Things authors worry about

I managed to write eleven unique posts to promote The Midnight Rambler. I wish I had a purchase link to insert, but I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks. I’d like a few more posts, but they’ll have to wait until I have a few spare moments.

I wrote a post about the music, keeping the setting consistent, and expanding this universe. I think it was pretty good stuff and those who follow the eventual tour shouldn’t be disappointed.

While hacking these out, something dawned on me. I came up with a cool new character and a way to introduce him. His role is to show there’s more going on around Lizzie and the hat than what they can see. I even figured out a great way to blame his actions on them and tie it to Night Bump Radio.

Then it occurred to me that he would be awesome at the final act of the Asian end of the world story I’ve been dreaming up for two years. This is the problem. In my schedule, the end of the world story comes before the one where I want to introduce him.

It would be cool to intro him, then see some problems he causes for Lizzie and the hat. Then he gets an important cameo in the Asian story. Don’t know how to solve this problem, but I have a couple of years to figure it out.

Back to work tomorrow, so my author hat has to come off for the week. Maybe something will come to me during the commutes.


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35 responses to “Things authors worry about

  1. Gwen M. Plano

    Oh, the things we writers worry about! Only another writer could understand the inner consternation. 😊

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  2. You’ll think of something. You always do!

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  3. Could he show up without a name and act as a teaser for his real introduction?

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  4. ope you have a good work week.

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  5. *Hope* A silent H when not appropriate

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  6. D.L. Finn, Author

    I know you will come up with a great story line 🙂

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  7. Victoria Zigler

    I’m sure the tour is going to be a great one to follow. And you’ll think of something… You always do. It’s going to be fun seeing the results of both of those things.

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  8. It never ceases to amaze me what our muses come up with when we relegate them to the back of our mind for a while! Good luck with your work week and your writing, Craig 🙂💕

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  9. Eleven posts – wow. I’m sure the right piece will click into place soon.

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  10. Congrats on the progress with the blog posts. I’ve got to get busy on those soon, myself. The new character sounds intriguing. Hope you get it all worked out! Have a good week!

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  11. My ears perked up the moment I heard Night Bump Radio, LOL.
    I have faith you’ll work out the glitch with your character. And it must feel awesome to have all those posts done!

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  12. I think this is why my books all take place in different worlds. Lol. Have fun figuring out all the connections. 🙂

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  13. Ah Craig, you are fantastic. I write two posts max in a day and you write eleven.

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