Rambling and babbling today

My wife insisted on the Hallmark Channel all day today. Remember what I said about my wonderful writing weekend? Yeah, I sure wish that storm hadn't changed her plans. By the way, is there a rule that every elderly person in a Hallmark movie must smile like an idiot at all times? These movies could use a serious dose of Billy Bob Thornton or Anne Ramsey.

I have another story idea that I'm tempted to write as a vignette. I want to start a storyboard instead. I have a thought about trying to release a novella or two, and it might make a fun one.

This idea was inspired by an image I saw on Facebook. It posted in two different timelines a week or so ago. Do you think I can find it again? I searched FB, DeviantArt, Bing images, and Google images using every description I can think of. If you're inspired by images, save them the very second you see them. If you don't, you'll find yourselves in my position.

While I'm serving time in Hallmark jail, I haven't been able to accomplish much. I tried to relocate to another room, but there aren't any comfortable places to sit. I want to finish reading a book too, and it's all about the same problem. I suppose I can deal with the critiques I received last week. Maybe I should pay the bills too.

I managed to assemble and schedule the next Lisa Burton Radio, and it's a fun one. I also managed to write one guest post out of four I committed to. I only need three more in a week, so not impossible.

I need to stop blogging about my failures and post something about some successes. I just need to create a success or two.

Okay, I'll deal with critiques and bills so they aren't distractions when my time finally comes. I'm off on Monday, and the only distraction will be Otto.

He's no small obstacle. I took two fifteen minute breaks to play pumpkin ball while typing out this post. He throws it right on my keyboard if I don't pay attention. So this post is +/- 400 words. It took about 30 minutes of pumpkin ball playing to finish. If I write 1000 words (which is nothing) on Monday, I anticipate the pumpkin ball will eat up 75 minutes.

Maybe Otto doesn't need a reindeer outfit, maybe he needs a straight jacket.


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45 responses to “Rambling and babbling today

  1. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted but I did make a few decisions so that’ll help. Otto is so cute!!

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  2. Mysson Humane

    Interesting! Will be right back here on Monday

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  3. mcneilljared

    Winter time is good for writing for sure, but I don’t envy your Hallmark prison. Funny stuff.

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  4. Otto is definitely the cutest. I think 30 minutes invested for 400 words is a fair trade. Hope you Sunday goes well.

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  5. For some reason I saw Sam Raimi instead of Anne Ramsey. Maybe you can get a tiny catapult or something. Otto comes to put it in the basket and you just have to stomp to launch it. Not a real launch since it’s indoors. Just a tiny toss.

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  6. Sending the TV police to rescue you!!

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  7. The Hellmark channel. Gah. It sucks your creativity and will to live….

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  8. The ‘Hallmark’ channel puts me into a diabetic coma. No amount of insulin can fix it.

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  9. Hmm…can’t choose between Psycho or The Birds. May have to also watch Silence of the Lambs..that should help …. maybe.

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  10. Otto has the best man-dad ever. I’d love to be interrupted by a playful dog, but mine just lay around and fart. My house reeks of dog fart even after the housekeepers have just left. It’s brutal just before suppertime.

    I could see the wheels turning in your brain while in Hallmark Jail. Surely there’s a creative story in there about old people smiling all the time.

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  11. My dogs have always been content to sleep next to me while I work on the computer, then jump up ready to play when they hear the windows shutdown noise. I guess I’ve been lucky.

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  12. Ever thought of getting Otto a pal?

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  13. I just love how much Otto loves pumpkin ball. So cute.

    And I get it. My dogs (yep, two) do the same thing. Whether the humans leave or not, I still have furry distractions to split my focus.

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  14. Pity about the storm, or not. I cannot bear Hallmark this time of year. Just cannot bear. Can handle football better. Ugh.
    Anyway, I know JUST what you mean about the images. Yes. Hunting images is cruel work and when you do find it, no one gives a crap about why you’re so excited.
    It’s snowing here, I’m happy. 🙂

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    • It’s been clear and sunny for two days now. It never got any higher than 10 degrees, but it’s sunny. I’ll probably never find that image again, but I learned a lesson. I’m happy too. I didn’t create new fiction yet, but I got a few other things accomplished and that helps.

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  15. Love that pic of Otto with his pumpkin ball! He sounds like a very determined distraction, LOL! I haven’t done any Hallmark movies yet (I will), but hubby and I watched ELF over the weekend. I always make a point to see that one every Christmas season. I still have to fit in A CHRISTMAS CAROL and–yes–at least one Hallmark movie!

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  16. Hahahahaha! How can you refuse that face?

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