I worked my rear off today. I started off exchanging blog posts with other writers. I'm really excited to present some of these, and to post on their blogs.

I discovered another five star review of Panama, and that fueled me to new heights. Then one of my Will 'O the Wisp ARC readers contacted me with some wonderful things to say. After all of that, I worked on writing projects for the rest of the day.

The only break in the action was my haircut, which my daughter did a fantastic job on. She served as a model for the older class graduation, and showed me a picture. The graduates had to make up their models as rock stars. I preserve my family anonymity online, but she looked something like this:

She looked much cuter than this, and with more clothes, but I can't show you that. It sounds like a nice break from everyday school, and I have a hunch her senior graduated.

After my haircut, I worked up critiques for all four submissions this month. Each one was a minimum of 3000 words, so it took up some time. They were all really good this month too.

I dedicated the rest of the day to concluding my beta reading. This is different than pleasure reading, and it takes up a lot of time. It isn't fair to ask someone to help me, if I'm not willing to help someone myself. I hope I delivered on that premise. I sent it away minutes ago. I may not volunteer for another one for a bit, but it feels good to help.

I managed to write some more of The Playground today too. I wrote one sentence. That's it, one. It was mostly to note a street name so I don't have to run back to Google Earth when I start back up.

Here it is 9:45 PM, and I'm still writing on this blog. I have my plate cleared somewhat now. It feels good to get some of these projects done. I skipped supper tonight. I may crack open a beer and watch some more Twilight Zone before bed. My mind may not be in learning gear, but I can watch for fun too.


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12 responses to “Whew!

  1. That’s a lot to get done in one day! I’m such a slacker. I have two guest posts to write and can’t quit daydreaming long enough to get anything accomplished.


  2. live this slice of life post. i bought this poster for my boyfriend when were in high school. we were bowie addicts~

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  3. Ali Isaac

    Very busy day but sounds like a very satisfying one too.

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  4. The novel of 100,000 words begins with a single sentence. πŸ™‚


  5. One sentence written now is one less to write later.

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  6. Did they actually cut her hair like David Bowie’s, or just do the makeup? Craig, you are an awesome Beta Reader! I always learn so much from you. Thank you again, so much! ❀


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