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Getting ready for tomorrow

I've been working on stuff tonight to keep it off my list tomorrow. One of these projects involved some kind of technical glitch, and I'm seeking help. I may have to delve into that tomorrow afternoon. My writing brain will be deep fried by then and a technical job will work the other half of my brain. I promised a friend, and I intend to come through somehow.

I found someone who knows about FM radio, and we've exchanged a few emails. I really won't need the information until Wednesday, so I'm golden there.

I'll probably have to take some time to get my tax stuff together. This is even less fun than a technical glitch, but also needs to get done.

Facebook is interesting. Who could have predicted that Lisa Burton's Facebook site would be more popular than the Entertaining Stories page. (Put your hands down, geez.) I found a bunch of the artists I enjoy on there and followed them. You never know when an author will need an artist.

I also found Leon Tukker. He is the incredible young man who made the cover for Arson. He's friends with Lisa now. If you'd like to check him out, go to Lisa's page. Contact information for him is the most recent post. Lisa's Page. He told me today that he'd like to do more book covers. Maybe some of you would like a great art contact.

Tomorrow is all about me and the Yak Guy. I have some good ideas there too, and am excited to get going.

For the rest of the evening, the graphic novel came today. I think I'll spend a little time reading it. In fact, I may see if the author and the artist are on Facebook.

Check this artwork out. Maybe Lisa needs a big hat and that dress.



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Sometimes, ya gotta try new stuff

We authors tend to all try the same things to promote our works. We blog, we tweet, we sign up for paid promotions. It all works to a degree, and there is no magic spell that will help us stand out from the crowd.

I've been known to try some crazy things from time to time, and today is no exception. I see that adult coloring books are all the rage today. Sadly, I don't have any of those. Still, maybe an old school trick still has some life in it.

My regular readers know that Lisa Burton, the robot girl, is a recurring character on Entertaining Stories. I recently promoted her to 'Official Spokesmodel' for Entertaining Stories.

Lisa takes her job seriously, and when I'm writing she really gets into it. She uses alternate voices to read back my dialog, calls me out for too many coincidences, and dresses for the part.

I recently sent her over to Sean Harrington's studio to pose with some of the outfits from my novels. Sean designed a paper doll sequence and you can have it for free. Those of you who've been lamenting a Lisa of your own, can now have one.

She's pretty helpful too. Just stand her next to your computer and read out loud to her. She will miraculously help you spot difficult passages and weak dialog.

The doll is Lisa in a classic James Bond pose. It clearly shows off what she did to $20,000 worth of GMO human skin.

I chose to print my doll on card stock. She stands up better when you dress her up.

Some of you may be happy with simply the doll. She's just as helpful as when she's in costume.

While the doll represents Wild Concept, there is an outfit for every novel.

If you prefer chasing the dreaded demon, El Chivato, through the Panamanian jungle, there is an outfit for that.

Maybe you want to delve deeper into witchcraft in your story. The outfit from Will O' the Wisp is there for you. Here are a couple of examples:

The Cock of the South

With the hat, which Lisa knitted herself, she filled in for Argon the cyclops. Without the hat, she assisted with any number of characters, from the Southern Dwarves to a Remsian nobleman.


Maybe you prefer Lindsay Pennington, from Arson. I still say this little pyro is the most fun supporting character I ever wrote.

Of course you can go absolutely crazy and mix them up if you like.

The whole kit is absolutely free. I've made a new page at the top of my blog. Click on the printable PDF files and go to town. Make as many as you want. Spread them around town. Give them to friends, with my blessing. I'm sure Lisa would be proud to serve as your bookmark.

A big thank you goes out to original cover artist, Sean Harrington. This project wouldn't have been possible without him.

Another big thank you to everyone who reads Entertaining Stories. Your comments are what keeps me motivated. Who knows, maybe one day I'll offer up a small Muse to put on the other side of your computer.


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A few Updates

I’ve never looked around the Amazon author pages before. I made a site and surfed away a few months ago. Today I learned that I cracked the top 2000 science fiction authors on the KDP site. About a month ago I was somewhere near 1500.

Don’t confuse me with the facts. I understand selling three books in the same hour will probably spike the meter. I don’t care. I’m basking over here. I’m also celebrating with a Black Butte Porter.

You all need to check out Raevenly Writes. Apparently a couple of Raevenly’s original characters ran into Lisa at a comics convention. Lisa saved her Elvira dress from when we were writing Will ‘O the Wisp. Seriously, go check out Raevenly Writes.

This is Chris and Zig dressed as the goblin king and Jackal from Gargoyles.


This is fun. It can be more fun if you play along. Photograph your Barbies, make some paper dolls and play along. What did Lisa do on her vacation?

I’m going to make so much fun of her for this.

Panama is for sale on Amazon right now. If I didn’t screw things up further, Wild Concept will be free tomorrow.


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Trying Something New

When promoting items for sale, it’s usually a good idea to try something new. Sure, the tried and true will bring an expected result, but you’ll also never exceed that method.

Doobster is trying a new writing prompt he calls Sports Shorts. If I weren’t neck deep in book promotion, I’d write something for him. He’s been very supportive over here. Check it out. Maybe you’ll want to send him a flash fiction. (Look, I supported him anyway. I’ll try to jump on a future prompt.) He inspired this thought.

I decided to try something new myself. I’m promoting my books. To celebrate the arrival of Panama, Wild Concept is free all next week. That’s kind of a tried and true promotion. Get your free copy starting tomorrow.

I love art and artists. I find inspiration for my stories through art all the time. There are some awesome artists on WordPress. There is a photograph I found on Deviantart that inspired my whole last manuscript, Will ‘O the Wisp.

Here’s where it gets different. In the blog world, Lisa from Wild Concept just got back from vacation. Get your crayons out and show me what she did. She told me she went to several comic book conventions, and stopped by Las Vegas to play blackjack.

Did she sing karaoke? Jam with a blues band? Pose with one of your original characters? Enter a cosplay contest? Ride the roller coasters? Pose for Maxim magazine? What? You regular readers know her from the blog. (Let’s keep it PG)

Bonus points if Lisa appears with one of your original characters. She hangs out with dwarves, monsters, and all kinds of things at the writing cabin. Maybe your link will sell a couple books for you.

I’ll post any pictures here on the blog and include whatever link you’d like included. I don’t care if the art is pencils, dough men, photography, paper dolls, or Legos. This is just a bit of fun. Be as silly or serious as you’d like.

Maybe it will help a budding new cover artist. We writers all need cover art sooner or later. Tell your colleagues, friends, and grandchildren. This only works if people participate.

My email address is Coldhand <dot> Boyack <at> gmail <dot> com. Send the art there and I’ll post it on the blog. You can also ask detailed description questions about Lisa if you want some guidance.

This succeeds or fails depending on participation. Wow, it’s almost like American Idol for artists, except you get promotion instead of a big prize.


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