Posting early today

I decided to check blog comments first thing this morning. There weren't a ton, but it was a progress update, and those don't get as much action. This is going to be another progress update, because it's practically a national holiday in the U.S. Many people aren't worrying about blogs today.

For whatever reason, my Muse has returned. I'm deep in the middle of writing The Playground, and that usually means low word count. Today I managed 2343 new words. That's not terrible. The total is up to 45,408.

Right now it's all about moving the players together. They can't fight until they all wind up in the same place. My anti-hero thug is completely situated. He found something, or should I say someone, that niether of us saw coming. I'm going to go with it and see what happens. If nothing else, she can stitch him back together when the time comes.

The stage is all set. He's got a whole day on the heroine, and may accomplish his goals before she even shows up. That provides some good tension. (His goals aren't pretty, and usually involve a lot of blood.) I think I'll set him up to get jumped by the gang he's been opposing all along. Sorry, dude, but a crippled and bleeding antihero becomes an underdog and makes the story more interesting.

My Muse, Lorelei, keeps sending me short story ideas. So far, I've just been jotting notes in a notebook, but it's like resisting the siren's call. I'm afraid if I start on one, I'll abandon The Playground without finishing it. Maybe she decided to help me finish The Playground just so I can get to the short stories faster.

Right now, I need to do something else. I hit it pretty hard this weekend, and while the big game doesn't have a lot of appeal, it isn't a computer screen either. Maybe I'll watch an old movie or something until kickoff.

Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a great Sunday.


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8 responses to “Posting early today

  1. We’ve entered an apothecary’s shop. Cool!


  2. Just killing time, CS, until the Super Bowl starts. Go Pats!


  3. Enjoy, whatever you decide to do!

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  4. Writing anything is better than not writing at all. Yippie Skippy for your progress! (I can’t wait to read more and see what happens!) 😀 I love when the characters take the story to a place other than what you had planned.


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