Happy with my output

Sundays are usually wasted days for me. As an example, I always call my parents on Sundays. We chat for about an hour, and I won’t sacrifice this time for anything.

Old What’s Her Face is also off today, so that means distractions and noise. She’s had the Harry Potter marathon on since last night and it started again first thing this morning. As much as I love these films, I’ve seen them hundreds of times and wanted something else.

I decided to go into another room and pick at my WIP. I also tried an experiment with dubious results. I’ll experiment a bit more, then it could lead to a post for Story Empire one day. It involves ambient noise while I write.

It started off with me monkeying with Alexa one day. There wasn’t a lot of choice there, but Staci Troilo set me up with an amazing site. I tried it today, but the noise goes off as soon as my phone darkens. This led me to YouTube, and that was more functional. The trick is to pick something and not get caught up surfing for several hours.

I settled upon two different “songs” for lack of a better term. One involved a peaceful meadow, the other was designed for inside a tomb.

The meadow is where I started writing, and I like what I came up with. Serang found the ruined city as planned in my storyboard. She uncovered the secrets I plotted out, but how she went about it was magical.

She’s discovered the lost temple of the Cartomancers. The one that was burned in the history of a previous war. This gives me a great tie back to the original Lanternfish book, and it works because we’re back on the original continent.

It turns out there is still one hidden storeroom that was not destroyed in the first war. Serang uncovered this by playing her flute. She noticed that a semi-circle of standing stones were placed in exactly the same configuration as the holes on her flute.

Musical stones are a real thing, so mine work as a kind of lithophone when someone grinds on them. This lithophone required multiple people, but it opened a hidden door to a small treasure trove of the intellectual variety.

It gives me a great tie back to Mule, his parents, and even the goblins who used to live in these lands. I’ll be circling back to this in the denouement phase of the story.

I also spent extra time to detail this area. This is a special place and so I added some fantasy creatures and details to make that apparent. I created linen birds, a ribbon bird, and even a clown spider. The spider also took Serang back to her youth when orchid mantises were fascinating to young monks. (Orchid mantises are also real.)

It only came to 2500 words, but I really like them. I need to go over it several times, but at least they exist. Wreck of the Lanternfish is about 32,000 words right now. I mention this, because it needs a big denouement. Both James and Serang have a couple of gigantic things to accomplish and I’m getting closer to those. My married cons have one big one to pull off, but it isn’t on par with the others. (Important to the story, though.)

I should probably wrap the war up somewhere between 50,000 and 60,000 words. That will give me plenty of room to change the world and give everyone’s favorites a conclusion of some kind.

I’m sorely tempted to go back in my cave and write more, but I’m off tomorrow. I’ll start my day by going over what I just produced. There is an opportunity to drag out the discovery and that could be helpful. Best to look with fresh eyes.


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32 responses to “Happy with my output

  1. Good to see your day wasn’t waisted.

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  2. Hurray for 2500 words! That’s a good day for me. I didn’t understand much of the rest of the post, but that’s okay.

    Except I agree about Harry Potter. I liked the books and movies, but burnout has definitely set in.

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  3. Sorry the site didn’t work for you. I never use it on my phone. I use it on my laptop as I type.

    Did you know there was also a Star Wars marathon today? And The Godfather? You had decent options to pick from if you had a TV in the room you retreated to.

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    • TV and writing don’t work for me. It’s her day to pick something, (but Godfather sounds awesome) The site is terrific, and I keep monkeying with it. Maybe tomorrow when I can plug in and write at the same time I’ll have enough battery power to make it work.

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  4. Gwen M. Plano

    What great progress, Craig! Bravo!

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  5. That’s s busy old day!

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  6. Interesting music trick. So, it’s just having the same thing playing in the background for the entire writing session? We do something like that in school with special needs students as they work. Some days it works to help them focus and other days it doesn’t.

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  7. You’ve stirred my interest! Having Serang’s flute time with musical stones to unlock a secret door is intriguing. Love it. Sounds like a wonderful day’s work to me!

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  8. We don’t have alexa, but that site sounds amazing!

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  9. Yay! Congrats on your progress.
    I always go over what I wrote previously before starting on fresh material. It helps me tweak problem areas and puts me back into the flow of the story.

    And I love background ambiance. Beach sounds (surf and gulls) are some of my favorites.

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  10. Some book club friends told me about a site with lots of ambient noise to choose from (can’t remember what it was now), but I wrote to the sound of the Gryffindor common room one day. Congrats on the progress!

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  11. Excellent writing day! Wish I could say the same. Instead, I Zoomed with Psych. majors about the psychology of serial killers. 🙂

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  12. Interesting thoughts about ambient noise, Craig. While I cannot work with music in the background, I love the idea of ambient noise and will be checking that out. I think it’s great you are doing some tiebacks to the first Lanternfish book. That brings the story full circle. The musical stones grabbed my attention. I’ll have to do some more looking into that. Congrats on the word count and thanks for the ambient noise tip!

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    • It’s an interesting experiment, but I tried it again today. I wasn’t very productive, because it is a transition scene. Crossing some mountains with wind and eagle cries in the background was helpful for my creativity.

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  13. I have the best “empty music” but I don’t know the name of the site. Lemme check with Moo and I’ll email you a link.
    I knew you’d get two to three thousand out 😉

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  14. D.L. Finn, Author

    Musical stones intrigues me. I will have to look it up. Sounds like a productive day for you:)

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  15. It all sounds very exciting… Can’t wait to be able to read it!

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