Review of The Yak Guy Project

Author CS Boyack builds from the foundation an alternate reality where a man gets another chance to live life. The character development of the nameless man who would grow into Ted starts from the ground up when he awakes in pain. This man has a few vague memories of where he came from but no specifics.

My favorite character was the Yak. Not just an ordinary Yak you see on a wildlife show, but a talking Yak.  Continue reading here.


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13 responses to “Review of The Yak Guy Project

  1. I just visited Rox. What fun to read her review. YAY. 😊

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  2. Congratulations on the well-deserved review. I enjoyed this book (along with all of the rest of your work).

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  3. Awesome review, Craig. I left you a comment at Rox’s site!

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