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A bit more writing

I got to the writing cabin early. Lisa* was her usual chipper self again. She'd monitored my gyrocopter and had coffee ready before I arrived.

She had on a huge sweater over some Cheshire Cat tights and her hair was up in a bun. “Did you get a lot done Friday?”

“Yeah, it was a pretty good writing day. It felt good to get back to it. How's Lorelei*”

“She feels better about herself too. She may have pushed it too far though. Sometimes people forget that I don't get tired. As long as my battery is charged, I can keep going.”

I left her to obsessively count out individual pellets of food for her pet rabbit Bunny, and went to my office.

I added some things to The Yak Guy Project, but it led me to another transition scene. This was a short one, and I powered through it. I know what happens next, it's on one of my index cards, but I need to decide exactly how to structure it.

Instead of forcing it, I decided to check out The Enhanced League. It takes a minute to switch from first person point of view to third person. Like all my writing efforts, I started out by reading back a few pages. It worked out, and I managed to finish that short story.

I knew the next one was coming for months, but I'm still not ready for it. It's going to be a tale of drug abuse and requires some research. I even have the research material bookmarked, but I never got that far. I'm going to make up my own drugs for this one, but still want to get that grounding in reality.

It looks like Lorelei may have overdone it, and perhaps I did too. I probably didn't get a third of what I managed on Friday, but I'm content.

* There are a lot of new followers again, so this footnote is for you. Lisa Burton is my personal assistant and the spokesmodel for my writing career. She's also a robot. Lorelei is my Muse; like actual classic Greek Muse. She let herself go a bit over the summer and fall, and now we're both getting back into the swing of things.


In other news, I hacked out my next post for Story Empire. I'm not up for a couple of weeks, but since these are supposed to be writing and publishing tips, it's nice to have time to pick at it. I have a tough time holding myself out as an expert, but I can fake it if you give me enough time. This post will be about writing suspense into your stories, and it's something I really enjoy both from a writing and a reading standpoint. I guess that lets me count those words too.

In other other news, date night last night involved Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. This is a wonderful movie. I heard some folks are disappointed because it doesn't involve Harry Potter personally. It never intended to, and it does well on its own. I'm glad that Eddie Redmayne didn't try to do too much with the character. He's not one of my favorite actors, but he did a good job here.

I wondered why Rowling decided to place this story in the 1920s. There is mention of Dumbledore as a teacher at Hogwarts, so getting him to the 2000's would make him pretty ancient. It occurred to me that I placed Will O' the Wisp in the 1970s, partially to eliminate the internet and cellphones from the story. Cameras everywhere could be a problem in the Fantastic Beasts storyline and would have to be addressed somehow.

In other other other news, a small plane crashed in my original hometown. It was far away from my parents, brother, in-laws, cousins, etc. Still four people died, and it was a life-flight plane transporting a heart patient to Salt Lake City. Mom said she heard the crash, but thought something fell in the house and decided to look in the morning. It was a miracle that it landed in a parking lot and not an apartment complex. I'm going to call Mom & Dad in after this posts, and may learn more.


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