The Haunting of Chatham Hollow

Let’s all welcome Mae Clair to Entertaining Stories today. She’s here to tell us about her latest release, The Haunting of Chatham Hollow.

Mae is one of my oldest and dearest author friends. I freely recommend anything she writes. We started Story Empire together, and I soon met Staci Troilo, Mae’s partner in this project.

I’ve also read a ton of Staci’s work, and recommend her stories without any reservations. It’s Mae who showed up today, so let’s all make her feel welcome. Don’t forget to use those sharing buttons while you’re here. I know both Staci and Mae have done it for many of you.

PS: I already have my copy preordered and could be reading it by the time this goes live. Can’t miss with these two teaming up.


Craig, thank you so much for hosting me today. I’m delighted to be here with you and your readers to share The Haunting of Chatham Hollow. I co-authored this novel with Staci Troilo, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was amazing to work with a co-author, especially someone as talented as Staci. She and I found we work great together, so who knows—maybe another down the road.

For now, we hope others will enjoy our supernatural mystery which includes dual timelines, ghostly happenings, a town curse, murder, and rumors of buried gold. During our short promo tour, you’ll meet several characters who populate the book. Today, I’d like to introduce Benedict Fletcher, from the 1888 timeline. Spiritualism is a key thread in the book, so Staci and I thought we’d have each character sit down with a medium as a way of introduction.

Let’s listen in.

SPIRTUALIST: I feel a little awkward, given you’re a spiritualist yourself, Mr. Fletcher. Do you really want me to proceed with a reading?

BENEDICT: (waving aside the offer): We can skip that. Chatham Hollow already has one too many mediums as it is.

SPIRTUALIST: I take it you’re referring to Victor Rowe?

BENEDICT: Don’t you mean the Great Victor Rowe? (rolls eyes) The man has a reputation longer than a locomotive.

SPIRTUALIST: Well… he is endorsed by the Society of Psychical Research, something not easily accomplished.

BENEDICT: Only because the SPR hasn’t investigated him thoroughly enough.

SPIRTUALIST: Is that why you’ve made it your mission to upstage him? You’ve only recently arrived in Chatham Hollow yet have made quite a name for yourself. I’ve heard even Irene Chatham sings your praises.

BENEDICT: (straightening his cinnamon-colored cravat) The mayor’s wife recognizes talent when she sees it. I had the pleasure of summoning the dear woman’s deceased mother, providing her the comfort so many crave when they lose a loved one.

SPIRTUALIST: You did the same for her sister, Dorinda—summoning her husband from beyond the Veil.

BENEDICT: Yes, yes. (steepling his fingers with a solemn nod) She was most appreciative.

SPIRTUALIST: Enough to suggest you contact Ward Chatham at the Founder’s Day Festival?

BENEDICT: It was more about the SPR.Dorinda is acquainted with two members, and thought if they saw me conduct a séance, they might endorse me. You understand how important that is.

SPIRTUALIST: Of course.But there are also rumors of an underlying motive—hoping to discover where Ward Chatham hid his gold.

BENEDICT: Chatham’s gold—and his curse—is the stuff of legend. It’s fool’s gold if you ask me.

SPIRTUALIST: Really? Then the treasurehas nothing to do with why you came here from St. Louis?

BENEDICT: I came for one reason only—to build a reputation. (he smiles sharply) And discredit Victor Rowe in the process.


One founding father.
One deathbed curse.
A town haunted for generations.

Ward Chatham, founder of Chatham Hollow, is infamous for two things—hidden treasure and a curse upon anyone bold enough to seek it. Since his passing in 1793, no one has discovered his riches, though his legend has only grown stronger.

In 1888, charlatan Benedict Fletcher holds a séance to determine the location of Chatham’s fortune. It’s all a hoax so he can search for the gold, but he doesn’t count on two things—Victor Rowe, a true spiritualist who sees through his ruse, and Chatham’s ghost wreaking havoc on the town.

