Lorelei the Muse is Here with ‘The Hat’ by C.S. Boyack #newrelease @virgilante

Lorelei the Muse is out stumping for THE HAT today. Stop by Charles’ place and find out how this unusual story came to me originally.

Legends of Windemere

Thank you for having me over, Charles. Before we get started, yes, I am an honest to the Gods Greek Muse. The author C. S. Boyack is my charge.

My job is to inspire him any way I can. Craig is an odd fellow in that if I work really hard at it, there are no results. If I whisper something on the breeze, he’s good for an entire novel.

I once whispered in his ear while he watched the Disney movie Brave, with his grandchildren. He wrote an entire novel called Will O’ the Wisp that had nothing to do with the movie. It broke onto the top one-hundred lists a few times, so who am I to argue?

The Hat is a novella about a girl, Lizzie, who comes into possession of what she thinks is an old hat. It’s actually a being from another dimension and he…

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8 responses to “Lorelei the Muse is Here with ‘The Hat’ by C.S. Boyack #newrelease @virgilante

  1. paulandruss

    Looks a reay fun book Craig and a right good read!

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    • Thank you, means a lot to me.

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      • paulandruss

        Thanks Mate that a lovely thing to say. Actually I really do love your work (experimental notebooks 1 & 2…I have just got a backlog of work esp reviews to manage… but it will happen!
        Now would it be appropriate to say that it looks as if this one will knock Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat into… a cocked hat!!!! (Feel free to groan!)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Most people will get that idea. I actually buried the inspiration in the post over at Charles’ place. It was Frosty the Snowman. He isn’t quite the same as the Sorting Hat, but I can’t deny the similarity.


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