My weekend plans

My only plan this weekend was to bleed and lick my wounds. It was a brutal week both personally and professionally. An errand interrupted me and I had to repair a headlight. (Again.) I never planned on a single word of new fiction, and that is still the plan.

However, Sean Harrington delivered a bundle of graphics for Good Liniment. Fans of The Hat Series know I pepper these with silly little graphics to make the stories even more corny. Here’s one, just for fun:

That led to peppering the MS with graphics, which involves a lot of gyrations. I’m pretty sure my formatter hates these, but they’re part of the series now. I used some of my down time to start reading the story and making more edits. I didn’t get far, but never intended to.

Authors are weird people, and I own that. My mind never turns off, even when I’m licking my wounds. Here’s an example of what happens:

Lisa Burton parked our spaceship in deep space, then followed Percy the Space Chimp and I into the lounge. We grabbed glasses of Angel’s Envy, on the rocks, and stared at the galaxy before us. Distant stars and nebulae stretched to infinity.

Our last writing session had been a big one, so we took in the view until I broke the silence. “What do you suppose the soundtrack of space is?”

Lisa said, “I like those big orchestral pieces that can match the grandeur.”

Percy rattled the ice in his glass. “It can also be something like David Bowie music.”

I sniffed the vanilin and took a sip of my drink. “It really could be whatever the writer thinks. I’m going to go with a little of Percy’s backstory. Obviously, I can’t write a soundtrack into my story, but this is what it sounds like to me.” I keyed the speaker system and brought this up.

“Are you sure?” Lisa asked.

”Just look out the window and listen. It makes perfect sense to me.”

”I get it, dude. What are you going to do with that thought?” Percy asked.

”Not sure, but it helps me interpret space. Angel’s Envy doesn’t hurt either. Hit me again, Lisa.”


I hope all of you are having wonderful weekends. I need to get back to Earth and catch up on your blogs. I might even do some long overdue reading if the mood strikes me. What is your soundtrack to space?


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41 responses to “My weekend plans

  1. My soundtrack for space was done in the movie 2001 A Space Oddassy Here’s the opener

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  2. Yes, writers never turn off. Here’s to a repaired headlight and a productive week of writing.

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  3. Weekends always hold surprises. Not sure I have a soundtrack for space since I haven’t written a story in that setting. Though, I’d probably have ‘Major Tom’ by David Bowie and ‘Tank!’ (Cowboy Bebop theme) by the Seatbelts on there. Love the picture.

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  4. Gwen M. Plano

    A new week, a new beginning…you deserve it all. Enjoy the fireplace with an extra glass of wine tonight, Craig. 😊

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  5. I had plans for lots of writing the last two days. Completely open. But caught HH’s cold and all I’ve done is sleep. Bummer! Your weekend doesn’t sound much better. Hang in there, Craig! I really loved the music, but I have no suggestions for space:) Take care.

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  6. Sun spots, man. So you don’t feel like the Lone Ranger I spent many hours last week, actually looking for the sound of outer space. When I sat down to blast off a piece of gear vitally “instrumental” to the process woke up dumb. Pissed? You bet. One of those things. Not to mention the grandson I split an order of fries with on Wednesday failed a Covid test Friday morning.

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  7. I’m sorry to hear you had wounds to lick. Hope that situation gets better.

    My OST for space would be a mix of movie soundtracks. Not Star Wars or Space Odyssey, though. There are a couple of composers like Thomas Bergerson, Howard Shore and Hans Zimmer who would be in my Pandora collection for space. Their movie soundtracks have a nice sweep and emotion.

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  8. Forgot to say how much I liked the Sasquatch graphic.

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  9. D.L. Finn, Author

    The Bigfoot graphic brought a smile 🙂 Sorry about your week and hope the next week goes better for you. I don’t have a song for space, I will have to work on that.

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  10. I hope next week brings better things your way, Craig… and I loved the music you chose for space…

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  11. I closed my eyes and listened to “Son of a Witch” and I think this is a perfect space soundtrack. It’s lovely. Enjoyed this line, Craig, and it’s placement: “Lisa Burton parked our spaceship in deep space….” And I really like the graphics in the The Hat series a lot, always, I find them entertaining. Cheers and applause to all three artists here today, you, Craig, Justin Johnson and Sean Harrington. And as always, I send my best to Lisa the Robot.

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  12. Never would have thought of yours, but it works well. Good song.

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  13. Bye, where did you get your nick?

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  14. Love, Love, Love the Son of a Witch video! It is definitely the perfect space soundtrack. I hear infinity in it mixed with a little blues and a pinch of anger. I think your graphic add to The Hat series. I know I am going to enjoy Good Liniment! Hope next week is better for you, Craig, on all fronts!! My mom used to say without the rain, we wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine. She was a wise woman. Another shot of Angel’s Envy (love the name) might do the trick.

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  15. Victoria Zigler

    Sorry you have wounds to lick, but glad you had your newly aquired graphics and writerly musings to keep you company while you tend to those wounds.

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  16. I’ll take a glass of that Angel’s Envy, but hold the rocks.

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  17. Sorry I’m late. I worked till the playoffs started, then massive amounts of football. 🙂 Love the graphic! He is talented.

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