Flex Day Fun

I didn’t produce any new words of fiction today, but got a lot accomplished. I looked over four chapters for a friend and exchanged thoughts on that. Then I wrote two blog posts for Story Empire. I have one more, but it’s late in December so I’m stalling that one.

It may not seem like much, but there was a lot of time involved. I feel pretty good about it all.

What it served to do was clear the deck for my next effort. I’ll have to re-read my WIP, then I intend to move it forward as best I can.

There were obstacles, there are alway obstacles. This time it was in the form of Frankie the bulldog.

I swear she wanted outside a hundred times today. She likes to play with the neighbor dog. They run up and down the fence together and act all tough.

She’s also become pretty good at spotting the squirrel. She doesn’t care about the squirrel, but she wants Otto to chase him. This is because she bites Otto in the butt while he chases the squirrel.

She spotted it on the fence this morning so I let her out. She stopped on the porch and looked back for Otto. Once he was ready, it was all fun and games again.

She’s also taken to flopping across the back of my chair like a monkey. She leans her head over my shoulder and occasionally licks my glasses. Makes it kind of hard to write if I can’t see.

This is an older picture, but you get the idea. I keep thinking, “We named the monkey Jack.” It makes a pretty good position for squirrel spotting.


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26 responses to “Flex Day Fun

  1. Liked the photo of Frankie and the chair. Twiggy licks my glasses as well. Must be a bulldog thing

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  2. That is so cute and funny! She wants to bite his butt and she needs a reason! lol Love it! Licking glasses, I do not love. Ugh.

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  3. It seems that there Is a lot of fun in your home.

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  4. Sounds like loads of fun… Even if it wasn’t as productive a day as it might have been.

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  5. harmonykent

    Hilarious, Craig. Sounds like a good flex day 🙂

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  6. Gosh, Frankie is a handful! I know it can be distracting, but it’s also so much fun.

    Glad you checked items off your list today.

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  7. I love the photo of Frankie on the back of the chair. Pets definitely know how to get attention when they want it.
    I worked on SE blog posts yesterday too. Like you, I need to focus on the WIP again and move ahead.. December is going to be one huge distraction!

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  8. Not a bad day. Who else can show you love by licking your glasses?

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  9. What a fun distraction! My chihuahua’s too short so only licks my feet or ankles when he wants attention. The cat walks across my keyboard or stands in front of my computer screen. Glad you’re ready to dig into Lanternfish. I’m looking forward to that!

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  10. So cute!!! Frankie and Otto are the best kind of distractions.

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