Question for the masses

If there were a book that looked a whole lot like this, would you read it?

The Hat Series, Lizzie and the hat

I mention this, because it’s probably coming next week. Lizzie and the hat are chasing a new monster for them. Werewolves are tragic, and Lizzie has a problem with this. The human part of the monster has no idea what happens a couple of nights per month.

I’ll probably pull the trigger on Sunday night. Weekends aren’t the best time to publish, but they’re all I have so I’m making due. I’ll spend the weekend getting blog tour posts ready, then hit some of you up to host me if you’re game. I already have a bunch of offers.

Early sales are important, so I’d appreciate it if you’d consider that. You can read it this fall if you like, but Amazon takes those early sales into account. Also, Otto needs a new ball if you know what I mean.

Watch this space for more information. I’ll update the side bar and such with the new book and link once I have it. I’ll make every tour stop unique, so they’ll be worth reading. I can also reblog to support my hosts without sharing the same material every time.

So yay! Cover reveal! New book coming, and I’m excited to publish one this month before school lets out.


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32 responses to “Question for the masses

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  2. The cover looks really cool. I’ll definitely grab a copy.

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  3. D.L. Finn, Author

    Great cover, I’ve always had a softspot for werewolves.

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  4. It looks really good!

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  5. That cover really jumps out at you! Best of luck with the launch, Craig. And I’d love to have you come and visit my blog. Any promo I can help with, let me know 🙂

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  6. I would buy it. Also, put me down for a spot on the tour.

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  7. I’m biased, but with your name on the bottom, definitely.

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  8. Great cover, very dramatic! I’m in for a promo post. Just let me know when.

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  9. Absolutely! I love Lizzie and the Hat.

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  10. It would certainly get me to read the blurb. 😀 … great artwork, by-the-way! 😀

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  11. Fun Cover!! I always feel sorry for werewolves, too. Most of them didn’t choose to change into monsters with no control. I wouldn’t want to let the moon decide when I lose it. But they do kill people when they’re changed. A real downer. I get why Lizzie’s torn.

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  12. Gwen M. Plano

    Great cover, Craig! I’ve always had mixed feelings about werewolves, so I’m looking forward to this fun read. Congratulations!

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  13. Victoria Zigler

    Awesome to hear you have a new book coming soon. Looking forward to reading it.

    For the record: there’s always a spot on my blog for you if you need to make use of it.

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  14. A huge congratulations, Craig!! I love this cover and YES, the cover would entice me t read it!

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  15. That cover is awesome, for sure. You know I’ll be reading it!

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