I skipped my normal Sunday post this weekend. It isn't that I had no topic, we were just busy. It didn't even involve writing related stuff.

My wife earmarked the spot where my deceased apricot tree was removed. She's also a sucker for a good promotion. A local nursery gives away what they call “bucks” during the Spring and early Summer sales period. If you save these bucks, you can use them after the season winds down to purchase items they didn't sell during the rush. (I was thinking tools perhaps. Silly me.)

It's a great business idea. People who don't care where they buy petunias go out of their way to shop where they get bucks. They return toward the end of the season to spend bucks on junk the nursery could not sell.

This time, we got lucky. My wife picked out a magnolia tree that was over $100. We paid less than $40 because she had so many bucks to spend. That means I got to plant a rather large tree on Sunday. Our soil is rocky, and this takes a bit of effort. I even screened the soil to remove the rocks before it went back in the hole. (I didn't need dynamite, but it was close.) (Also, can I get some bucks for a back massage and some muscle relaxers?)

Immediately after finishing it was time to clean up, and dress up. We made a mad dash to The Morrison Center to watch The Book of Mormon. This is the Broadway play that was put together by the fellows who brought us South Park. We wound up getting there about fifteen minutes late because a stoplight was out.

Sometimes even I get lucky. So many patrons were blocked by the light that they held up the curtain. All was well. The play was hilarious. We grabbed a sandwich and a beer on the way home, and that about did it for me.

Tomorrow, we have tickets to the final tour for Motley Crüe. My wife is way excited, but I saw them live before I ever met her. They will be excellent, and I'm not worried about being bored. I'm looking forward to Alice Cooper who is also part of the bill. I've never seen him perform, and always wanted to.

We almost never buy tickets to the big stuff. It's kind of once per year, or less. It just so happens this year we have tickets to two events in three days. If I consider the play as last year's event, and the concert as this year's event, can I go to something fun again next summer?

Oddly enough, I need a tie for work tomorrow. Sunday, I went from shorts and a tee shirt to putting on a tie for the play. Tomorrow, I'll rush home to get rid of the tie and pull on shorts and a tee shirt.

So I was a slacker in blogland. I may have missed a post or two that I should have read. I didn't write, edit, or promote a darned thing. I had a pretty good time though. I may even see some interesting people to make up stories about tomorrow.


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25 responses to “Slacker!

  1. You are not a man I would have pegged as a Motley Crüe – Alice Copper fan. Awesome!

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  2. Sometimes we need days like that

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  3. Motley Crue, Alice Cooper and Book of Mormon!! I envy you.

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  4. My son and I almost went to The Book of Mormon when we were in New York a couple weeks ago. Now I wish we had. Next time, I guess.

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  5. Ah it’s easy to do. I visited a friend all weekend, she lives far enough away that I needed to take a plane. I had lots of fun, and completely neglected anything involving an internet connection. I say good for you for balancing. 🙂

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  6. Motley Crue and Alice Cooper in one night? Book of Mormon yesterday? I think missing some blogging is worth it because those sound like great events. Have fun. 🙂

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  7. Sounds busy, but fantastic 🙂

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  8. My condolences on the tie but the rest sounds fabulous. (A picture of the new tree would be fun!)

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  9. Ali Isaac

    A short break from writing every now and again is a good thing, I find. Sounds like you had a brill weekend! Has the magnolia tree settled in? How lucky you are to have it! What a beautiful addition to your garden… Photos please???

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  10. I love Alice Cooper! Looking forward to hearing about his performance. Have fun, lucky dog.

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  11. Planting a tree and then seeing Book of Mormon doesn’t sound like slacking to me. 🙂 My husband and I saw Book of Mormon in Philadelphia. We loved it–I haven’t seen my husband laugh so much at a show in a long time.

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  12. Motley Crüe AND Alice Cooper? How’d you get so lucky to have them both under one bill? And even more coincidental is that both lead singers are named Vincent? Hmmm….
    (As a side bit of trivia, did you know that Alice Cooper used to be Micky Dolenz’s next door neighbor and taught him to play golf?)

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