Working on my edits

I took a more leisurely approach getting to the writing cabin today. Puppies decided to wake up at 4:00 am, and they were hungry. After feeding and walking them, I went back to bed and all of them crawled in with me.

Bulldogs apparently don't have any concept of personal space. Otto was the best of the three, because he was happy to conk back out. After repeated attempts to keep tongues out of my nostrils, and noses out of my armpit, the puppies went back to sleep.

The writing cabin was a cold quiet place this morning. Lisa* is absent for a few weeks. She is hanging out with Sean Harrington and working on promotional posters for The Enhanced League, and The Yak Guy Project. I found detailed instructions for everything from making coffee to feeding her pet rabbit, Bunny.

I dragged my feet taking care of everything. Editing of any kind is not my favorite thing, and I knew what waited for me in my office.

He glared at me with inky black eyes. It was a look you might see at the end of your life, like when a great white shark bears down upon you. His black beak aimed my direction and followed me to my desk. I took a seat and opened the files I would need.

Doubt, the raven, hopped off his perch and glided to my desk. I paused, then opened the window in hopes he would leave for the day. He looked at me like he was disappointed at my childish antics.

I don't speak raven, but they make the damndest collection of noises. They aren't crows, and this one is from Mt. Olympus. He's more than an ordinary raven. He paced across the desk while waving his head from side to side in disapproval. “Jugaluggg, blork. Jugaluggg, blork.”

I knew what he meant. He thinks it's all crap. I massaged and tweaked my manuscript while he voiced his disapproval.

Enhanced League got a lot of volunteers for beta reading. I hoped for four, and got seven. I only hope Yak Guy will get half that many when the time comes. Everyone had something wonderful to offer. Commas were deleted, then added back, before being deleted once more.

My UK readers had a tough time with this one, and I expected that. Baseball is popular in North and South America, and in major parts of Asia. Not so much in the UK. I struggled with how to make it accessible to everyone, but had to make an executive decision. Professional ball players would not realistically discuss the basics of the game. They are veterans of the sport, and some things are understood so well they would never come up. This means, I've limited my audience for this book. It makes Doubt happy. He feeds off my worries and concerns.

One of them suggested that some baseball cards might help keep track of everything. It's an outstanding and creative idea. I just don't think I can commission the artwork to support a .99¢ book.

I managed to get through four of the reports before the real world called me back. I'll need another day to get through the rest, but that won't be the end. I will have to re-read it one more time before I can send it to the formatter.

All in all, I feel pretty good about it.

* Lisa Burton is my robotic personal assistant, and the spokesmodel for my writing career.


In reality, it looked a lot like this. IPad Pro with its split screen; one side for Enhanced League, the other side for email. This is because some readers sent notes in an email along with the attachment. My old iPad has all the beta read documents on it. I do it this way, because the pro won't allow me to use the split screen on the same program. I can't open my word processor twice. Truth be told, I really like this setup, and I'm glad I kept my old iPad for this reason.

I had my phone there too, but used it to snap this picture, so you can't see it. The other important device is a cup of chicory in a weak attempt to hang on to my vacation.


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36 responses to “Working on my edits

  1. Love that setup, Craig. Best wishes on the revisions.

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  2. Glad you’re getting through it Craig and yes the finacial viability of comissioned baseball cards is probably not possible on a 99c book. I wonder if a text version would work with some clip art bats, balls, bases etc. Just a thought. Hope you’re getting some good feedback. 🙂

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  3. I’m assuming you got some advice to explain the game. I agree it would be awkward.

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  4. Ahhhhh, a functional office space. I will have that again, one day… *sigh* I’d show a picture of my office, but you might confuse it for a garbage dump or badly organized storage unit. 😭 sounds like your day was productive!

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  5. I like that card idea, but you’re right that it might be too much for a 99 center. As far as the niche market, you never know. Some people might read it out of curiosity for the sport.

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  6. Hm. I wonder what it’s like to have like, a writer’s den or whatever… I don’t even sit at the table, myself. One day…
    I love the way you anthropomorphize Doubt. I think he’s my favorite of all your writing ‘characters’. Maybe because I have my own version of that so often.
    Puppy snuggles are awesome, but 4am is NOT. Ever had a kitten? I think they’re worse to sleep through. Neither are as bad as babies 😉

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    • It’s usually a chair and my iPad. I needed more surface today. Doubt is a tough bird to overcome, but we have to try. Mom had kittens when I was younger. I find the attention seeking similar, but there are differences.

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  7. I love watching people work, and you are so inspiring, Craig. I need to find some beta readers too, but not sure about emailing people…

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  8. Man! Are you tidy are what?!!! 😛 Love your workspace 😀

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  9. Speaking as both a British person, and someone who doesn’t know much about most sports in general, I think you’re doing the right thing. When it comes to explaining things in books, I think it’s best to be realistic, even if that potentially alienates readers who don’t understand what you’re talking about. Personally, I’d rather read a book where I have to look things up, but discover when I do that the facts were correct, than be mislead because the author was trying to appeal to too wide of an audience. Besides, it’s incredibly difficult to cater to all nationalities in general, especially when even basic terms differ from place to place, even in the same country. So just go with what’s right for the story.

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  10. I love the writing set-up. It looks very comfy. Revisions are always rough, but I always have a great sense of accomplishment when I get through them. You got over half done so that’s a great job. Now I’m guessing the puppies will want attention again 🙂

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  11. I really do enjoy reading about your writing processes, Craig. You highlight all writers concerns in such an entertaining way.

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  12. Best of luck with your revisions. I think you made the smart call, not over-explaining baseball.

    Crows also have numerous calls. Through my research I discovered 27+. I even saw several videos of crows imitating the human voice. This one woman, who’d been feeding a particular crow for years, taught him to say “Help!” Later, he’d sit on a tree limb and scream, “Help!” in her voice. It’s one of the funniest and creepiest things I’ve ever scene. They’re both (crows and ravens) are amazing birds. Love Doubt!

    BTW, hope you left the writing cabin clean, or Lisa will kick your ass. 😉

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    • Aww, plenty of time to clean up later…

      Crows and ravens can both mimic human words. They aren’t quite Minah birds, but I’ve even heard magpies say a word or two. They’re all members of the jay family.

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  13. You can tell I’m catching up with posts from vacation – good luck with the edits and surviving without Lisa for awhile.

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