Daydreaming – Guest Post by, Craig Boyack…

Hey gang, how do you feel about the power of daydreaming? Come visit me at the Storyreading Ape’s site and let’s talk about it.

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Craig here today, and the topic is daydreaming. As a speculative fiction author, daydreaming is paramount to the process. We dwell upon the idea of “What If” and it’s important, but daydreaming often gets overlooked.

Of course, I can only talk about my process and you might have to adjust to suit your own methods. First I want to set the stage a bit.

I’ve posted here before about my push feeds. These are subscription services to news that might help me create a story some day. Because of the fiction I write, mine are about aliens, voodoo, witchcraft, archeology, and cryptids to name a few. These are like collecting seeds. Nothing much happens with them at this point.

What works for me is quiet solitude. Many of my best ideas have come from commuting to work in the dark, with the radio off. My best…

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4 responses to “Daydreaming – Guest Post by, Craig Boyack…

  1. Daydreaming, a great topic. Heading over to Chris now.

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  2. carmens007

    Interesting topic today, as daydreaming is a big part of all authors’ writing process.
    On my way to your post.

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