A quick update

The launch for The Hat is going well. Books are selling, and reviews are starting to come in too. It’s a short read, so that helps speed the reviews along. Everyone seems to be enjoying it so far. I got up in the neighborhood of 140 on Amazon’s superhero list, but it’s dropped back now. I decided not to take a screen shot until I hit double digits. The algorithms are strange in that if I sell 10 copies in one hour, the numbers will soar. If I sell those same ten books in one day, they don’t budge at all. Algorithms are fickle.

This is a good reason to hold a pre-sale. All of the advance sales will download at once and stack the deck for an hour or two. It wasn’t that big of a deal to me so I didn’t this time. If it matters to you, it’s a decent trick.

It seems like a lot of people are releasing books right now. I’ve hosted several of them here, and will host several more. This is one of the great things about the author community. We all try to help each other.

There are some traffic jams going on, and I decided to be the one to deal with it. It isn’t fair to ask someone to host me, then dictate when they can post something. I basically have traffic jams every day this week, but I have a plan. I will let my guest have the spotlight here during the day, then reblog content from my tour after 5:00.

You may ask why I’m reblogging at all, and that’s a fair question. My followers already know I released a book, they have a reasonable idea of what it’s about, and whether they might want to read it. Here’s the deal, and it matters to me: I have a lot of followers, and I want to send you guys to visit the folks that are helping me.

As an author, or even an editor, cover designer, or formatter, you need to know a few people to help spread the word. These folks supporting me this week, might be willing to support other author friends in the future. This is your chance to meet some cool people who support authors. I encourage you to visit them and follow their blogs. Leave a comment, introduce yourself, and make a friend in the business.

Harmony Kent is one of my partners over at Story Empire. She shared her review of The Hat on her own blog today. I’d appreciate it if you guys would send her a little traffic and help her blog grow. She’s a nice lady, a great author, and does a little editing herself. In other words, a good friend to make. Here is the link: Harmony Kent.


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25 responses to “A quick update

  1. I’m a firm believer in paying it back and forward. Really cool of you to promote your hosts and try to send some traffic their way.

    Harmony is awesome. I hope she gets a lot of visitors and you get a lot of sales.

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  2. Congrats on the sales and reviews. Guess people are trying to start the year off strong with book releases.

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  3. Done, and done! 😀

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  4. I didn’t realize I was not following Harmony’s blog. Corrected that real quick.

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  5. Nearly finished reading The Hat… this has to be your best yet, Craig!

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  6. Very generous of you Craig. I’m also one that believes in paying it forward. Excited about your book’s status!

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  7. Just came from Harmony’s blog. Fun review over there, and it’s really great to direct traffic to your hosts. I’ve met a lot of cool people through following connections like that.

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  8. Finished it last night – ❤ it! 😀
    Having a few tech probs today, but will post a 5* review tomorrow. 😉

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  9. I’m glad it’s going well.

    The reblog option doesn’t work well when you’re on Blogger and others are on WordPress – or vice versa – so I tend to give the posts a mention and link to them in my next Writing Wednesday post when I’m being hosted.

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  10. I am glad your book launch is going so well, Craig. Hopping over to visit Harmony now.

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