More than a century later, the citizens of the Hollow gather for the annual Founder’s Day celebration. A paranormal research team intends to film a special at Chatham Manor, where the original séance will be reenacted. Reporter and skeptic Aiden Hale resents being assigned the story, but even he can’t deny the sudden outbreak of strange happenings. When he sets out to discover who or what is threatening the Hollow—supernatural or not— his investigation uncovers decades-old conflicts, bitter rivalries, and ruthless murders.

This time, solving the mystery isn’t about meeting his deadline. It’s about not ending up dead.


Thanks again for hosting me today, Craig. It was a pleasure to drop by—along with my unnamed spiritualist and Benedict Fletcher. (Please excuse Benedict. He can be quite the chameleon). I invite your readers to pick up a copy of The Haunting of Chatham Hollow at the link below. Staci and I both appreciate the support and wish everyone happy reading!


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53 responses to “The Haunting of Chatham Hollow

  1. Posting my review for this amazing story later today, Craig…

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  3. Thanks for rolling out the red carpet today, Craig. It’s always fun to visit your blog. I’m so excited about this book, and I know Staci is, too. Thanks for letting me share it with your readers! 🤗

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  4. Benedict Fletcher! Don’t believe a word he says. Thanks for hosting another enjoyable tour stop today, Craig.

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  5. Benedict’s on a mission. Victor Rowe better watch his back!

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  6. Gwen M. Plano

    Another wonderful exchange! Thank you, Craig, for spotlighting Mae and Staci. My huge congratulations to both of them.

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  7. Terrific intro, Craig. Congratulations to Mae and Staci.

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  8. That was quite an introduction! Thank you. And thanks for hosting Mae today. We’re excited to share this book with everyone.

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  9. All these characters I’ve met over the past two weeks and I’m still not sure who to trust. Thanks for hosting, Craig!

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  10. I’m about 1/3 of the way through this one, Ladies, and I must say, you have me totally hooked. Talk about a creepy mystery with compelling and intriguing characters! All I can add is that I’m loving this one, and Mae and Staci, you two might want to consider becoming a team more often. (I mean, it works well for Preston & Child, right?) I can’t wait to read more today!

    Great post, Craig. Thanks for hosting, and again, big congratulations on this one, Ladies!! 😊❤️😊

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    • Ha! Oh, to have the impact of Preston & Child. Who know… if Staci and I keep teaming up. 😊

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying our joint effort, Marcia. Absolutely love hearing that the book has you hooked! 💕🤗

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      • No doubts on that score. In fact, I’m having one of those days when I can’t do too much, so I’m about to hit the Comfy Chair for a reading session. Can’t wait to see how this story all comes together!

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  11. Also posting this link in next Monday’s Have a great week! Thanks for the soon-to-be addition to my TBR pile!

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  12. I so loved this book! Another thoroughly enjoyable character interview. Huge congratulations to Mae and Staci on this fabulous new release. Thanks for sharing, Craig 💕🙂

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    • I think Benedict was my favorite character to write. He was such a chameleon, and I had such fun playing with that aspect of his personality. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview, Harmony. That you for all your support for the book, and adding your endorsement yet again. 💕🤗❤️

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  13. Great post. I didn’t know your history with Mae, Story Empire–that was excellent. And love the info about the book

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  14. Victor and Benedict had such an interesting relationship. I won’t give away spoilers, but I liked how it evolved toward the end, and then the dramatic finale. A wonderful read. Congrats to Staci and Mae. Thanks for hosting, Craig. 😀

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  15. This is a wonderful read! Thanks for sharing Craig.

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  16. D.L. Finn, Author

    Another great post. Benedict was quite the character in a snake like fashion 🙂

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  18. I almost finished it last night, but my sister called. She wouldn’t appreciate if I ignored her to finish your book, but I WANTED to:) Boy, it’s good! The rivalry between Flether and Rowe is wonderful!

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  19. Benedict was a character I loved to hate. Mae and Staci did such a great job creating him. Another great interview. Thank you for hosting today, Craig. This is such a good book! I highly recommend it.

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  20. This was a great collaboration, the reader will not be disappointed.

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  21. Great excerpt! They have quite a sharp rivalry going. Thanks for hosting, Craig. You always have “good stuff.” Big kudos to Mae and Staci.

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