Thinking Ahead

Took off at noon today. I have bread dough rising for some nice rolls. Most years I stay up until midnight doing this, so it’s a nice change. I forgot to add all the special ingredients like garlic and Parmesan, so I had to knead them in. I do this about half the time and it always works out.

I’m close to the end of Goodby Old Paint. There are a few sections I want to rework for smoother flow. This is always a concern with comedy. One liners are one thing, but other sections need some setup and sometimes I have to go back and clarify some of that.

There are still some miles to travel in Once Upon a Time in the Swamp. I came up with a good bit while commuting to the office this morning. I’ve been tormenting Mari in some fitful dreams. I have a cool section I can use this once more. I’m liking the dreams, because she tends to interact with a skeleton and a dead snake as much as humans. Works for my strange mind, and yet, since it happens in dreams the story stays more grounded.

After I wrap these up, there will be an editing phase, but I’m in no rush to publish. My last blog tour didn’t produce much at all, so I’m going to start doing things on my time. October was always a great month for me, as was January. There was soooo much competition in October, and I know of a bunch more coming for January, I might just avoid all of those.

I generally develop stories years into the future, and if I told you how many I have planned you’d be shocked. By dwelling on them for as long as I do, there is usually plenty to put into a story.

My next stunt is to return to Percy the Space Chimp and start his second volume. The first one is complete, but I’m not publishing until I have an entire trilogy ready to go.

I’ll also start another Lizzie and the hat story, because I enjoy having two projects to bounce between. I’ve been building this one for years. Most of you don’t know this, but Good Liniment was supposed to be a pivotal book in this story. We meet the local coven and many of those characters appear in subsequent tales. It was a long-term plan, because Lizzie needed some people she can talk to about the supernatural world.

The next story I’m starting will feature one of these characters. I designed him so he has a ton of personality. He’s not unique, but the way I present him is. I got some nice comments about him when Good Liniment dropped, and it’s time for him to step up.

Tentative title for this one is Run For The Roses. (Subject to change) Here’s a little hint 

Turn the speakers up for this one. I doubt I’ll get a lot of action today, or tomorrow, but blogs are forever. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and catch up with me when you get a break.



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32 responses to “Thinking Ahead

  1. I’m too old for that Sleepy Hollow stuff. Your stories sound good though. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  2. Mention garlic and parmesan and I automatically start drooling. Send some of those rolls my way!

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  3. Good job, Craig! Keep up the good work. 🙂

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  4. Hope all goes well with your projects!

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  5. Hi Craig, maybe you need to expand the blogs you visit during your tour. I did notice that your posts were mainly within the Story Empire grouping and the bloggers that follow within that grouping who are the same people. I have found that venturing to blogs outside of a specific circle of bloggers tends to help reach a broader audience. Just my own experience, of course. PS your The Hat books seem to only be available as Kindle books (no paperbacks) is that correct or is it Amazon giving me a hard time again? PPS Happy Thanksgiving.

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  6. The baking and the story progress sound great! Happy Thanksgiving, Craig 💕🙂

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  7. The sourdough rolls sound scrumptious, Craig! You amaze me at the number of projects you have going all at once. Congrats on all the progress. Your imagination is a fascinating place, much like your Pinterest Boards. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

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  8. I sort of quit doing blog tours because they didn’t deliver that much for how much work goes into them. Even when I paid for them, so that I ended up on blogs I normally don’t do, I didn’t get that great of a result. This time, I’m trying a Goodreads Giveaway. Not sure how that will work since I haven’t done one for a while. I loved the Sleepy Hollow movie with Johnny Depp. Your next Lizzie should be fun, but you chopped off heads and added pumpkins in your last book. Curious what you’re going to do this time:)

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  9. I haven’t seen that one, will have to give it a look.

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