Huh! Never saw that coming.

I’ve spent a month beating myself up about all this promotion. It’s felt like lather, rinse, repeat for weeks – at least to me. However, there is an upside I never saw coming.

This time out, I’m asking my hosts what they want for their sites. Some of them are throwing me a curve or two, and the posts are coming out differently than previous outings. I’ve always pre-written a bunch of posts that I could send out when I was ready, but having both books so close together, that didn’t happen this time.

I’ve been a whiny baby about it, (and could be again), but I think the posts are better this time.

Writing has always been a journey for me, and this feels like a baby step along that path. It’s not as easy, or convenient, but that small bit of challenge is working for me. I’m not talking about sales here. Those may, or may not, come. I just feel like the tour posts are an improvement over my usual fare. It’s just a tick, and some of you might not notice, but I’m feeling it.

I spent the day custom writing posts for the coming week. They’ll spread out, and won’t fill the week, but it’s a comfort zone. If I find more time this weekend, I might even draft some new material. (My favorite thing.)

Many times, I tend to lower my head and charge into the work that needs to be done. I get a lot accomplished that way. Sometimes it’s worth stopping and assessing that production, both for volume and quality.

That’s a lot of words to say, I think I learned something. Blog hosts know their own followers. They know what will connect with them. I will still keep my living document about promotional topics. There is always someone who says to send them whatever I like. I may be adding to my list for future blog tour material.

Next weekend, I’ll reach out to a few more hosts and find out what challenges they give me. I’ll do it with a positive attitude, and hope I’m able to deliver what they want. Obviously, it has to fit with the story. I can’t turn Serang into a horror story or a sweet romance, but maybe I can pluck a few strings that will be different than my usual fare.

It’s a challenge, but I recommend trying it. You likely know your hosts as well as I know mine. Ask them what they want the next time you go on tour. It may be harder, but the results might be better than you imagined.

Aside from the tour posts, I also have one of my Story Empire posts coming up. It’s going to be another Expansion Pack post about characters you might not have considered. Plenty of me to go around this week, and I still have a few open days if anything exciting happens around here.

Here’s something interesting. I’m trying to make a pin board for all of my stories these days. I use them as reference while I’m drafting the manuscript. I found some amazing things that influenced Serang, and you might want to check it out. Asia has some beautiful scenery, interesting wildlife, and more. (I’d kind of love to visit someday.) Here is the link to the Pinterest Board. You’ll find pictures and artwork that influenced the story. Things like Fu Dogs, the Temple of Wind, martial arts, marketplaces, and more. There are simpler things, too, like watercolors of tiny birds, drying persimmons, and musical instruments. The secondary bonus is my boards aren’t going anywhere. They make a nice reference for stories that have been filtered down to specific settings. Mine and yours.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.


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27 responses to “Huh! Never saw that coming.

  1. Curious turn of events. Wonder what caused the change.

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  2. Reblogged this on Archer's Aim and commented:
    Excellent observations about guest posts from C. S. Boyack on his site today.

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  3. I know how much I do, Craig, and I know how long it all takes so I do not know how you do all you do. It is incredible.

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  4. I shall be reading all of the posts on your tour, to see if any of your changes might be the way to go. But whatever you do, Craig, is always on point (and blooming miraculous!)

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  5. I’d be willing to host you and your writing
    🙂 My blog’s a hodgepodge, so you may even be able to stick to your list!

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  6. I love your approach, Craig. Letting your hosts dictate the post is a great idea! It makes more work for you, but I think in the long run, it will pay off! I love the storyboard. I really need to do more things like that. I have piles of notes on my desk in no order and I often look through them for tidbits. A storyboard would be so much more organized.

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    • I find that Pinterest makes a great place to collect ideas. It’s okay that they’re visual, because it’s still a reminder of what I had planned. I should probably share more of them here. They can also be reused for various reasons. Even other authors can glean through them and save what they like.

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  7. It’s good to try new things. It’s also good to take inventory and ponder. It’s BEST yet to be open and receptive. Good stuff.

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  8. Sounds like you faced a challenge and rose to meet it!

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  9. When Kensington did my last two blog tours, they let the bloggers send me questions/ideas/character interviews/anything they wanted to share on the blogs. It was a lot of work, but it was fun, because every day in the tour was different than the one before it. There was no set structure or ANYTHING. And each blog had its own tone and style. That made it really interesting.

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  10. Those pics on the Pinterest board are stunning – I can see how they’d influence you. This is probably something I should think about doing. i’ll be following along with the tour, Craig – interested to see what the hosts came up with!

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  11. Thanks for sharing the lesson with us. 🙂

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  12. This is so well written and so wonderful. Thank you so much for this! Look forward to more of your articles.

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