A few Updates

I’ve never looked around the Amazon author pages before. I made a site and surfed away a few months ago. Today I learned that I cracked the top 2000 science fiction authors on the KDP site. About a month ago I was somewhere near 1500.

Don’t confuse me with the facts. I understand selling three books in the same hour will probably spike the meter. I don’t care. I’m basking over here. I’m also celebrating with a Black Butte Porter.

You all need to check out Raevenly Writes. Apparently a couple of Raevenly’s original characters ran into Lisa at a comics convention. Lisa saved her Elvira dress from when we were writing Will ‘O the Wisp. Seriously, go check out Raevenly Writes.

This is Chris and Zig dressed as the goblin king and Jackal from Gargoyles.


This is fun. It can be more fun if you play along. Photograph your Barbies, make some paper dolls and play along. What did Lisa do on her vacation?

I’m going to make so much fun of her for this.

Panama is for sale on Amazon right now. If I didn’t screw things up further, Wild Concept will be free tomorrow.


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6 responses to “A few Updates

  1. I had such a fun time doing this- this is a great promo idea!


  2. Reblogged this on Raevenly Writes and commented:
    You guys need to check this out- it is a super fun book promo. I’m about a quarter of the way through Wild Concept – which is free this week- and I’m really loving the idea of Lisa running into Zig and Chris. I can see she and Chris having a lovely conversation about wigs and costumes while Ziggy sulks.


  3. Congratulations!!! 😀


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