A recipe for dead motivation

My critique group met last night, and we exchanged efforts. Everyone is loving Yak Guy still, so I'm taking that as a good sign.

I stayed up late last night playing Diablo III with my son. We downloaded a new expansion pack and created a couple of new necromancers to fight evil with. This is part of the recipe… up late.

At four AM, Nyx started barking behind my headboard. She squeezed back there and couldn't figure out that she had to go backwards to get out. She decided to try digging at my nightstand instead. I had to remove a king sized mattress, partially slide back the box springs, and motivate her with words I don't usually speak at four o'clock.

I tried to go back to sleep, but at six I gave up. Sleep deprivation, part of the recipe.

Otto returned to the vet yesterday, and he is doing better. He has good days and bad days, but there is nothing wrong with his bones or joints. More pain meds for him for the time being. Emotionally, part of the recipe.

I've hit it hard in the early part of my vacation. I even managed over a thousand words of a short story I agreed to write. The target is 5000 words by August, so I'm in good shape there.

In order to get this vacation, I agreed to a business lunch downtown today. I also agreed to proofread some things from my Executive Director. She emailed what she has and I marked it up and threw it in my truck.

This was the point where my mojo took a leave. I knew I had this meeting. I have to put on pants. From six AM through the meeting, I did virtually nothing. Nyx wanted to cuddle most of the morning and I let her. She never wants to cuddle, that's more Frankie and Otto's thing. Maybe she's being sorry for the headboard incident. I also read a few chapters of a craft book I've been picking away at.

I've been productive, and I'll include some details. I will be productive again this week. Today may not be the day. Here is the list I posted on friday:

Projects for my week off:

  • Re-read The Enhanced League and make edits.
  • Figure out how to add images to the back of the book and actually make them look good.
  • Get the final MS out to the formatter, and pay her. Still waiting for an invoice.
  • Assemble a guest post I agreed to host. Became two and I did both of them.
  • Work on Lisa Burton Radio stuff as it comes in. Moderate success, needs more effort.
  • Finish up a post I've been working on to appear elsewhere. Delivered it too.
  • Start the word searches on Yak Guy.
  • Read Yak Guy and start editing.
  • Write blog tour posts for Enhanced League. Have five done, need more.

Depending on how well I do, I can get to some of these:

  • Research and assemble something I'd like to post for July 4th.
  • Publish The Enhanced League.
  • Put out a request for blog tour hosts.
  • Do some deeper research and start writing my time travel short story for an anthology. 1000 words and counting. Target is 5000.

Looks like I need to focus on Lisa Burton Radio, the blog tour posts, and my short story. Yak guy can take a back seat while I get Enhanced League out the door.

I may find some scraps of motivation today. I'll update this evening. Right now I have to find pants.


Post meeting:

My daughter was supposed to give me a haircut this afternoon, but has misplaced her shears and her combs. She really does give the best haircuts, but aside from chewing the hair off, I don't know what she can do. This would have been the perfect day for it too.

Now one of her friends is here, and they're watching movies in the living room. Some days you just have to run up the white flag and surrender.

I still have four more days to work on projects, and my wife decided to go to Nevada this weekend. That will make for a nice quiet house.


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55 responses to “A recipe for dead motivation

  1. You are making headway. Good for you.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congrats on the progress even if you had to raise a white flag today. Seems there are times the universe just pits everything against you. Good luck with everything else and I hope you can get some sleep.

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  3. That’s an interesting recipe. I think mine also include lack of sleep and up too late. I can mix in several other ingredients too. But you have made progress!

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  4. Sometimes a day just takes the reins and runs with itself. 🙂

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  5. I love how you and your son enjoy gaming together. That’s so cool.
    Also glad to hear that Otto is doing better . Poor Nyx. She got herself into a fix and you really took care of her.
    You managed to mark a lot from your to-do list. You’re giving me motivation for the beginning of next week when I’m off.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I’ll envy your solitude this weekend. Not any of that during summer vacation from school. You may recall. I’ll be peopling bigtime Saturday, too. :/
    Lil pets do have a way of getting stuck. Very cute, but only in the telling, not in the unstucking.
    Still, you’ve crossed off A LOT!

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  7. Onward through the fog!

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  8. Progress is a crazy business, has its own rules, I swear!
    Glad Otto is getting better…

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  9. Pet issues aside, you’re getting a lot done. Kudos!

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  10. You made me laugh with this post. Poor Nyx. Poor you! At least the week is not over yet!

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  11. So good to hear Otto is feeling better. Nyx behind the headboard…priceless! You’re making excellent progress. Oh, about your daughter misplacing her shears. I’ve used that excuse too. Hate to break it to ya, but the longer someone cuts hair the less they want to work on family. I’ve been licensed thirty-three years. Even though I only cut hair for friends and family now (I closed my salon in 2000), my poor husband asks for days/weeks before I finally get around to it. Bribery works to speed up the process. Just a suggestion!

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  12. There’s progress, and you got in some time with your son and the dogs. Sounds good to me… Even if it did take you all morning to go look for pants.

    Glad Otto seems to be doing better.

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  13. Good news about Otto! I had to laugh about Nyx – but I’m sure you weren’t at 4am.

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  14. I always read your posts, Craig, but never commented. I really enjoy your updates. You’re quite busy, but doing great. And I’ve come to adore Otto, Nyx, and Frankie. Cheers! 🙂

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  15. When our little girl grew too big and got stuck under the bed, she just sat there quietly. We had to search for her. She has a different shape than a bulldog, so I was able to turn her on her side and pull her out.

    Glad Otto’s doing better.

    Work is killing me right now, so I’m making almost no progress on blogging or writing. I’m doing roughly four peoples’ jobs. Two new people are starting in July, which should make my life easier, except first I have to train them.

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  16. I’ve been struggling with a lack of motivation lately. I hope you were able to renew yours. 🙂

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