Introvert Hell

Take a perfectly adult household. Invite everyone for Thanksgiving. Let the fun begin.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are here. They brought their two small dogs with them. Otto and Frankie want to play. The little dogs don’t. Honestly, Otto takes a crap that’s bigger than these dogs are every morning. I don’t want him to break them.

My son came over, and brought our grandson at about 9:00. He’s making the turkey on his fancy-schmancy smoker. It takes some watching, so he has to stay. Old What’s Her Face gave our grandson a gaming console that apparently has to be turned up to full volume.

Add in the fact that my brother-in-law insists on watching 12 hours of football. What I mean by that is the TV must be on, but nobody is even watching it. In fact, he isn’t even in the room right now. Add football to the gaming console as far as noise goes. Note: My team doesn’t play today.

But wait, there’s more. My daughter is here and brought Jackson, the cat. I’d kind of like to see Jackson, he grew up here before he moved to Sun Valley. However, he’s been running for his life because the tiny dogs want to get him. This means Otto and Frankie have to chase the little dogs. Put all of that on my hard-surface floors, and it creates quite a din.

There is also the nearly constant calling out of dog names. Mostly the little dogs, but imagine a harsh voice saying the same word over and over and over and over and over and…

My daughter-in-law just arrived with the rest of the grandkids. Oh, by the way, they brought their dog with them. He is an Airedale mix of some kind. I’ll be shocked if we don’t wind up with at least one dead pet by the end of the night. Also the tiny dogs like to bark at the new arrival.

My daughter’s friend is also showing up, but I don’t think she’s bringing pets. Same thing for my son’s mother-in-law. They really don’t play into this story.

Imagine a group of people surrounding me, and they’re all honking airhorns at me. Add in some arguing and barking, along with a video game soundtrack at full volume, and you get a fair idea of how I feel.

I’m actually writing this before dinner, and while they are all here. It gives me some focus and a bit of a breather.

It may not sound like it, but I love these people. Hell, I even like their pets. I had some great one-on-one conversations with a few of them before the mob showed up. As an introvert, it is about all I can handle, but I’m being a trooper.

I think I’d like to have Thanksgiving somewhere else next year. I can handle this stuff for hours, but eventually I can go home.

Let the celebration begin, and by that I mean drinking.

Oh, and not for nothing, I went to bed about 11:30 last night. I had to raise dough and make my rolls. The dogs started barking at house guests at 6:00 AM. Kind of a sleep deprived state to add to the mix.

Bonus, I gave my entire department tomorrow off. That means I have to work tomorrow. It’s not my first Thanksgiving/Black Friday.

Update. Two beers later and things are looking better. This stuff is 9% alcohol by volume, so that’s a bonus. New Belgium Oakspire, Bourbon Barrel Aged ale using Knob Creek barrels.


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56 responses to “Introvert Hell

  1. That’s a HOOT! I mean, a HOOT! Because you wrote that rant real well. It’s funny being an introvert, because like you said, you love the people, and their pets, and you like gaming and football, it’s just that all of it at once is sensory overload and that’s something all introverts understand. I hope you get a wind-down and sleep your face off tonight.
    I found out yesterday at 3:30 that one, we were closing up the office and two, we’d report back Monday. My joy was overwhelming!
    And here I’ve had a quiet Thanksgiving just us five πŸ™‚
    Bless you Craig, you are the host with the most! And a generous boss!

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  2. I was getting anxious just reading this! Wanted to go to bed and get under the covers! Yep, love my family, and thankfully, we all live pretty far apart.
    Introvert hell – perfect description.

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  3. Sounds like a comedy movie there. Happy Thanksgiving! Take notes for future stories. 😜

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  4. Sounds like the 9% ers are enough to keep you holding on. I try to keep my ale consumption to 8% or more. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  5. I spent an hour-and-a-half with my family as my daughter had to work in retail today for the Black Friday rush. Ergh, she works late and has to be to work in the morning too. I know what you mean about only be able to handle a little time with others, even family. I prefer the peace and quiet of home, lol.

