Share the Love at Sue Coletta’s blog

Lisa Burton is visiting Sue Coletta today to talk about my newest book. For those who haven’t discovered Sue’s blog, I think it’s the best crime writing blog out there. Please consider following her blog while you’re there. It’s worth it.


When I first starting blogging I was blown away by this special community of writers, and I still feel thankful every day to be part of it. We support and encourage. We have each other’s backs. We pick each other up after a heartbreak rejection, critique, or poor review. Dust each other off and encourage one another to move forward. We laugh and cry, share wins and losses. To my knowledge, no other community does that.

Doing my part to share the love, I’ve invited a special guest–a guest unlike any who’ve come before.

Read the rest at Crime Writer Sue Coletta.



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3 responses to “Share the Love at Sue Coletta’s blog

  1. Thanks, Craig. Lisa was a blast to have on my blog. Hope your sales skyrocket!

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