Biting the Bullet

I really want to be working on either Goodbye Old Paint, or Once Upon a Time in the Swamp. That’s where my heart is in this author life, but I can’t neglect other parts of the gig.

Today, I made a framework for all my tour posts. It gives each post some similarity, even though every one will be unique. I took the easy way out and wrote the Lisa Burton appearances first. After all these years, it’s easy to write Lisa’s posts, and I have the artwork to refer to. Lisa usually moves more copies than I do anyway. Something about those graphics and her personality.

There is plenty for me to discuss when it comes to The Midnight Rambler. It will come out in October and should fit right in with the rest of The Hat Series. I’ll probably write about the tribulations of keeping a series like this going and another about how it differs from a closed-loop series. I have another one formulating about an expanding environment and how not everything happens right in front of Lizzie.

That last idea came to me when a new character walked into the writing cabin. They just seem to keep showing up, and while they don’t all deserve their own story, they can help convince readers that more is happening out there. It lets their imaginations run wild after the last page is read.

So, I’m parked on the Asian afterlife story that involves a competition similar to American Idol and the end of the world. There’s the one with the return of the Headless Horseman which will come next in the series. I have new characters in the form of a philosopher who’s also a witch, a unique monster I came up with, and now an anthropomorphic rooster. These guys are all holding some kind of retreat in my brain while I work on promo for The Midnight Rambler. I’m afraid my current manuscripts are parked for the time being.

I should mention that all of these ideas are much crazier than they sound in a simple paragraph. I don’t want to drop spoilers, but I try to bring fresh spins to old ideas and even my unique ones have to be a little bit different.

I tapped into the Asian pears for lunch today. They’re awesome, as usual. I didn’t thin the tree nearly enough this Spring, so they’re all more schoolboy sized this year. Still good, but they would have been larger with better thinning.

I’m thinking of a nap in about an hour. After that, I’ll probably write my appearance for Teri Polen’s Bad Moon Rising. This is a must for me every year, and I’m so glad she’s holding this event. She’s still looking for a few more guests if you have something in the Halloween neighborhood of reading.

My plan is to create as many posts as I can, then put out a call for hosts. I don’t know how many volunteers I can produce something for, but will have a better idea by next weekend. I’m not even tracking volunteers at this point, but the day is coming soon.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend and doing something you love.


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32 responses to “Biting the Bullet

  1. You seem to have a great hook with Lisa, so I’d be capitalizing on that, for sure.

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  2. Your imagination is like a whirlwind, Craig. I’m a one task at a time girl, and you make my head spin! Lol. Happy Writing.

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  3. You amaze me, Craig. Your mind is always so full of ideas. But seriously, how do you even know a word like anthropomorphic? I had to look it up to see what it meant. 🙂 I am definitely standing in line with my hand up to host you when you launch Midnight Rambler. Looking forward to reading it!

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  4. Asian afterlife done American Idol style. Yet, it’s crazier than it sounds. I know I just spent 9 hours working in the sun, but I’m fairly certain I’m not hallucinating that set up.

    Seriously, I’m applauding your imagination for that one. Sounds amazingly crazy and fun.

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    • I think it will be great. One of the benefits to planning ahead. I have one to publish, one to finish writing, then the Headless Horseman at the Kentucky Derby. After that it’s the Asian one. Gives me years to flesh things out.


  5. I could do with a little of your organising skills at the moment, Craig. Hopefully, some will rub off to help me!

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  6. It sounds like you have a LOT going on and keeping yourself very busy. It’s raining here so I’m hoping for a writing day. Hopefully, I can harness some of your planning energy!

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  7. Ah, the blog tours. Those are important, so it’s good to get the posts done ahead of time.

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  8. You always write great posts for your blog tours. Hope the Muse inspires you so that you enjoy toiling away at them. And you’re always welcome on my blog.

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  9. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you’re going to be part of Bad Moon Rising again this year. Hope the combination of that and the blog tour you’re organizing helps you sell some copies of your books.

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  10. You’ve got a lot going on in that brain of yours, Craig. Excited to see what comes out of it!

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  11. Hi Craig, I am also still writing promotional posts for Haunted Halloween Holiday. It is exhausting and I still need to finish the short story I’m writing for a competition. It has to be finished by 30 September. I am glad you are doing BMR, I am also participating as I wrote a Halloween book specifically for this event. Talk about inspiration coming from strange places.

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