How about some free days?

Once upon a time, I wrote this book called The Enhanced League. It’s my take on a baseball league where performance enhancing drugs are not banned. It’s a little bit science fiction, and a bit human drama.

I wrote it as a collection of short stories and micros. My personal growth plan was to have these stories all set in the same environment, and to tell an overarching story from cover to cover.

It seems like I’m always trying something new, and this book has a few pieces that I called Anthems. These are short bits in second person point of view. They were well received by the reviewers, so I wrote a new one for this post. (Personal theory: second person is best in small segments.)

I thought it deserved a bit of music, and video clips seem to be the simple way to add that in WordPress. This may be my favorite movie scene of all time.

Spring is in the Air

It’s been a long winter. The series ended in spectacular fashion, but that was back in November. Sure, you tried to get into football, maybe checked out the Winter Olympics, but it wasn’t the same.

You listened to the Hot Stove reports on the radio. There were some good free agents this year, and you earmarked a couple for your team. You knew they were long shots, but like all baseball fans, you live on hope and faith.

This year was different. Teams refused to pony up those ridiculous contracts like in the past. Guess they finally figured out super-stars aren’t so super, seven years into a contract for mega-millions.

Passive fans always want the team to spend money and buy all the free agents, but you know better. This is because the business side is every bit as interesting as the game on the field. There’s only so much money, and you have to keep an eye on the future. It’s hard to extend the contract of your ace pitcher next year when you spent it all on some hotshot this year.

When it all shook out, your team settled for an import pitcher from Japan, and a few minor league guys that might come up late this year. For the most part, you’re fielding the same team.

That isn’t bad in some ways. They made a run and got into the playoffs. They might have done better if it weren’t for the injuries. All you need is just a bit of luck and… we’re back to hope once more. Maybe those minor league guys can cover the spots if an injured player has to take some time off. There’s always hope.

You watched the trucks pulling in to the stadium. You imagined they delivered sports apparel and the newest bobble-head dolls of the popular players. It’s too early for hotdogs and other perishables. Still, it’s getting close.

The grass is green, not like it will be in May or June, but all the dead thatch is gone. You watched them testing the lights over the stadium, and Spring Training is underway five states away.

Kids always put a lot of faith in Spring games. You know they don’t mean a thing, and you’re just hoping to get through without somebody getting hurt. Players get their work in and get ready for the big show, that’s what it’s all about.

The radio guys are looking for stories, so they come up with things for you to worry about. So-and-so seems to have lost some velocity on his fastball, or such-and-such seems to be swinging and missing more. You know they’re trying things out in Spring Training, and working up to their full skill set. They’ll be ready, have a little faith.

Hope and faith, they fuel the baseball fan’s world. It’s almost time to take the field and welcome summer in the best way possible. Grab your cap, ice the beer, turn on the game, and let’s watch some baseball.


Those who read Enhanced League seemed to like it. It never seemed to get enough readers to make a splash. Now here we are at the end of Spring Training, and the beginning of the Major League Baseball season. What better time to trot it back out and do a small push.

Today through Saturday I’m holding free days for The Enhanced League. I’d appreciate it if you’d pick up a copy, maybe add it on Goodreads. In it’s debut, I had Lisa making the rounds. Here is the poster that came out the best from her promotional efforts.

Lisa Burton

I added it, because images draw attention, but also for some of you to use. I’m not going to spend a lot of money on a free promotion. If you want to reblog this one, I’d be grateful. Some of you may prefer to assemble your own post. You can clip the Anthem, cover, umpire Lisa, however much or little you want. And thanks for considering The Enhanced League.


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  1. We hope you find tons more readers for The Enhanced League, Craig, and we will re run our review, just to give it a nudge!

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    FREE from Today, through Saturday 😎

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  3. I’ve never attempted to write in second person, except for poetry. What a challenge! And you did it quite well. I’ll help spread the word about The Enhanced League.

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  4. Enjoyed the Enhanced League. At this price, everyone should get a copy.

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    New release: The Enhanced League by C.S. Boyack!

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  6. Shared and downloaded! Thank you 🙂

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    What’s not to like about a Book called ‘Enhanced League?’ Grab it while its free!

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  8. Lisa certainly has flare! Great piece, Craig. I’ve shared and am on the way to grab my copy now, good luck!

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    Here’s a good short piece by C. S. Boyack which offers a custom snippet from his anthology, The Enhance League. I’ve read the book and it’s quite good. The book is free for a few days so now’s a good time to take a look at it.

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  11. Reblogged and downloaded with gratitude! -ben

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    Take time out for this baseball sci-fi collection!

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  13. I still need to read this, Craig! Reblogged for you.

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  14. Colleen Chesebro

    Thanks, Craig. I’ll give her a read! 😀 ❤

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  15. Whew, Craig, Lisa’s outfit is something else. Shared for you.

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    The Enhanced League by C.S. Boyack is a great compilation of stories woven together by a common thread. I enjoyed it and you can get a free copy for a limited time. Check out the details in this post from the Entertaining Stories blog.

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  17. The Enhanced League ranks as one of my favorite of yours. Loved the mascots and the sports commentators. Wishing you many downloads and new fans!

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  18. Shared and picked up a copy. Thanks, Craig. 🙂

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