Executive Decision

I really didn’t want to publish Lunar Boogie over a weekend, but reality hit me sometime Saturday night.

Once I go back to the office, I’m not going to have any time to deal with things. To deal with those things, I needed a purchase link.

Amazon can take up to three days to push a new story through it’s mill, and that’s happened to me before. I went ahead and pulled the trigger Saturday night.

Now I can update my banner (Cool full moon), the sidebar, claim the book on BookBub and others. I still need to do it on Goodreads, but could find time today.

A link also lets me finalize any tour posts before sending them out. These are all things I can’t do during the work week.

For your reading pleasure, you can check out the sidebar for a link to the new story.

This is also the direct link: http://mybook.to/LunarBoogie

It’s a book now. Lisa Burton and I will be touring it around for a few weeks, and I hope to see you along the route. I’ll be sharing those posts here so they’re easy to find. Each post is unique, so they won’t get repetitive.

I hope everyone will give it a chance. Short novel length, dark humor, characters that everyone has enjoyed before. Check it out.


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41 responses to “Executive Decision

  1. Congratulations, Craig, this is great news. I am happy to host you on Robbie’s Inspiration as part of your promo.

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  2. Congratulations, Craig. I already grabbed my copy!

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  4. Congratulations!! Always great to birth a new book. All the best!!

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  5. Congratulations, Craig. I wish you the best.

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  6. Just bought it. Good luck, Craig!

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  7. Victoria Zigler


    I just grabbed my copy. 🙂

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  8. Sounds intriguing. Will check it out.

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  9. Gwen M. Plano

    Congratulations, Craig. I’m looking forward to reading Lunar Boogie. How could I not! 😊

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  10. Congrats, Craig. It always feels good to have a new book published. (And you might know I like the moon header.)

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  11. Woo hoo! Congratulations! 🍻❤️

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  12. Congrats, Craig!! I purchased my copy!

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  13. D.L. Finn, Author

    Congrats, Craig. I have my copy and it will be my next read! Can’t wait.

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  14. Huge congrats, Craig, and hoping you get lots of sales and great reviews with this book 🙂

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  15. Congratulations, Craig! I have put it on my Pinterest pages too. Have a good week! Michael

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  16. I’m officially on break, Craig, and not supposed to be visiting blogs, etc, but I HAD to make an exception to congratulate you on this release, and tell you that in my humble opinion, that is the BEST BOOK COVER, EVER!!! I absolutely love it!!! Much good luck, my friend, and after I come back, if you want to feature it on The Write Stuff, let me know, and we’ll set you up for a #GuestDayTuesday. (And did I mention the cover? It totally ROCKS!!! 😀 )

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  17. Congrats, Craig! You know you’re always welcome at my blog. Off to get my copy now!

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  18. Yay!!!! Congratulations, Craig! I’ll hop over to Amazon for my copy. 🙂

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