Vacation Update

I skipped my Sunday evening post to honor the guest I hosted. I'm typing this right now with Frankie straddled across one leg. She's the smaller of the puppies and more into cuddling than Nyx is.

Nyx is crashed out on the floor in a typical bulldog pose. Four feet in the air and snoring away. Otto is restless and uncomfortable. His pain medication seems to be helping, but not enough. I think we need to go back to the vet and see if there's more that can be done. I miss my happy-go-lucky dog, and he's more like an old dog that just sleeps all the time.

I've been getting things done, despite my little typing handicap. The Enhanced League is with the formatter, and we've exchanged a few emails. I've been working on blog tour posts, and have four of them roughed out, two as me and two from Lisa so she can distribute her posters. I need more, but it's progress.

I got my critique submissions all printed and worked up. I even put them in the truck so I won't forget them at tomorrow night's meeting.

Somewhere in the mix, I put my final touches on the Story Empire post and it went live this morning.

I got the initial shtick out for a couple of the Lisa Burton Radio posts. First finished, first posted on those. I need to work up a few more of these, because authors all work at different speeds. Some of them are waiting for publication dates and that's wise too. I will massage the schedule to time with their release dates.

The precursory research for my time travel story is done, but I need to do some deeper research. I also did a bit of research for my Fourth of July post. It's mostly a graphic, but I still want a few words.

For the remaining work, I need to finish reading the craft book I've been working through. There is also a novel I'd like to start reading. I need to write more blog tour posts, and a few per day feels like the right pace. I never know how many volunteers I'll get until I ask for them, and I like to be prepared. I'll have my own critiques to address after tomorrow night.

Then there is The Yak Guy Project. I swore I'd never release another book during the summer, but it looks like Enhanced League will come out in July. That might not be so bad for a 99¢ special that deals with baseball, a summer sport. Yak Guy might just have to wait until September, even if I get it ready before that. The challenge is to get it ready now. I can't procrastinate and cause it to come out months later.

I just checked on Lisa Burton Radio, which I track with another living document. It makes a statement about our society, that a nice post called Dear Lisa doesn't get any response. She pulls on her booty shorts and shakes her sign and gets twenty-one and counting responses. I've learned a lot about women in our society from Lisa, and tried to address some of that in The Enhanced League. (Fingers crossed. As a man, I may not have gotten it perfect.)

For the rest of today, I may read, I may write guest posts, I may edit on Yak guy. My son tells me there is an update coming on Diablo III that provides a new character class that we both want to try. It's supposed to come out this week, so I may chuck the whole thing and play video games. I am on vacation after all.



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43 responses to “Vacation Update

  1. I’m beginning to think you never sleep! It’s impressive you manage to stay so active in blogging while also writing fiction AND working a full-time job. Enjoy your vacation. Hopefully you’ll get some time to just chill and rest. And play video games. 😁


  2. Time out, for God’s sake… Vacation time is precious!

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  3. Seems like you’re getting a lot done. Prayers for Otto, poor thing.

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  4. Really curious about the July 4th post. Also, the women in society and the Enhanced League connection. Think you could do a post on that? I’d be happy to host a blog post on the topic to help promote if you want. I’ve noticed that posts about women in fiction and reality tend to get bigger reactions than basic ones.

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  5. Hahahahaha. Good for you! You work so hard, Craig. You deserve time away. Congrats on the new release!!!

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  6. I vote for video games!!!!!

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  7. When you say you’re doing deeper research for your time travel story, I hope you’re not actually building a time machine. Don’t make me dust off my timecop badge!

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  8. It sounds like a lot of progress to me. And it’s a reminder that I need to write at least a half dozen blog posts myself. Hopefully, next week on vacation.

    It’s exciting that The Enhanced League is getting so close to release time! Now if only Otto would start feeling better, poor guy. It does sound like another trip to the vet is in order to see what else can be done.

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  9. Sounds like you’re making great progress with checking things off your to-do list, and have more than earned some gaming time. Relax and enjoy yourself for a bit.

    I hope the vet can help Otto, so you can have your dog back to how he should be.

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  10. Yes, you are on vacation!
    I dunno how you have time to do half the stuff you do, but look at you GO!

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  11. Your production puts me to shame, Craig. Hope the vet can do something more for Otto’s pain.

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  12. I am all about enjoying a vacation with as minimal amount of work as possible. Just ask Staci – I keep giving her vacation suggestions! Lol. I also play Diablo III and I enjoyed the necromancer class. Hope you get to play/also enjoyed it. I would also like to point out, sir, you have excellent taste in beer. Do you drink craft beer regularly or was it happenstance that in a previous post I noticed you were drinking and Elysian creation?

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  14. Owwww! Hope it pops back into place very soon.

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