Kind of Tired…

The blog party was a huge success. Thank you all for participating and making my book release into a fun event. We cracked a few of Amazon’s top 100 lists for a little while.

I’ve already gotten two reviews on The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack II. They were both five stars and mean the world to me. I love finding out which stories resonated with readers. The first Experimental Notebook was drawn along with the new release. There were several sales and some new reviews there too. That was a pleasant surprise.

There was a ton of work leading up to this event. In the past weeks, I’ve written 13 blog tour posts and delivered them to my hosts. Those will be coming out in the next two weeks. My job now is to watch for them, and participate in the comments they receive. I’ll also try to reblog them and support them on social media.

I also took up Chris Graham, the Storyreading Ape, on his offer for guest posters from September through December. It was work to fit it all in, but I delivered all of my posts prior to the deadline. Chris has a large footprint, and I felt like it would be a mistake to pass the chance up.

That’s only a small part of what I’ve been up to. There are other projects that I’m not ready to pull the veil back on just yet. It’s been a lot of work, and I’m looking forward to dialing it back for a few days. I can’t afford to tone it down for any longer.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be idle. I have a collection of Lisa Burton Radio posts in various stages to work on. I also went to critique group last night, and have my submission to spruce up.

I’m thinking about some advertising options over the next few months. Timing is the big thing to consider. A few more reviews might be helpful before I run an Amazon campaign for the second Notebook. Several of my novels have a Halloween flavor to them. I may run an Amazon giveaway, or a free day for those. Watch this space.

Finishing my tasks this weekend shouldn’t be that tough. I may try to weave in some actual writing somewhere. It’s a three day weekend in the USA, so there might be time.

Lisa is taking off as part of this blog tour. She’s talking with several hosts and dropping off her posters. I should probably help her clean up the writing cabin after the big party.

Lisa Burton


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42 responses to “Kind of Tired…

  1. Ha ha, that’s how I feel about cleaning to Lisa πŸ˜‰

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  2. Have you been on Internet Radio yet Craig? You might like to contact Author / Broadcaster Annette Rochelle Aben at:

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  3. Best of luck Craig – you’re the hardest working indie I know, so you deserve all this success! ❀

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  4. AnnMarie

    Wow – sounds like you’ve been super busy! I’ve just been over and downloaded the sample to your Notebook – I am intrigued. Good luck for the next part of your adventure πŸ™‚

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    • I haven’t even looked to see how much they gave as a sample. I’m sure the first one is complete though, I made sure it was one of the micro fiction pieces so shoppers could see a complete one. I’m glad you’re intrigued.


  5. Good job on the notebook, Craig.

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  6. Congrats on the rankings and successful blog party.

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  7. Hey, I just came from Amazon and more reviews have shown up. It’s such a great collection of stories. All that hard work is going to pay off. Enjoy the three day weekend and take a breather. We’re installing a paver patio but I might attempt to squeeze some writing time in too.
    Oh…and Otto will surely want to play πŸ™‚

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  8. N. N. Light

    Wow, you sure have been busy. Congrats on the release party and I’m sure Lisa was a hit. Enjoy your long weekend (it’s a long weekend up here in Canada, too) and relax. πŸ™‚

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  9. It’s a lot of work launching a book and kudos to you for the energy you’re putting into it! Makes me tired just reading about it. Good luck with your books!

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  10. You certainly have put in a huge amount of effort, Craig. I’ll be posting my review of the 2nd Notebook shortly. It deserves to do well. Bravo.

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  11. Great to know you’re getting a good response from your blog tour. I’m ramping up one for an anthology myself. Fingers crossed!

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