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Posting early today

I decided to check blog comments first thing this morning. There weren't a ton, but it was a progress update, and those don't get as much action. This is going to be another progress update, because it's practically a national holiday in the U.S. Many people aren't worrying about blogs today.

For whatever reason, my Muse has returned. I'm deep in the middle of writing The Playground, and that usually means low word count. Today I managed 2343 new words. That's not terrible. The total is up to 45,408.

Right now it's all about moving the players together. They can't fight until they all wind up in the same place. My anti-hero thug is completely situated. He found something, or should I say someone, that niether of us saw coming. I'm going to go with it and see what happens. If nothing else, she can stitch him back together when the time comes.

The stage is all set. He's got a whole day on the heroine, and may accomplish his goals before she even shows up. That provides some good tension. (His goals aren't pretty, and usually involve a lot of blood.) I think I'll set him up to get jumped by the gang he's been opposing all along. Sorry, dude, but a crippled and bleeding antihero becomes an underdog and makes the story more interesting.

My Muse, Lorelei, keeps sending me short story ideas. So far, I've just been jotting notes in a notebook, but it's like resisting the siren's call. I'm afraid if I start on one, I'll abandon The Playground without finishing it. Maybe she decided to help me finish The Playground just so I can get to the short stories faster.

Right now, I need to do something else. I hit it pretty hard this weekend, and while the big game doesn't have a lot of appeal, it isn't a computer screen either. Maybe I'll watch an old movie or something until kickoff.

Whatever your plans are, I hope you have a great Sunday.


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Get along little Word Doggies

I spent yesterday working on a project for a friend. I finished at 10:00PM, and by the time I’d proofread my notes, and tailored a decent email it was midnight.

I skipped one of my regular blogging nights, but it was for a good cause. I’m off today,because it’s a holiday. It’s Columbus Day in the US, and even then most people don’t get it off.

I set aside some writing time, and used it wisely. I’d like to have done more, and there are about eight hors left to me. My brain is tired though, and it’s time to stop.

My heroine did battle with a supernatural baddie, and prevailed. This is her first experience, and there were a few mistakes made. Now she has to do battle with a “corporate” bully, and that takes a completely different skill set. I’ll save that for next time.

My thuggish anti hero is way ahead of my heroine in the race for a MacGuffin she doesn’t even know exists yet. That adds a level of tension I’m kind of digging. I’m going to leave them both for now. Like I said, my brain is tired.

I’m about to get company for several weeks in a row, so most of my fiction will be of the daydreaming phase. That isn’t a bad thing. It makes the story stronger in most cases.

Progress today is in the form of 2915 new words. Total words at 32,272. I have no deadline. I might finish by Thanksgiving, or it might take until Memorial day. I have a theory there’s going to be time available as winter takes hold.

Now I’m off to read your blogs; something else I’m behind on.


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