Checking in today

Hi, Gang! The tour is going well. We’ve had some fun conversations along the way, and there are a few posts yet to come. I hope you don’t mind the reblogs. Entertaining Stories isn’t just about this blog, it’s also about publishing Entertaining Stories a couple of times per year. Publishing leads to promotion, even if that isn’t my favorite thing. If nothing else, every tour stop is unique, so it’s not a total waste of bandwidth.

The book is doing okay. Results could always be better, even when things are great. Early reviews aren’t just good, they’re downright encouraging. This will certainly help with sales. My sales usually involve a spike up front, then the slow-burn starts. This is because my regulars pick it up right away. (So grateful for my regulars.) The tour goes to sites my regulars host, but it allows me to reach their regulars, who sometimes are new to my work. That early spike got me as high as 108 in one of the fantasy categories on Amazon. It’s since dropped down, but it’s still encouraging. (Fantasy categories are a tough nut.)

One of my goals is to continually improve, and I think Lanternfish shows bits of improvement over my previous works. Reviewers will give me some hints to this.

My 2019 goal was to explore the idea of additional works in an already existing environment. I’m currently writing two different stories with that in mind. Eventually, I’ll have to park one of them and focus on the other, but I will finish both. One of these is a prequel for one of the supporting characters from Lanternfish. It seems to be taking on a different tone, and that’s because much of the “comedy relief” didn’t exist at the time of this tale. I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming out so far, even if it is more serious.

About that comedy relief, the root monsters are pretty popular. In fact, they won’t leave me alone. I formulated two new scenes for them during my commutes this week. This is how many of my stories take shape. In fact there are quite a few other scenes involving my pirate crew. There is a good chance of a sequel for Lanternfish too. I may start a storyboard this weekend.

I sent out samples of these new stories for critique, and am getting the results back. My main focus is going to be making improvements to what I’ve already written. I don’t have new fiction on my list at all. The next goal is reading. I’m jazzed to dive into End of Day, by Mae Clair. I don’t usually read sequels any more than I write them, but dang that first book was good.

Finally, I need to check the Story Empire schedule and figure out when I’m up next. I don’t want to drop the ball over there.

Doesn’t seem like much of a list for a holiday weekend. My time isn’t completely my own though. Old What’s Her Face is off too. Between the spaces, I’ll obsessively check blog comments along the tour stops. You guys know how much I like comments.

What do you have planned for your weekend? Do you make a task list, or take it as it comes?


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35 responses to “Checking in today

  1. A more serious story for Serang seems appropriate. By necessity, she becomes a strong, memorable character. I’d love to know how she got her two animals who pop out of her amulet (?–sorry, can’t remember right now) when she needs them. Her character has stuck with me. I really enjoyed her.

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  2. harmonykent

    Sounds like a full upcoming weekend, Craig. Me n fiancé plan to visit his mum in a distant hospital and then go to collect our wedding rings (big day draws ever nearer!!). We’ll finish the day with a pub meal😊 Have a fab weekend 😊

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  3. harmonykent

    P.s. … can’t wait to read Lanternfish!!

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  4. You work so hard, Craig, and you certainly produce great writing. I have a busy weekend with a farewell tomorrow (our friends are immigrating) and I am taking my aunt to the hospital on Sunday as she is having a hip replacement on Monday. I know I won’t get much writing done but I will try to keep up with my blogging.

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  5. I’m just working on those honey-dos again this weekend. Enjoyed your tour.

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  6. Sounds like a great tour. Got a storm coming this weekend. Going to try to start writing a new book and watch more Daredevil. Such an exciting existence.

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  7. I’ve got a full weekend, split between home obligations and paycheck work. I’m thinking in another week or two, I might get to start writing for myself again. But until then, I’ll be burning the candle at both ends for other stuff.

    I think you’ve got a great set of WIPs and future plans. Can’t wait to see how they all pan out.

    Happy weekend!

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  8. I see you are busy. And I look forward to more root monsters. I adored them.

    I have a semi-busy weekend planned. Amid the snow that our weather casters are fear flashing, I’m meeting two friends and I’m doing a little writing for myself.

    My family put in a request for frizzalines, they are similar to a breadstick.

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  9. Good luck with the book Craig!

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  10. Wow, brain-writing while driving. Nope. I cannot. I like to do it on car RIDES tho.
    I will be doing as I please 90% of the weekend. I will do laundry and cook, but mostly I will laptop, show, and read. I do not have Monday off. I’m the only one, too. So sad. So very sad.

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  11. I admire how you’re able to put such a great tour together, Craig.

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  12. Glad your tour is going well. This weekend I’m enjoying the last few days before classes start again!

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  13. Glad the tour is going well. Hope it continues to do so. Also, hope you’re having an enjoyable and productive weekend.


  14. Happy to hear the sales are going well, Craig! Hope you can get a lot done today.

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  15. I cannot wait to see what you’ve come up with for Serang! She is one cool gal! Glad sales are going well. That’s always encouraging!

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