On Editing

Rachel has a great theme going on. We can all learn from each other, but it involves sharing a bit. I’ve already participated. Won’t you share a tip or two? I’m always open to learning new things.

Rachel Carrera, Novelist

Tap, tap, tap.  (Tapping my microphone.)  Is this thing on? 

Well, folks, I thought I’d have a nice little Tuesday segment during the summer that all of us writers could participate in and share and enjoy, but I can’t get anyone else to play along.  Don’t YOU want to share some of your editing tips and tricks with us here?  In exchange for your participation, you’ll get a shameless plug for your book(s) as well as a heartfelt thank you from many of my followers.

Too many of you seem to think that you don’t do anything special, or you don’t know anything that everyone else doesn’t know.  But that’s not necessarily true.  We all do things a little differently, and we want to hear from YOU.  What do you say?

If you’d like to play along, please email your responses to the following questions to my email address…

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4 responses to “On Editing

  1. I think it’s a great idea for a series. Rachel approached me, and when time permits I’d love to be involved…hopefully sooner rather than later.

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  2. Thank you so much for the reblog! I believe your help has inspired some other nibbles, and we now have a few on the books already. Thank you!

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