I want a new drug

Thanks, Huey Lewis, I'll take it from here…

This is a writing related problem, don't panic on me.

Yeah, there was research involved, so I have a tiny bit of knowledge about HGH, methamphetamines, desoxyphedrine, and a few more. It's time to write the story about the drug abuser in my Enhanced League book.

Here's the background. This fictional baseball league doesn't care about performance enhancing drugs. In fact they have medical personnel who administer and monitor them.

The two stories I'm writing next will draw a distinction between medically administered PEDs and illegal street drugs. My newscasters will draw some of the conclusions in a second story, the first one will involve the actions leading up to the bust. The underlying theme is that someone will always look for an edge, even if you legalize something for them. They'll just move to the next edge.

Anyway, enough about that. I need an illegal street drug, and it needs a street name. It can be somewhat science fiction, in fact I think it will be a cocktail of several things. I'm nearly committed to make it a sinus spray just because it sounds even more dangerous.

But it needs a cool name of some kind. I kind of want to call it Superman, but really don't feel like getting sued. So I am in a struggle phase here, and hope I come up with something that doesn't sound too stupid. It should sound enticing to the bodybuilders and athletes who might dope with it i.e. Tinkerbelle won't work.

Power, muscle, endurance, enduro, mass, force; some sexy combo of these words could work. I have to be a little bit careful and Google whatever I come up with. I don't accidentally want to call it super soldier serum or something that's been used in another comic book. (Although illegal producers and abusers could very likely call it Superman.)

This is a different kind of struggle for me. I've worked on gas weapons, parasites, how to keep corpses from floating, freezing in outer space, and others. Drugs are kind of a new path for me.

The way this is working out, a whole new government agency might be interested in my browsing history.

I also have a couple to write that involve the downside of using the PEDs we have available now. This one is going to involve careers ending and others beginning. More research involving micro-strokes and such. I'll weave in some League evils like getting the new kid started on PEDs right away. (Might require another fictional drug name.)

The struggles of a fiction writer. My next writing opportunity is next Monday, so I don't need the name before then. Even then, my focus is the Yak Guy. Maybe my Muse will help me out somewhere during the week.

Any ideas, let me know in the comments. Got some strange research stories, share those too. Back to the grind tomorrow.


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38 responses to “I want a new drug

  1. Either you posted twice in one day or I passed out for all of Monday without realizing it. Possible names: Hercules, Samson, Achilles, Aries, Atlas, Titan, Goliath, Behemoth. I can keep going with strong and/or big things.

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  2. If the delivery is via nasal spray you could call it SNORT or The BIG SNORT. Or SNIFF. Make it an acronym. Super Nasal something or other.

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  3. Sounds like Moxiecontin instead of Oxycontin. LOL….IDK, all the drugs I ever took already had names…except PCP. It wasn’t called angel dust until later. Never quite understood that name because anybody that took large doses was anything but an angel.

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  4. Most medical/anatomical terms concerning muscles start with the prefix myo.

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  5. How about Ironman. On the street they can call it Special Sauce. Just a thought. It’s early; not enough caffeine to get the creative juices going yet. LOL

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  6. Off the top of my head I can’t think of much on the drug, but I will kick it around and let you know if I come up with anything (muscle juice? nose juice?). As creative as you are I’m sure you’ll come up with something.

    It should make for interesting reading!

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  7. Names and titles are hard for me, but I’ll let it percolate in the recesses and see if something better than Mass-Maker (Double M? M-squared?) comes to mind. But I know when the right one comes, you’ll feel it.

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  8. How about Super-charger? Or Űberman? Prometheus? Names are so important… Power-driver? That opens up a whole wrestling hold or power-tool trip route – power-trip’s quite good too! 😉

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  9. TesterTone. Street name Balls of Fire.

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  10. I should ask my sons… they’re far more streetwise than me, especially the youngest. If they come up with anything halfway decent, I’ll get back to you. 😊

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  11. A nasal spray sounds painfully effective…yikes.

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