Lisa Burton on The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack

Hey Gang, Lisa the robot girl showed up at Karen’s place today to talk about my latest book. Please consider following both of Karen’s blogs while you’re over there. She always has interesting stuff.

My train of thoughts on...


Dear readers,

As you certainly have heard before, The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack will be published and/or delivered on 2015-09-15!

This book is available for pre-order:

You are certainly eager to learn more about the “Notebook”, therefore I invited Lisa Burton, my ‘Character of the Year 2014’ to tell us a little more about the book and her role in it.

You may know Lisa Burton from C. S. Boyack’s writing cabin ( and from my flash fiction series Neighbors! ( Lisa is an awesome detective (review: Wild Concept by C. S. Boyack), helping Sheriff Jim Burrell in Neighbors! to solve a strange mystery.


Hi Lisa, thank you for following my invitation to another chat. We would all love to hear about Craig’s latest work!

Hi, Karen, I’m so excited to be back here. Craig has me making the…

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