images.

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  11. HI Craig, it is much harder when you work 5 days a week, isn’t it? It is the same for me and I also write about 2,000 words a week. Your new ideas sounds most intriguing. I am very familiar with PTSD so I will be interested in reading this book in due course.

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  13. Victoria Zigler

    Still a nice word count. Just focus on remembering that each word brings you closer to writing the finished book, and it only matters that you get there in the end.

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