A change in plans

Old What’s Her Face* decided to drive to Nevada today to visit her brother, and to drop off gifts. She planned to leave when she got off work this morning, and she decided to take Otto with her.

Then it decided to snow last night and into the morning. Traffic was a gridlock, but it was determined the snow would end around noon. She called her brother and he told her not to come. It was still snowing in Nevada, and really piled up. The trip involves leaving Boise at around 2200 feet in elevation, crossing over at around 6000, and dropping down to a mile high in Elko. (5280 feet.) Dealing with deep snow, possible drifting, and icy roads just wasn’t a good idea.

All my plans of spending the weekend with Yak Guy went out the window. I have a real problem working on these deeper projects with distractions around. Otto is insisting on a rousing game of pumpkin ball even as I type this.

This requires a change in the master plan. I might be able to work on some short fiction tomorrow, but we’ll have date night and all the trimmings. Old What’s Her Face bought us tickets to the new Star Wars movie on Sunday too.

These things used to really frustrate me. When I took up the habit of short fiction my frustration eased somewhat. I can still be productive, it just flows in a different direction.

So my wife is safe and warm, and so is my dog. We’ll have a nice date night tomorrow, and we have tickets to a pretty promising movie on Sunday. I’ll crank out some short projects and be happy with them.

Besides, I’m off Monday and my wife has to work. I’ll still have Otto, but his bouts of mania don’t last forever. Maybe Yak Guy can saddle up then for a few hours.

What are your plans for the weekend?

*Not my wife’s actual name.


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42 responses to “A change in plans

  1. Sorry things didn’t work out, but a movie is always fun. What are you seeing? We have cruddy weather for at least Saturday, so just hanging around. Might try to plot out the route for the next Bedlam book since I’m finishing edits on #2 tonight.

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  2. Enjoy the movie. That’s one I want to see at the theater. I still haven’t finished decorating the tree. The kids were here yesterday and part of me wanted to share the experience with them, and the other part didn’t want broken ornaments all over the place. The two year old was a nightmare. Her brother told me she was in the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and didn’t see her, because she was in the other bathroom, inside the sink, with the water on, and all the things that had been on the counter were in the toilet, the trash can, and on the floor. Can’t turn your back on her for one minute. That was just one of many incidents. The snow village was wrecked a few times. Flower pots were dumped on the porch a few times. She doesn’t understand the meaning of the word no, and butt spankings don’t faze her. I really like the idea of duct taping her to the wall…but, you know, protective services and all of that. Trying to get reading done tonight. Got my ejuice made and hubby is “fixing” my new car/van by installing a couple of USB ports up front that don’t pass through the media system. So I can’t go pokemonning.

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  3. Time management will always be a frustration for a writer, for something will always demand attention, right when you least expect it. If patience isn’t your strong suit, you have to learn some, and fast!

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  4. I’m having a rest, although that never really happens with a two year old around. The husband’s around but if I’m in the house I’m fair game and the plaintive cry of ‘mumma’ is hard to ignore. It usually comes with something that’s the equivalent of pumpkin ball too πŸ˜‰ It’s her play kitchen at the mo. Why would mumma or dadda want to do anything else?

    At the moment it’s all about Christmas and plans for next year. How I’m going to juggle writing with storytelling contracts and being mumma. It’s going to be an exciting year! πŸ™‚

    I have some research I’m dipping in and out of for next year’s projects. I’m considering giving Blake a rest next year and writing a fantasy novel which has been begging to be written for a year now. A change is as good as a rest as they say!

    Have a great weekend Craig!

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  5. My daughter and son-in-law went last night to see the new Star Wars movie (in 3D of course) and they said it was great. Enjoy the weekend, the wife and the dog! Writing can wait. πŸ™‚

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  6. Whew. You had me worry there a minute. I couldn’t bear to think of Otto out in a snow storm. So glad he’s tucked at home, safe and warm.

    This weekend is my last chance to get some writing done before I need to start baking, wrapping presents (which will take hours with the amount of gifts we bought this year), etc., etc. This year, Christmas is at our house (a new tradition, I’m told), which is so exciting. I can hardly wait to see the grandbabies. There’s another on the way, too. Fingers crossed for a boy (we have two girls). Since they haven’t told us the sex yet, and they found out two weeks ago, I’m guessing they’re waiting to announce on Christmas. Oh, and my anniversary is Sunday. Busy time of year, but fun.

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  7. Sigh. The best laid plans and all that… πŸ˜€

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  8. The Mister is taking the girls to see Rogue One and I shall be at home with my book and my throw and my tea πŸ™‚ I’m pretty excited about it!

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  9. The weekend is about the same as the week. Blog, social media, edit, write make pasta tonight.

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  10. Glad she stayed safe!! I ended up halfway down in a ditch, the snow too thick to get out. It cost me $85 for a tow truck, although my insurance is supposed to reimburse me. Sigh. Luckily nothing was damaged though. I did have a bit of whiplash and pain where the seatbelt snagged me. Hope your Mon. is productive!!

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  11. It sounds like your wife made the right decision about staying home. I wouldn’t want to be out in a snowstorm, especially at those elevations. I’m late chiming in but hope you had a productive day on the short fic and enjoyed a nice date night. My weekend involved lots of house cleaning and lots of last minute Christmas shopping. No writing for me, but I did manage to finish my latest read, John Howell’s OUR JUSTICE.

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    • She made the right choice, then complained about it for the rest of the weekend. I loved John’s book. My writing was more in the form of guest blog posts, working through my critiques, and updating this site. I haven’t started today, yet.

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