Checking in

I really don’t have much to report this week. I wound up with company for yet another weekend. Our daughter only managed to stay one night, then had to go home to work a shift. It was nice getting to see her for a bit.

My work week was busy, and the next one is likely to be just as busy. This is fine by me, but I feel it sapping my energy on my days off. Maybe it’s an age thing. After our daughter left, I really didn’t try to do much of anything.

Old What’s Her Face and I had date night last night. We went to one of our favorite places and had prime rib. It’s also a substantial beer garden, so I got to sample some wonderful new things. It was nice getting out, just the two of us.

Beyond that, I managed to send out a critique chapter, and marked up one for another member of the group. Mine all came back, but I haven’t tried to address them yet.

I used my sourdough to start a loaf of bread, but it isn’t looking too good. It’s better if it can raise overnight. Sourdough is not quick rising yeast. I’m cooking it for supper, so if it’s too heavy, so be it.

Next weekend is a three day weekend for me, so maybe I’ll get some new words down then. This post was mostly for me to check in. There’s nothing too special to report, but I’m still kicking.


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41 responses to “Checking in

  1. Always nice to know you’re still kicking.

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  2. Date nights are nice. Hubby and I didn’t do dinner but we had breakfast out this morning and have all day tomorrow to spend together. We’re planning breakfast and lunch out with munchies (instead of dinner) at home, with lots of shopping in between.

    I managed some editing today and feedback for a critique partner. I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking about my next writing project. I’m anxious to get started on it but need to finish editing the WIP first.

    Hope next weekend is a hugely prolific for you.

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  3. Good luck with the busy week. Seems like it’s that kind of start to the year.

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  4. I miss going out. We have been to a couple of restaurants since all this started but we mostly do curbside pickup. Just not the same.

    Glad you were able to get out. Sounds like a fun night.

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  5. I miss eating in restaurants. We do take-out, but it’s not the same. Hub’s birthday was the 12th and my friend’s the 4th, so we had a big birthday supper for the two of them, and I made prime rib. They’re both carnivores, so between the soup, salad, and prime rib…and HH’s favorite cake…they were pretty happy. But SOMEDAY, I won’t cook prime rib. I’ll order it:)

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  6. Regarding the sap of energy; I can tell you that for me it is an age thing. Every week.

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  7. D.L. Finn, Author

    Nice you got out. The sourdough sounds delicious.

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  8. Glad you’re still kicking, Craig. I hear you on the energy thing. Glad you saw your daughter and had a good night out. 🙂

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  9. Nice you got in a date night. We had some friends over (kind of like our quarantine buddies) for game night and had loads of fun. Got some new games for Christmas and both received a big thumbs up.

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  10. A date night sounds wonderful. Hope you had an awesome time! We kicked it around the house and watched football, but no matter what we do we laugh and have a great time. What more can one ask for?


  11. We did date night last week as well. Went to a favorite local place. I managed a couple of blog posts and a bit of brainstorming.

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  12. Gwen M. Plano

    I always appreciate your updates, Craig. It’s like a hello from another part of the world. My hubby and I have breakfast out once a week. We go early in the morning, so there’s no problem with social distancing. Just taking a break with each other provides a sense of normalcy. Much needed these days. Your 3-day weekend sounds enviable. All the best!

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  13. I haven’t had much writing time either, I’m afraid. Commiserations together. Though I’m sure having your daughter around was a beautiful consolation prize!!

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  14. My totals are getting up around 1000 words on my writing days. I’m still hopeful to hit 3000 by the end of the month, at least once! 😀

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  15. January is a looooong month, that doesn’t help with the energy thing. Try some vitamin D, Craig. I heard it’s also supposed to help our immunity against Covid, win-win 🙂

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  16. Glad to know you’re still kicking, and baking — and SO glad to know y’all had a date! I dunno when our next date will be, but I’m already excited!

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  17. Nice to hear from you. The date night sounded lovely.

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  18. I always think it’s pretty exotic to make sourdough bread, with the special starter and all the steps it requires. Hope it turned out well, Craig. Great to hear what you’re up to. And I really like these snowy branches — I feel like I’m inside the tree.

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