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  6. Sounds like our Christmas, Craig. Lots of family dynamics.

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  7. I can relate too bloody well, Craig. I love my family but wish they came with a volume button…

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  8. You kind of sound like me. I love my family, and enjoy spending time with them for the most part, whether in person or on the phone, or whatever. But it works best in small groups, and in small doses. One on one time for just a couple of hours is best.

    Hope everyone survived Thanksgiving, including the pets.

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  9. Hope the pets (and everyone) made it through okay. Don’t work too hard today!

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  10. I had to laugh out loud as I read this, Craig. This is what Thanksgiving is all about. Noise, chaos, never-ending messes to clean up, and sleep deprivation. πŸ™‚ Enjoy your quiet day at work, Mr. Introvert. πŸ™‚

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  11. Glad all this family fun is yours, not mine:) But you have to love families even when the noise gives you a headache. Have fun!

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  12. I love hearing about everyone’s Thanksgiving as we don’t have it – yours sounds hilarious, but glad I wasn’t invited!

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  13. I hear you. We were at my Dad’s. He’s 90 and has to tell everyone where to sit and what glass to use. Our disabled niece monopolized the TV with a succession of Disney musicals. At least our whole family agrees politically.

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  14. wow! Just wow!

    I’m exhausted just from reading this and thinking of seizing procession of the locked bathroom with a good book just from reading this. I like critters too, but found myself rooting for Otto and Frankie to grab the small dog-letts for use as squeeze toys until their squeakers broke. People bringing their dogs to such things had me amazed, but who was that fool who brought their cat…? Is there something mind numbing in the water up there? You guys could be the poster family for that movie you proposed. Wow!

    I’m glad you had a great thanksgiving. From this distance, I’ll settle for being thankful I wasn’t there. Some people (and their pets) are best enjoyed through the virtualization available through our social media and keyboards…

    Oh and give our kind regards to Lisa.

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    • I kind of understand. We don’t have anyone to leave our pets with either. They either come along or we don’t go. The cat actually belongs to my daughter. He grew up with Frankie, and they are best friends. Adding other dogs kind of changes the dynamic though. It was nice seeing everyone, and I had a few nice conversations prior to the noise level exceeding my ability to hear.

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  15. OMG, what a crazed Thanksgiving, but in many ways it sounds exactly as it should be–lots of family, love, and overlooking craziness (the menagerie of pets was hysterical, but oh, poor Jackson!). I sometimes forget that you are an introvert. I’m right there with you, so I can understand the recovery that is needed after festivities like this. No wonder you chose to work Black Friday. And what a boss giving your department the day off! πŸ™‚

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  16. Glad to hear you weathered the storm. πŸ˜€ … our family usually gets together around Christmas at someone’s house or another. Even if we’re visiting it takes us a day to recover, and if we’re hosting, a good while longer than that. πŸ™‚

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  17. It’s not a holiday without cacophonies. And drinking. Hope you had a good one. (I also hope all the pets made it. πŸ˜‰ )

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  18. This sounds like the opening chapter of a werewolf or Jekyll and Hyde book, the man fighting not to turn into a monster.

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  19. I got it now. I understand why this is called Entertaining Stories. Enjoy a beer… and noise cancelling headphones. Cheers.

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  20. I felt like I was in the room with you, Craig, we introverts have to stick together. Great that you’re in the other room hiding out, thinking about how much you love them, and perfectly describing the accumulation of all the different sounds and their sources. Excellent and entertaining post, my friend, a true joy.

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  21. As an introvert, I can understand how you must have felt at that time, you love them but your silence loving nature interrupts. It’s a kind of paradox.

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  22. I feel for you, Craig – but I was laughing at all the commotion. Put me in the mind of Christmas Vacation, but without cats getting electrocuted.

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