Is this really about writing good characters?

I’ve been told I write decent characters. (By more than just my mother.) Part of it has been an evolutionary process about even learning who makes a good character.

In the real world, the hero is usually someone who goes to work every day, puts in a full shift, and takes care of his/her family. This person pays taxes and sometimes even donates to various charities.*

In fiction, this character is boring. Fiction is escapist, even if it is intended to be realistic. We have to get the character out of the cubicle and into something else to create a story.

This usually means showing them on the worst day of their lives. (Until the sequel.) In some cases it is the best day, and good things are happening.

To fully understand this, authors occasionally have to get out of the routine too. We need a different environment, different scenery and sensory stimuli. Sometimes we even have to interact with other humans. This helps us understand the characters we create.

By purest luck, I have the chance to go camping this weekend. I’m taking my iPad with me. I may get to use it; I may not. I may get access to WiFi, maybe not. I usually post Friday through Monday. This weekend it might be different.

The Friday post has been accomplished, no promises beyond this. Have a good weekend everyone.

* I might be talking about myself here.



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21 responses to “Is this really about writing good characters?

  1. Have fun! May the bugs be few and the snakes be none. πŸ™‚

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  2. Great discourse about characters — I hope you have a great time camping and that none of the electronics work!! Relax, soak up the earth. πŸ™‚

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  3. Excellent description of a character’s life. Always loved that ‘worst day of their life’ thing. Have fun with the camping weekend.

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  4. Have fun! I’m going to see my two granddaughters tomorrow, a shiny new one (3 wks.) and a one and a half year old. Can’t wait!

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  5. have fun! hope you enjoy (and hopefully get some writing in too).

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  6. Happy camping. Taking the new RV I assume.

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    • Yup. It’s a test drive. I hope we can find an actual campsite. We can’t leave town until about 7:00 tonight. If we don’t we may have to bushwhack somewhere. This doesn’t bother me, but first time, I’d like to test it somewhere with some amenities.

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  7. Enjoy the escapism while camping. Are you going in your new camper van, or tenting it?

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  8. Oh, I hope the camping was fun! I like your perception, but I think the reason I do like characters that are at their best is because I have so many real life “characters” who are constantly at their worst in my real life. LOL! πŸ™‚

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