An errand day

Today was the day to pick up my new glasses and get the frames fitted. I was probably more excited than I should have been, but it’s been a long boring stretch for the last eight months or so. It’s also been a long time since any of our flex spending account went to my needs.

I’ve got to say my driving glasses are wonderful. I’m one of those who needs tri-focals these days, but I don’t wear them. I used to have one pair with computer length focus and another for driving. Each one had a reading bifocal installed.

On my last go around, the doctor talked me into progressives for my work station. It took me forever to get used to them, and I was determined to go back to the old way. The doctor talked me into trying it again. Something about a new company with a wider field of view, etc.

To be honest, they do have a wider field of view, but I still hate them. I only took the risk because there was a guarantee that I could get different lenses if I didn’t like them. I hate them this time.

For some reason, letters are smaller to my vision and fuzzy. They also are trying to force me into a walleyed vision in order to see out of them. The biggest disappointment is in myself. I don’t know why I listen to people, but I try to accept the fact that technology marches on, there could be new things, all that jazz.

I’m writing this while wearing my old glasses. The ones I was supposed to be replacing. If this were my first go at progressives I’d give it more time, but it isn’t. Love my driving glasses, love these frames, but I hate the progressive lenses.

I spent some time working through my last batch of critiques. That was a chore with the new glasses and the reason I backed up to the old pair. No new words today, but I might manage some tomorrow.


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35 responses to “An errand day

  1. I got rid of the progressives too. I have distance and reading That’s all I need

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  2. I tried what my eye doctor recommended, too, supposed to make it better to watch TV, etc. Not. I only use them for reading and writing. That’s really all I need them for. Next time, though, I’m only going with the reading glasses, so it’s no glasses or reading glasses. None of the “better vision” that blurs everything for me. Glad you might sneak in some words tomorrow!

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  3. Can’t remember if I have progressives or not. Used to have bifocals, but I got switched to something else. Sorry they didn’t work out for you.

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  4. I have just been persuaded to try what they call ‘varifocals’ here in UK. I have the feeling I won’t like them, but willing to give them a try as I can get a refund!

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  5. Sorry the new glasses haven’t worked out, Craig. Sounds like good work getting through those critiques 🙂

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  6. I love my progressives, but it did take me a long time to grow accustomed to them.

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  7. Sorry the new lenses aren’t working out for you. Hope it won’t take them long to replace the lenses for ones that do work for you.

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  8. D.L. Finn, Author

    They suggested tri focals for me last time too. I wasn’t ready for that although I need something for computer reading, but for now I make the print big. Hope you get what works best for you. Have a productive weekend!

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  9. How frustrating! They put me in trifocals once years ago and I eventually stopped wearing any glasses at all. I do have a pair I wear for small print and working on the computer, but that’s the extent of it. Glad they have a guarantee! Hope you get new ones soon!

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  10. Gwen M. Plano

    I wore glasses from grammar school onwards, but with cataract surgery, I don’t need them anymore. Once upon a time, I had progressives. It’s a bummer if they are not perfectly calibrated. Sounds like you got some work done though. YAY for that!

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  11. We are having common activity.
    I just ordered new glasses myself, my current ones are about 4 years old?
    I have been wearing progressives for years, much prefer them.
    Hopefully my new ones will be in soon.
    Let us know how the new ones are working.

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  12. Could you increase your screen size? Like, zoom in on the text? I think holding CTRL and scrolling with the mouse wheel does it…

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  13. That’s frustrating. I’m sorry you’re going through that, cause it’s too time-consuming and costly to not get what you want after.
    I can do anything but drive with my progressive lenses. I cannot drive in them. I don’t need to, but one of the things I liked about my last pair was that they had anti-glare and were very helpful in night driving. These have anti-glare, but are not good for driving, let alone at night. I can’t even leave the parking lot without the world looking weird. I figured I’d ask ye old die dr about it — maybe she can make me a pair of ‘night driving’ specs, maybe even some plain lenses with anti-glare would be helpful.
    Good luck to us both.

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  14. Yesterday was the first time I’d ever heard of trifocals, and here everyone is talking about them, lol. After wearing one contact for over thirty years, my doc recommended I quit wearing it a year ago. He said my eyes were changing and would adjust (one is near-sighted, one far-sighted). I was skeptical, but it worked.

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