Somedays a diamond…

… somedays a rock.

Today was one of those days. I intended to start on some advance blog posts for a book release. I never even started.

My wife is home, and today was earmarked for paying bills. This involved going twenty miles round trip for a new checkbook register. I refuse to go out looking like hell, so there was also time dedicated to some clean clothes and such. Oh, but wait, I was out of gas too. I had to start down the road at the Maverick station.

It also involved my bank wanting to verify my email address. I checked everything and it looked good. They required me to respond to an email they allegedly sent out.

That email never arrived, and I was locked out of my account for hours. (Wasn’t in my spam folder either.)

Then it dawned on me that they also had the backup email. This is the one we dedicate to shopping and it is our junk address. My wife opened it, and there was the email. It never did come to my actual address. To add insult, I regularly get promotional crap from them at my actual email address. “Hey Craig, here’s a shiny new credit card. Hey Craig, borrow a crapton of money against your house.”

I also had to chase down some tax documents, but that went surprisingly well. I still had to talk to someone in India, but this guy knows what he’s doing. He emailed my document while I was still on the phone. Click-click, and my accountant has it.

There was also a lengthy round of manic bulldog ball playing. While this is always fun, it isn’t as much fun while covered in half-paid bills. A slobbery ball on my power bill kind of plays as a handicap.

Now about this time, I confess to some bad attitude setting in. I can take some responsibility for my lack of success.

I’ll have to take joy in the idea that Saturday and Sunday went well.

If you follow many authors on various media, you may have missed this part of the glorious author lifestyle. This is how it looks sometimes.


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27 responses to “Somedays a diamond…

  1. Yep, soggy dog toys and unpaid bills. 😀

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  2. Yesterday, my day started like a rock. Like petrified poo, really — and slowly, it became a diamond. We all know how seldom that happens, but it’s good to remember it does.
    Bill-paying is awful. People always talk about how if they won the lotto or somethin, they’d get a cook or a maid or whatever, but I’d have people who write my bills. lol Meanwhile, I’m always down for slobbery dog toys 🙂

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  3. Yup, it’s feeling like a rock day here. Need to keep those analogies in mind.

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  4. The dogs were probably trying to give you the ball to cheer you up. I expect it had the opposite outcome, but they tried…

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  5. I think that we, as writers, have it worse when bad days are being handed out. We can always imagine so many different ways we want our days to be!

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  6. I have more rock days than diamond days. On the plus side, I was able to get some writing done and came up with a name for a place in my WIP that was doing its best to not come to me.

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    • Names are tough for me too. I always consider mine to be place holders, but eventually have to accept most of them. I have to be content the actual weekend was productive. This other stuff had to get done, and overall it was a success.


  7. You hit the nail on the head with that closing paragraph. We all have rock days, and they’re no fun. After the day you had, I would need to vent, and then relax and forget everything else for a while. Sounds like micro brew time. Fingers crossed this day (and week) are better for you.

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  8. Some days you’re the windshield. Some days you’re the bug. 🙂 Ah, yes, the life of a writer. Life is made up of phases and stages. Good post, Craig.

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  9. It certainly is. I’m having one of those days, too. The sun’s shining, and I’d rather be outside than stuck at my desk. I finally convinced the hubby to go for a hike, but the day’s a total wash as far as writing goes. Oh, well.

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  10. It takes moving a lot of rocks to find a diamond.

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  11. Yep – it’s not glamorous 24/7, that’s for sure. Hope your week goes better, Craig!

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